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  1. No, I'm saying if you need weapons, Go to an embarri camp and kill them and loot the stashes to get a weapon or two (or 3), then recall and bank and go to a different camp and loot stuff to get a few sets of armor. (or better yet, loot everything, that is green and blue, and put everything you dont want/use in a guild chest in an EK so others dont need to farm. )
  2. Pretty daunting numbers if you intend to play the game solo. But join a guild, and have 100 players out farming every thrall they can find, and putting them all in guild storage in an EK and then find out how quickly you can get 3/9/27 etc of each rune. Look at it this way for harvesting. I'll use mining for an example, and will use a straight 5% drop rate. The first green mining rune you will probably equip. Then start saving for a purple or orange rune. 3 greens to make a blue. 3 blues to make a purple (9 greens) and 3 purples to make an orange (27 greens). Now the belt will take 9 rune
  3. First, don't farm mobs in your good gear. You can farm mobs adequately in green gear which is readily available in infected and in dregs. Second, Nothing stopping you from doing nodes with starter weapons and armor. That way if you die somehow, you really don't lose much on the equipment side. Third, I'm pretty sure you will find that when the announcement of a launch date comes you will see a huge population jump, and getting into a decent guild at that point is going to be almost mandatory. In a decent size guild, equipment is not going to be a problem as it will probably be stored
  4. Cutting grit is not made it is harvested from rocks. Powdered stone is made using the alchemy table.
  5. @RunkiesTab targeting would ruin the function of alot of damage abilities in the game. The point of non-tabbed targeting is that i can shoot an arrow at you, but your big tanky friend with plate armor and a zillion hit points can jump in front of the arrow and take the damage. With tab targeting that is not possible. Mouse movement is most likely coming and they do have it on the list.
  6. Especially when it is a new feature. I did not see any mention of it in any patch notes either. Thanks for the info.
  7. I'd like to say the new crafting window looks good, but the functionality needs work. 1. Make increase the size of the experimentation choices so that 'Are you Insane' appears without scrolling down 2. Please revert back to being able to Polish or Reroll before all the experimentation is done. It's tedious enough to make basic things like Rune Sigils without having to wait 5 more seconds in order to polish and take. Used to take about 4 seconds to make a sigil, now it takes 10. 3. Please consider allowing a crafter not NEED to spend all his available experimentation pips, or to
  8. I think this is a matter of defining a few things and also setting realistic expectations for the game. First what is a Small Guild? Medium? Large? Well that is definitely a matter of perspective, but my opinion is as follows: A large guild is 100+ active players in a game A medium is about 50-100, Small is 20-50 and anything less that 20 in most games is too small and either needs to grow or merge with another like sized guild. But size of guild is not all that matters. While 50v20 will almost always be a loss for the 20, 25vs20 depends on many things. Of co
  9. <Question> What are the plans to provide the sheer amount of resources that will be needed to pacify a robust population? Examples: 1. in Dregs there are only a few areas on the map to kill mobs for xp, and far less to also acquire gold to buy a seed or to improve crafter runes and belts. Right now one person can pretty much farm one of these areas themselves unless there is a chief or above spawned. 2. Graveyards are very limited with 2-6 per zone, and 4 graves per location. With an 7-8 minute respawn time this does not give enough resources to outfit even one guild of 100, much less 20
  10. My take would be not to have the wartribe gear max out at an average blue rune and blue belt, but to max out at an average purple rune and blue belt. My reasoning is this: First it only takes 9 runes to get a purple rune, so it is not insurmountable, and a blue belt only requires 9 more, so the only object would be gold. Even a guild of 30 or so players could achieve this level in a short time if they desired. Second, Armor/Weapon Crafting is and still would be secondary to Vessels. A Blue vessel with a blue weapon will out damage a grey vessel with an Orange weapon. this is because the vessel
  11. So way back when we had passive training, it was possible to kind of specialize an account for a specific character. I will use a Templar as an example. All three promotions get some sort of stun/knockdown, all do damage, and all have some healing. With the passive skills if someone wanted to make a Fury, they could train the skills enhancing hard control intensity to extend the duration of the stuns/knockdowns. A Vindicator could decide he was getting slowed to often and train skills that helped mitigate that effect. With the removal of the passive skills those mitigations etc are not av
  12. I spent 3 hours digging graves, collected 280 body parts and a whopping 4 runes!!! I quit when my 88th consecutive grave did not yield a rune.
  13. "Since we wanted to put more power into the player’s hands, we actually still needed more Attribute points. So, we removed Attributes off of armor completely." And thus an alchemist is ALMOST useless and the value of minerals is now dust (and i dont mean ethereal dust) This is horrendous!!!! You still have not addressed general crafting and now you are making both Alchemy and Jewelcrafting less appealing. Additionally, I dont like that all races start with all stats capped at 200, no matter what adjustments vessels etc can make. A Half Giant is just potentially stron
  14. @Jah Well you cant please everyone.... I would say that one major reason people that have been playing for the last 4 years or so, and even those that have been active the last year, would not play after a full wipe, is because they would have to grind from a fresh start, and they dont want to grind again to get upgraded vessels and equipment. If drops were accelerated then maybe some would actually play and anyone that might join after things are dialed back, well, at least they would have people that have played the last 3 weeks to help them, sell them stuff, etc. Damned if you d
  15. My ideas are not meant to be permanent, just implemented for like 2-3 weeks so that, if there would be a full wipe, players that have blue or better vessels and equipment now would not have to spend hours and hours getting mats to get back to where they are now. Enhanced material drops etc would also jump start an economy.
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