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  1. Yes, i just dont like the fact that i have to 'waste' part of a reroll on a secondary stat. if they just had a little flaf at the beginning of the line, so you could flag the stat on/off for the reroll, that would work too.
  2. I have no idea whether this existed in the older versions, but i noticed it in the latest on test, and changing how t he large reroll works, is definitely a problem now. For this example i am going to use the following, the necromancer has 16 experimentation points and restores an elven arm and a human arm and wants to get max str on each. So he rolls the human arm first, and can put 10 pips into str, he has 6 left over but nowhere to put them, and begins the experiment. He gets 1 failure, 3 successes and the rest are even better rolls. He then does a polish and it rerolls the 1 failures and two success, giving him a success and 2 great successes. Now he rolls the elven arm, he can put 10 pips into str, but he MUST put 6 into dex also in order to experiment. When he does this he gets the same rolls on str as he did on the human arm, but he gets 1 crit failure, and 1 failure on the dex rolls, now when he does the polish the game rerolls the the dex crit failure, the dex failure and the str failure. So because one must use those 6 pips it is actually a detriment to have those extra pips. In the past the large reroll could be used to reroll the worst 5, and then a small reroll for the worst 3 remaining, but now that has been changed. In this case i might not want to do a total reroll, but i should not be penalized for having extra pips to spend. So to solve this, we need to have the ability to specify where the small reroll will apply, or we need to not be forced to put the 6 pips into a roll we do not desire, or we needthe large reroll back to the way it was. Without this, it makes crafting vessels potentially even more compicated. In some cases it might be advantageous to craft a vessel of a slightly inferior race, just to be able to have more control over the pips we have to spend, and where rerolls apply.
  3. Back when 5.11 went up on test, minor disciplines were dropping pretty steadily on wartribe mobs. Just leveling 1-12 on Guineceans would get you some 20 or so minors and the elites dropped green minors. So here is my idea on Green/Blue etc minors. 1. Remove the minor disc vendors completely. 2. Keep major disc vendor 3. restore the drop rates on minor disciplines on wartribe mobs throughout all zones (GR, Infected, Dregs, etc.), maybe nerf it a bit as needed. 4.Enable elites and above in Infected and Dregs, to have a chance to drop random greens, but make this drop rare, maybe 2% or so 5. Give all other elite mobs a chance to drop greens/blues. ie. Captain 5% green, 2%blue, Elder, 10/3, Chief 15/4, King 20/5/1% purple. 6. Make all minors upgradeable, 5 whites, some dust, a polished soulgem as an example. this way there would be enough whites around that they could be collected and with a small amount of resources become green, green to blue would take more resources etc. So if each upgrade took more to do it might take a total of say 5 white minors to make a green, 3 greens to make a blue, so that would be 15 whites. 5 blues to make a purple = 75 whites,etc
  4. Thanks, But this is happening in all computer applications, not just Crowfall. It happens in Excel, Word, Outlook, World of Warplanes, Archeage, Shadowbane. Everything. It is not exclusive to Crowfall.
  5. Here is how i describe the problem: Say you and i are running across the map, after a fresh computer boot, you would notice that every 3 minutes ( and it is pretty close to exactly 3 minutes, and very consistent) I will stop for a tenth of a second and fall that far behind. After about 2 hours after boot, this hitch is now .5 seconds, and after 3 days it is 6 seconds or so. My computer Specs: Windows 10 Professional Asus ROG Tampae VI Apex Bios Version: 3006 Bios Date : 2/7/2020Intel Core I-9=7908xe @2.6 GHZ Intel Core i9-790xe@2.6Ghz Water Cooled Total Ram: 64GB Available Ram 59GB Corsair CMD32GX4M2A2666C15 XMP 1.2v, 2 Samsunf Evo 970 NVME 1TB SSD's in Raid 0 512 Bytes per sector Nvidia RTX2070 Super (actually have 2 but only one installed, and have NVLink when 2 installed) Driver Version 441.66 Driver Date 12/6/2019 Monitor 1 2560x1440x32 @ 165HZ Monitor 2 2560x1080x32 @60HZ Temp for all cores run 38C-42C and usually max at 48-50C GPU reading 39C, Max 67C I built this computer 2.5 years ago and for about the first year or so i did not notice a problem. Problem has definitely existed for 1 year or more. It occurs in all appications, when typing text, the text will stop entering and then catch up. In games i will hitch, in games not requiring internet problem still exists. What i have done to try to fix: The 165HZ monitor is brand new, and the display cable is also brand new. Problem existed on old monitor and cable. I have tried using only one monitor I have switched from a GTX 1080TI to the current RTX 2070 super I have tried all 4 ports on motherboard for the graphics card i have removed all memory and tried one stick at a time i have put in 4 different sticks of ddr4 ram, total 64g i have reinstalled windows first on one drive not set up as a raid then on other drive not set up as raid reinstalled on both drives in raid 0 i have switched the port the hard drives are plugged into Motherboard problem exists from moment 1, for example it does not start after a windows update I have purchased a new cable modem, and my download speed is usually over 700mbs i have switched my usual router to another router i have disconnected all my other physical hard drives i have purchased a 1200w power conditioner i have tried using a different power supply I have run many diagnostic tests i have checked event viewer and nothing is reporting every 3 minutes i have had my computer in a service department for over a week and diagnostics run. NOTHING HAS FIXED THE ISSUE, OR POINTED ME IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION to me it is now down to the motherboard and the CPU But any other ideas would be appreciated.
  6. @Jah Not quite, though wartribe gear has finally been nerfed, there are still stats on wartribe gear that cannot be crafted, and in shadowbane, good dropped gear was a a bit more rare, and tended to be on higher level mobs. I've seen some pretty good gear drop from level 5 mobs in Crowfall, and the in the current starter zone i looted a +8 str blue sword with 88 attack power and other stats from one of the glowing piles.
  7. I'm not trying to say they are making a wow clone, just that this game is so far away from Shadowbane and so close to all the other games released since WoW that it is not even funny. I have no idea how many of those reading this forum actually even played Shadowbane, but i'll give a few details of that game here. 1. There were 0 quests, 0 tutorials in Shadowbane. You created a character, selected a starting village, and spawned in the middle of it with a few vendors and trainers around you. 2. As you leveled you got to put more points into your stats, like STR, INT etc. And go to trainers to train your skills. As you leveled new skills would open up and you could spend points in them to make them better, or open up new skills. But in the beginning you were restricted to very basic weapons and armor. Mobs did drop gear you could possibly use, while some of it was good, it was only about 75% as good as the stuff you would be able to craft later. 3. The available trainers in various places were limited to rank 4 trainers. A rank 4 trainer could only train your weapons, armor etc to 75-80%, so you could not equip the best armor etc until you had access to a rank 6 trainer. Also, at level 40 you would open up skills and the trainers could not train them at all. A Druid, for example, (and one of the best farming classes in game) had 3 skills all level 40 and above, that made them a gfreat farmer, but none of these could be trained on the trainers in game. 4. So to craft any weapons, armor or jewelry, or to make bane scrolls to attack another city, or to train his skills to wear the best armor a person had to have access to the vendors in a guild owned city. 5. To own a city a guild had to collect about 3.5 million gold to buy a guild seed and a guild charter. They would create the guild, then run out into the open spaces of the world to plant the seed in a desired location. While they were looking for a spot they could be attacked and killed by opposing people who would then loot the seed and put the original guild back to farming 3 million god to buy another one. 6. Once the guild planted the tree, they would have to farm more gold to buy buildings and vendors they would put in thier buildings. They would have to then rank the building up form 1-7, spending even more gold to do so, and spending more gold to make their tree stronger, build walls etc. In total you would need some 7 training buildings to house 20 trainers, one for each class, and rank each trainers up to at least rank 6 and eventually rank 7, in order for any of your characters to be able to equip 100% or above armor, or train their level 40 or 50 skills. these skills also could be VERY expensive to train. 7. the same is true of armor etc, the city would have to build forges to put in vendors, rank the vendors so they could make the gear, then givethe vendors gold and possibly looted resourced to make the best gear. 8. In all it would take about 250million gold to make a complete city. A city that another guild could bane and take over if they wanted to. Also a guild that wanted it all would have to actually have 2 cities as you could not have all the trainer buildings, and forges etc you needed in one due to city limitations. So more like 500 million gold. So lets compare that to what Crowfall is: There is now a tutorial with quests, You dont have to spend gold to train skills. A character can wear Gold Armor, use gold weapons, use gold jewelry from the very beginning. Skills open up on the talent tree, no gold investment, no waiting for a trainer to be built and trained to train these skills. Crafting tables in the major temples, sure tables in cities have an advantage, but you can still craft really good stuff without ever going to a city to craft and be subjected to pvp and death. I hope this tries to explain why some of us who backed this game early, when it was supposed to be Shadowbane 2, are a little bit more than disappointed.
  8. @Wrain Not sure why you directed your comment at me, we are saying the same thing.
  9. @APE This was announced in Jan 2020. “ArtCraft closed an additional round of financing, in the amount of $12m, to complete Crowfall, launch it and bring it to market.” Gamers will recall the studio raised $6M from investors at the start of 2018 as well, in addition to $1.7M raised on Kickstarter and $600K in Indiegogo-based equity crowdfunding. That, plus additional investment and several million in pledges on the website, brings the game to a reported $35M in total funding. As you can see less than 2M of 35M was raised by kickstarters, and as indicated at least 18M by investors since 2018.
  10. The only reason I want a range increase is because they increased the range on melee. they increased that by about 40% why not increase the range of a sanctifier also. Also the damage type is still classified as ranged, so it should also be affected by things that increase range. If not make the damage type not ranged.
  11. Nikko

    Minor fixes

    Ok keep the loot boxes and dont have an autoloot, i'm ol with that. But please make it stop opening up my inventory and making me escape out of it. Just make the box appear. Dont make the interface change when i level so i can add talent points etc. I might be in the middle of something important, like staying alive. Give us some hotkeys or better ways to get into/ out of the chat window. Give us keybinds to change camera directions left, right, up, down etc.
  12. Here is what i think really happened with the development of Crowfall, and remember the basic formula MONEY TALKS!! 2015-2016 Initially the envisioned pretty much a Shadowbane 2, with some improved graphics etc that newer technology would enable. They also saw some things in other games they liked and thought they could put in, and a few things in SB that they did not and would take out. Then they asked us to back the game, and a slew of hardcore pvp'ers that loved shadowbane and were tired of WoW clones, shirts vs skins, faction based pvp, jumped on board and gave them the money to proceed. 2017 and beyond More and more people out there heard about the game and people started backing it, a majority of these were from Wow and it's clones and had never played Shadowbane so they did not have that mindset. As the developers continually needed more funding they were happy to get funding from these players, but these players started asking for more and more things to make the game more like Wow, Wartribe gear is a great example. So the developers slowly started making these changes. Each change was a small deviation from the original concept, but when you add up all the changes it makes the game radically different from what was described in the kickstart. My only problem with this is that i invested $1000 in a 2016 Ruby package, and if you asked me to invest that same $1000 again, today. I'd pass because this is not the game i signed up for. I almost feel like ACE should offer refunds to all 2017 and prior backers, because this is not Shadowbane 2, its becoming more and more like WoW (the pathetic NPE is a prime example), with a little GW2 and Shadowbane mixed in.
  13. I'd love to see the the healing that a sanctifier gets to include the barriers and damage he does from his wave attacks. Agree range needs to go up to about 10, and please tell me why it would also not work to allow a Sanctifier to get range bonuses from carrot juice or eyeballs in upgraded vessels (even at a reduced level, maybe 1/3 the normal benefit). If there base was 10 why not give them +1 for carrot juice, and instead of +6-7 for eyeballs, give them a max of +2. We would still be talking of about a 13m range, maybe 15 as an absolute max.
  14. What i would suggest is to make the pip cost go up with each pip, instead of making each skill progressively more expensive. For example if each skill had a multiplier ie. 1x,1.25x, 1.5x, 2x etc. and each pip had a multiplier ie. 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x if the base was 360sp for a pip, and if you still in most cases needed 4 pips in a skill to open the next a skill line would look something like this. Skill 1 (1x) PIp 1= 360, pip 2=720, pip 3= 1080, pip 4 = 1440, pip 5= 1800 Skill 2 (1.25x) pip 1= 450, pip 2=900, pip 3= 1350, pip 4 = 1800, pip 5 = 2250 Additionally instead of the pips giving an equal amount of advantage,they would also scale. So a skill giving a total of 5 assembly success might look like this .5, 1.25, 2.25, 3.5, 5, instead of the 1,2,3,4,5 we currently get. This would enable a faster initial training of the basic skills, getting people to craft/harvest a bit faster, but still making the higher level crafting time consuming.
  15. AuctionHouse – sorry the vendor system just is a huge drag!!! Even if you have a Free City, like you did on live for a long time, and make hundreds of slots available, it is going to be a nightmare. I mean having to go through all those vendors, looking for an item ie: greatsword with the best stats and best price, will be a nightmare. It will take forever. And if vendors are in EK’s its even worse. Zone into EK1, check the vendor, zone out, zone into EK2, etc. it would take hours to find an item. An auctionhouse is the only real way to go. An Multi-account bank- If I had a common bank of like 500 spaces that I could share between all my accounts it would save so much time, effort and frustration. Right now I have to continually log accounts in/out/in etc to do trades to do crafting. Ie runemaker needs minerals for specialty seals that are on the alchemist, so both have to log on to do the trade, then the alchemist logs off and the leatherworker logs on, to get the specialty seals, then the runemaker logs off, and jewelcrafter logs on, so he can get the leather, then the leatherworker logs off and alchemist logs back on to get the jewelry, then jewelcrafter logs off so necromancer can log in to get the philosopher stones. It gets much more complicated than that also because the leatherworker might need blacksmith stuff that only the BS can make, and the BS also needs seals from the runemaker. If I could have a bank where I could keep all my raw materials ie. Wood, ore and premade components ie specialty seals, weapon parts, metal rivets or bars etc. It would make it much easier and also reduce traffic on the login server etc.
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