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  1. On 6/6/2017 at 9:53 PM, EnsaimadaBlanca said:

    There's to many mmorpgs that guild system is Hierarchical system if not all.


    One day a genius will realize that these are games and that the best way that humanity works is with democracy.



    Have fun trying to shot-call in any online pvp game where quick actions must be made while you debate and vote on moment to moment decisions...

  2. Updated launch date. timeline, schedule, feature list and increase in transparency, as requested


    Its a long post so i'll help with their new estimated timeline:

    1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
    2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
    3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
    4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
    5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
    6. KoE (T2 2018)
    7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
    8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
    9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
    10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
    11. Exposition (S1 2019)
    12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
    13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
    14. Launch (S2 2019)

  3. This pretty much has to happen to some degree for lag reasons. Even peer-to-peer games with locally matched players have bullet magnetism mechanics.


    Uh... no. It doesn't have to happen. 


    Darkfall had sieges of over a hundred people throwing magic and performed fine. Long distance nuke syncs were a thing.


    The range on ranged attacks is atrocious but right now, with performance as it is, if they switched to true projectiles instead of this ray-cast thing, no one would hit anything. I'd like to see longer distance ranged attacks but only after they improve performance. 

  4. No news whatsoever unfortunately.


    I was having an eye on Overstep, currently on kickstarter. They have cool ideas. I suggest you have a look. However, I have the feeling they won't make it to their kickstarter goals. Unreal tournament revamp being their main competitor, it ain't gonna be easy for them.


    So, old duster veteran here, still waiting. :)


    PS: I was Lex Dociel in Dust514, from the What The French corp. Did we meet?

    Unlikely. I played mostly in the days of "free beta" as Baby Blue from my teeny tiny corp Unyielding. I recognize your corp name though. 

  5. Has anyone heard any news about this since Spring?


    For those not in the know:


    Project Nova is not an mmo in development but definitely has rpg elements. It is based on the online PS3 shooter and pseudo-EVE-connected game Dust 514, which had an awesome design that they just pulled the plug on this last summer. 


    Dust 514 had a skill progression system where you accumulated skill points over time and through matches, which you could spend to specialize into one of several different trees, which included 4 infantry classes or multiple air and ground vehicle focuses. You got ISK for fighting in battles and spent that on a variety of weapons, armor and upgrades you wore into battle. These could all be lost, however.


    You could spend a lot of ISK on very expensive suit load-outs, but if you died wearing it in a pub match, you lost it, which meant most people did not buy suit load outs that they could not afford to lose multiple sets of. On the flip side, if you had a top-shelf suit and were good, you might not die the entire match and could wear the same suit into the next match.


    CCP wanted to make a PC-adaptable successor so they've been iterating on a new version of Dust 514, which lately is called Project Nova (formerly Project Legion). 


    I have scoured the internets but have not found any substantive news on the development of this game or approximate dates of alpha/beta anywhere since April-May of this year. 


    Is anyone else tracking on this game or has heard anything significant since spring?

  6. Up until very recently, I'd been pretty vocal about my disappointment with the direction of combat that I had seen Crowfall going down. Particularly earlier this year. After a while, I and many others just got tired of arguing our points, we got tired of watching Scarecrowfall videos and more or less gave up and stopped posting.


    I've been quietly watching these last few days and, much to my surprise, saw the abrupt and quiet return of split-body motion and combat with much delight. 


    Combat looks so much better now.


    I can feel the combat from watching others, like the way i used to feel combat when i watched Darkfall pvp videos. Suddenly im actually interested in seeing how the different archetypes make use of their newfound freedom of movement in sync with their abilities.


    I had all but given up on this game until this most recent return of split-body combat and the return of fluid action combat, and I know i'm not the only one that is ecstatic for its return. 


    I can't overstate how much this one change saved the direction of Crowfalls combat in the eyes of many Darkfall veterans that had the same complaints i had. I'm even willing to overlook the friendly-fire topic in favor of this change.


    Very excited to return to following the games development. Cheers.

  7. His last post was in July but it says he was active as of a few days ago. 


    Maybe CF fell on the back-burner for him like it did a lot of the rest of us. I haven't seen freeze, fenris, courant or a few other names of rational people for some time now. 

  8. Ok i'll own up to picking a poorly made socks example. I was never a big fan of Umberto to begin with but he has tons of views. I literally saw it on my youtube feed an hour before posting that and didn't vet it.


    I'm not usually in the business of spending hours digging through youtube to find good darkfall example vids, but even in that video you can pick out the nuances of good action combat:


    -precision aim

    -free-flowing movement

    -bullet drop

    -real-time physics

    -melee-pushing into crowds of enemies without overextending.


    Alright maybe that last one has more to do with friendly fire not being a thing, but thats a separate argument.   


    Right now I'm not even touching on the decision making part of when to stat up, when to crossheal, when to go melee and when to back out for range in Darkfall, because i'm willing to cede that even Crowfall combat, in this unfortunate state, has some required level of decision making. I'm focusing purely on the pace and flow of split-animation over rooted combat to stay on topic.


    From ~3:15 to 4:40 of this vid shows what i would describe as high-level team play in Darkfall. Combat that is fast-paced, crisp and has reflex-based aimed like DF1 allows for higher skill ceilings because players that can't keep up, both in duels and group vs group situations, will not do as well.


    edit; for those not versed in DF. Hit-sounds were a thing, it was very clear when you hit someone as there was a very audible hit sound, muted in these vids. 


    Dodging in DF did not look like "step sideways" because combat was too fast paced. If you wanted to dodge, it meant you ran forward in a different direction -- archer vs archer meant turning 90 degrees to move quickly out of the way while you knock another arrow, and then turning 90 degrees back to let your arrow go. Similarly, in melee, dodging had a lot to do with knowing how far out your swing went, and timing your movement to get that hit in and then escape their melee range.


    If it is all passive, I can't see how progression will be that significant in of itself and or where the power gap won't start to increase a decent amount.


    This is a good summary of my concern as well. 


    Either progression is meaningless, or you inevitably get larger power gaps between newer and older players which was the entire problem ACE was trying to avoid with their Uncle Bob scenario.

  10. I'm probably getting trolled here but alright, i'll bite.


    Animation locks make combat look better than split body animation.  


    Thank God this is a movie, and not a game. How it looks should always trump how it feels.


    Oh wait, its the opposite.


     Sure you can easily make combat more "fluid" with split body animation but it doesn't improve the skill of the combat.  Animation locks with root motion add additional levels of game play.


    Time for some logic


    A target that can always move is harder to track than a target that frequently cannot move. 

    Split body combat involves combat where targets can always move and is harder to track.

    Rooted motion combat involves combat where the target frequently cannot move and is easier to track.

    Things that are harder to track take more skill to hit.

    It takes more skill to fight in split body than rooted combat.


    You can't just surround someone and attack them while still blocking them from escape with pill collision.  


    Currently, mosh-pit mob melees are how the vast majority of lone individuals get cut down. Rooted combat reduces mobility while fighting, while split body combat improves mobility while fighting and gives people a chance to "squirrel" and avoid getting zerged. 


    This is a full action combat game, freedom of movement reduces the skill cap,

    Actually the opposite is true. Read above



    animation locks are required for balancing the power of skills.


    They are not needed for balancing of power or skills.


    See: any and all competitive action games that do not have root motion but still balance different powers.


    If i'm just getting trolled here, well, then, i guess you win and this can serve as an elementary school-level FAQ for why split-body combat>>rooted combat.

  11. People say the Myrmidon "feels good" with root motion. 


    I say it feels good in spite of root motion. Combat is always more fluid without rooted animations locking people into place.


    Truly I think its ironic because the Myrmidon is perceived to be the fastest and most fluid of all the root-motion melee archetypes (maybe even among the ranged as well); what I see is that it most closely resembles split-body free-flowing melee combat, less constrained by the animation locks than other archetypes. 


    People seem not to realize that all archetypes would feel even better if they all were more fluid and less staggered.


    I argue that the feeling they enjoy about the Myrmidon stems from the same type of combat that so many people seem to shout down: full action combat, full freedom of movement with attacks, no animation locks.

  12. From the Revelation online FAQ:


    "Revelation Online is developed by NetEase, second largest gaming company in China, official operator of Blizzard Entertainment’s games in the region as well as producer of some of China’s most renowned and longest running online PC-client games. This experience has allowed NetEase to take a high-quality approach to developing and supporting its own projects as well as understanding which features appeal to European and American players of MMO titles."


    I am guessing they have a few more people than ACE, and have a MUCH larger budget. 

    Money and resources have nothing to do with this at all.


    ACE already solved the problem the OP is talking about and then ruined it again


    Back in May when they did split-body animations, this improved combat significantly in its flow. Graphically it wasn't the prettiest but functionally it was far superior.


    Then a bunch of terribads complained they couldn't keep up, and it "looked funny", and it was "too fast", and so ACE in their infinite wisdom reverted back to rooted combat for some ungodly reason.

  13. I can understand where you're coming from - but I'm not positive how well that methodical / strategy style game would be received in a MMO. 


    Actually in Darkfall Unholy Wars (DF2) it worked just fine and that game more closely resembled Crowfall because of the greater variety of utilities and powers available. 


    One ability specific to the Baresark (basically a melee class) was a whirlwind aoe that sent everyone flying away, blinded, with big damage. When two large forces were distracted by each other, I would go in with this ability and penetrate deep behind enemy lines, pop this off, and throw their back lines into chaos as they scrambled to hit me in the middle of them. Using this while still next to other friendlies, however, would earn me a channel-full of "god damn it vucar".


    Vectious is right about at least one thing: good players will adapt, learn not to use their massive melee cones if friendlies are nearby, or else they need to be extremely confident in their accuracy. Bad players would not learn. They would continue to mosh-pit melee, kill their friends, and throw AOE heals on their enemies and friends alike.


    You don't need hundreds to participate in the same Voip to know not to melee someone already engaged in melee, or to not use aoe ranged attacks on someone close to friendlies. That said, those who do follow larger organized groups split into different channels and follow siege commander calls for "focus ranged aoes at the east gate now" will benefit greatly, while the masses of zergs without leadership will suffer.


    This promotes coordination and teamwork, and it punishes mindless mobbing. 


    As to the question of "what about the current game won't work with FF?", thats the million dollar question. What has already been buffed that wouldn't need buffing if FF was on? What has been nerfed already that wouldn't need nerfing if FF showed us how situational it really was? How many changes to combat balancing have been made that need to be un-made in light of FF?


    Its the unknown unknowns. The things we don't know that we don't know. These are the things that keep me up at night. (not really)

  14. Back on topic: many people in this thread keep saying things like "they can always just turn it on whenever they want", "we'll see how many people enjoy it when they finally turn it on."


    The great concern we have isn't that they'll never flick the "FF switch" to the "up" position. Its that they will, and that they will have put zero planning into preparing for it. Which has been validated by 11 months of them ignoring our warnings to them.


    Its like trying to plan a house in a vacant lot but deciding you want this really nice fireplace in the center, and you get 11 months into building this really big house but have put nothing in place for the central fireplace, despite so many construction workers constantly and repeatedly telling the foreman "i don't think this will work as a whole if we don't build around this central fireplace you suggested." 


    Eventually it gets to the point where the foreman actually says "ok lets wall up this center" and the construction workers are looking at each other like he's insane, because 11 months ago he said he wanted a fireplace there, but he ignores their concerns and says nothing on it.


    And so finally the house is nearly built and the foreman says "ok fine lets just see how it fits in now for fun lol i wonder how well it will work" and he throws a bunch of bricks into the center of the house and it breaks walls and compromises load-bearing support and it looks terrible and he says "wow i guess we shouldn't have this after all, look how bad this turned out."


    Is it too late for them to add support for FF beyond "flicking the switch on"? I don't know. I hope not, but again, this latest news looks like not even the foreman believes in his original vision anymore.


    Also re: calls for moderation. 


    C'mon kids, starting dealing with your own problems and grow some thicker skin... 

  15. When your profile says this: "Not even mad. Not even sad. I've sold all of my crowfall assets. My faith in this game is gone. The combat is terrible, the netcode is terrible, and the design is terrible." Why are you still here?


    So what you're saying is people who were heavily invested in this game but are now dissatisfied with the direction its taking should leave the forum.


    Which would only leave "yes-men" to echo-chamber their own brown-nosing back to each other.


    Got it, thanks.

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