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  1. I described a player in a bad situation making the best of his options. If he was up against good players it would have been a quick death -- kited at range or 1v1'd consecutively. I did not once ever state that friendly fire is more hazardous with decreased movement speed so... I guess if that's a big debate victory for you, grats. What I've been contesting is that friendly fire shouldn't be this mechanic to be feared, stifled and reduced in any way possible. Friendly fire is a good thing to have in a deep pvp-centric game, and having friendly fire occur easily and have dire consequence makes every decision and action you execute that much more important. In mount and blade warband, infantry move at the pace of a purposeful-walk. If you've ever played multiplayer online, and were any good, you'd know that only wonderful people try and shoot an arrow at an enemy who is already engaged in melee with their own ally. You are highly likely to hit your friend and indeed many poor archers have done just that. "arc" doesn't help when you're not firing volleys into siege forces. Melee swings even had telegraphed moves and people still hacked their friends up by accident. Even in Warband, a game with much slower paced movement than CF, friendly fire happened in melee engagements, and in archery, and in mixes of the two. Bad players will friendly fire. It happened in darkfall. It happened in warband. Its going to happen in CF, and no amount of carebear bull poorly made socks anyone tries to poison this game with to prevent or water down FF is going to stop it. But thanks for throwing in the ill-placed pot shot at me about "logic", I now know I'm talking to a 17-year old.
  2. If ACE was interested in making as much money as possible, they wouldn't be making the kind of mmo they are making right now. It will be a dark day if they ever decide to make that their top priority, and will lead to this game's Trammel / NGE.
  3. Good players / teams / clans will know how to manage groups and armies with friendly fire and will dominate bad ones. Again - in darkfall, good players outnumbered in tight places expecting to go down would sometimes intentionally melee rush their pursuers. If they were outnumbered by bad players or noobs, everyone would get excited that they were about to kill someone "skilled" so they'd all try to melee him at once - and they would all do ten times the damage to each other as they did to him. Sometimes it was so bad one player could weave in and out of these mosh pits and wipe the group by using their friendly fire against them. Fast pace games with friendly fire don't make for dull combat or hollow strategy, they just show you the good players from the bad.
  4. If they're smart, they'll scrap "stand still and execute your attack" LONG before they scrap friendly fire. Thats by far the biggest concern I had watching combat. Go watch the centaur try and sticky-back anyone. Every time he makes a melee move, for some custard reason, his character stops running so he can take a swing. This means that anyone with ping of >80 will never be able to melee in this game because they'll never be able to connect, much less stickyback someone. These devs need to get rid of whatever mechanism stops character movement - even if they keep the animation so the centaur "slides" as he is meleeing it would be a thousand times better than the current mechanic. Its still alpha so theres plenty of time to fix this though.
  5. skarthy i couldnt see your picture, there were tons of humans, maybe even tens of humans. give me a clan or alliance at least
  6. Yeah because when has any one in any game with projectile-physics magic ever actually used aoe or splash-damage magic in real combat? Oh wait- https://youtu.be/s5wLuLvhlZU?t=392
  7. this reminds me of when i moved from middle school to high school, and at first i didn't know anybody, but then i saw some kids from my old middle school at my new high school, and i hated them, but it was comforting to see people i knew i hated...
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