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  1. "But to be clear, our goal is to make it work" "We are willing to try find ways to make it work, for all servers" https://youtu.be/t7VICThIkPQ?t=163 Re: cone-based melee and its effects on friendly fire: Blair: "Oh man, you're really gonna have to watch where you aim that. That's the downside of friendly fire." ---- It was ALWAYS the plan to have friendly fire. JTodd, Tully and Blair have ALL spoken on this topic with the same message in favor of FF. Your propaganda about "they never explicitly promised FF, so it was never part of the game design" is bullsh*t and not even the devs would agree with you. The latest news we've just received is that it sounds like they've all but given up on the implementation of this game mechanic that they themselves said was planned, intended and "as a last resort" might be reduced in some campaign worlds.
  2. Wow. Its almost like -- 11 months ago -- we told them they needed friendly fire turned on so that they could develop a combat system that actually had the tactical implications of friendly fire, and they ignored us, and built a combat system with no consideration for the tactical implications of friendly fire! Wait - that's exactly what happened. That is exactly what f*cking happened. We told them to put it in. We told them it needed to be balanced around, and not added afterwards, or this would happen. F*cking unbelievable incompetence. If this is true, whatever hope I still had for this rooted-combat damage-splitting MOBA-trash piece of poorly made socks game just went out the window.
  3. vucar


    Slabo from Battle Saints? As in Slabo Meat? My pride and joy returned?
  4. It was also one of the first games that had such a diverse set of "builds" possible. As a necromancer you could go full summoner, golem+curses, or old school magic dps, or some combination. People will debate whether or not some of those builds were actually viable at Hell difficulty but it was fun nonetheless.
  5. vucar

    Pokemon Go

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n5E7feJHw0 Really though, Star Citizen is the worst thing to happen to indie sandbox mmos since... anything. After $116 m and what, 5+ years of development? They are nowhere. People are going to look back at SC and it will be known as the Hindenburg of mmos.
  6. Sorry to be the one to tell you this OP, but Luminosity does nothing for you except make you better at playing Luminosity games. Its a sham. There is no objective research done that validates statistically improved cognitive function from Luminosity. Of course if you play a game long enough you'll get better at playing that game, that's called practice. Never heard of Neuronation before but I suspect the same is true. Lastgirl~ is right: if you want to be smarter, read books, learn new languages, learn new skills, stimulate your brain in new ways besides gaming.
  7. This poll is terrible and you're a worse person for making it.
  8. I loved crafting androids. I was never good at it and never really learned how; i pretty much just amateur'd my way through it until i built two little floaty dudes with the weakest guns ever. The only things they could kill were like the lowest level mobs, but i was so proud of them when i saw them shoot their little guns and defend me.
  9. vucar

    Gloria Victis

    Got really interested in this from these posts and videos i watched, but when i realized that looting in pvp is heavily restricted ("loot points" limit the value of what you can loot off people) i got turned off. That seems like a gimmicky way to soften the blow of loss from pvp and takes away from the consequences, and it also hinders the economy in that no one really loses a whole lot at once so no one ever needs to buy or farm or craft a whole lot after you're established.
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