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  1. Well, if they run out of early birds during the kickstarter, and people back at the the non-early bird level, then SS goes and adds more early birds after that on their website, it would be like spitting in the face of people who helped them during the kickstarter. I wouldn't count on it being available after the KS is what i'm getting at.
  2. Not all publicity is good in the indie mmo business. I think NDAs are smart. They've given developers a chance to breathe and ask for feedback without getting their heads bitten off by every Tom hooligan and Harry passing by. Only the people most invested (literally) in the game will be hearing and seeing bad ideas or broken game mechanics, and there will be time for them to be quietly fixed or discussed before the public catches wind. Not all publicity is good in the indie mmo business. edit; wow, it blocked a name... sigh....this forum....
  3. According to Gordon Walton himself, kickstarters that make 25% in their first day and 40% within their first 3 days have a good chance of succeeding. CoE is closing in on 40% within 25 hours of the campaign. That gives me a lot of confidence.
  4. Caspian spoke on this topic previously and the interpretation i got was that it works similar to how world map generators work in some other games; by chance and algorithms that go over my head, players are set up with a random assortment of connected events and triggers for events that may occur depending on what they do in the world. By triggering or not triggering these events, there are cascade effects later on. I don't understand it fully but i know he said a developer journal was planned for it. Hopefully it becomes more clear then!
  5. Chronological comparison to where Crowfall was at their developmental equivalent: https://youtu.be/8nNKuO1S7Z4?t=1142 Desyncs, rubber banding, painfully slow animation locks that cannot be cancelled and "running in a straight line" as one of the highest forms of strategy. Given the choice between this ^ vs. CoE in its current form, i'd pick CoE. That's an unfair comparison though, obviously. Considering each respective project at their inception, I think CoE is in a better starting position than Crowfall was 8 months ago. But i think at this point we may as well agree to disagree on that.
  6. Uh... so do you want real people playing or not? Because that is literally what i (and Degan) just posted. No one was paid to play those games or told how they act like in the Princess Bride montage. They were real people just playing the game. Metas were developing even in the span of a number of hours just at PAX. One of the winners of that tourney was extremely patient in how he fought, always waiting for counterattacks. What do you define as a 'real player' if its not an unaffiliated person just playing a game?
  7. This video shows real players fighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HtEnsVPuqw Compared to the first iteration of Crowfall combat, CoE is leads and bounds ahead in terms of speed and skill ceiling potential. 7 months later Crowfall has definitely improved, but it still looks more like a moba than anything else.
  8. Backed $350. Originally i was committed to $250 but then i saw alpha was next up.
  9. Yeah i'm sorry to say that CoE's first pre-alpha combat demo gives me much more confidence in their pvp mechanics than months of iterations, class additions and adjustments to Crowfalls. They both have a ways to go, but Crowfall is more quickly running out of time to change their direction... edit; also that vid was staged. You should watch two people really trying to kill each other like the vids from PAX east. Those vids better display the skill ceiling.
  10. In a way, we are seeing how society is responding in bits and pieces. Some are immediately turning into predators, and gunning down boats. Some are still clinging to hope that others will help them like refugees today in the real world, like the large mass of stranded people that get passed over and left for dead in the sea. Some people are becoming violently reclusive. I'm enjoying it, but im a pretty patient person and I love Strand and his interactions with Nick.
  11. Kickstarter in 27 hours yall!
  12. Personally i'm eager to see how ranged combat works and balances against melee combat. Given how squishy people seem to be in this game, I suspect ranged combat will dominate quickly. Without testing it myself, though, I'm taking everything with a grain of salt at this point.
  13. I say remove these asinine animation locks, let the ranger opt to be full range with the capacity for normal left-click dagger attacks like Fenris suggested, and stop trying to pigeon hole every archetype into its own special snowflake niche. So what if the ranger can be full archery and the stalker can be full archery? They'll have different roles to expand and specialize in later. Whats the danger in some overlap?
  14. I like it too, but no. Caspian stated that, among other things, combat with shield-holding will be a thing in a recent PAX interview. You can see in the current battles how critical it is to have stamina, and holding a shield up will protect your front but drain your stamina. Fencing is a good showcase of what the combat system is capable of in terms of speed, reaction and tactics, but other fighting techniques are planned.
  15. 8-10 months between launch and first renewals? Not clear on what you mean -- like the average lifespan of a player's spark of life before they have to get another one? That will not be the same duration for everyone. Some longer, some shorter, and many of them starting in between. I understand the skepticism of the business model as its untried, but part of alpha / beta is testing how often do sparks of life really need to be replenished. This gives the devs times to adjust some knobs and balance it.
  16. The ranger seems schizophrenic enough as is, without adding something like the druid has planned to balance "melee time" with "ranged time". Lets not make things worse.
  17. The business model for CoE has nothing to do with trying to be more affordable. That is an inadvertent byproduct. This business model is the only pragmatic way you attach your game decisions to real, tangible consequences that you care about, and in doing so, prevents complete wanton chaos and mass murdering sprees (in theory). @Overdhose you are incorrect on your assessment of the soul system. When you permadie, you keep your soul and it goes into your heir by blood. If you don't have an heir, your soul goes into an orphan in the ward of the state. Either way, you keep your past life's soul and the skill ramps they accumulated. As for "televangelists" -- every upcoming mmo has them. Someone is posting vids building up hype for their own channel by talking about games like Crowfall, CU, CoE, Eternal Crusade, Bannerlord, etc. If you look at the channel of the video poster you linked, you'll see he has also reviewed and continues to review other games besides CoE. I'm pretty passionate about wanting to see this game succeed so I personally will be going out of my way on the days coming up to May 3rd to talk to people about this game. If anything, you could more easily call me a CoE evangelical. I agree with Viking though -- they're going to have to make compromises on some of this to make it happen, and i'm prepared to accept that.
  18. I think the payment method was as much a business decision as it was a necessity of design due to the most core hallmark of the game - choices have consequences. Nothing says that louder than literally paying for your bad choices. I'm not sure whether or not the payment model will be enough by itself to sustain the game, but its a moot point because CoE wouldn't be able to combat griefers or impose the same gravity of your actions if you didn't permadie or didn't have to pay for a new spark of life. According to Caspian "a lot" more media and developer updates will be coming in the next two to three weeks as they get closer to PAX and their May 3rd kickstarter.
  19. I guess that phrase isn't scary to me because I have an idea of what Caspian's version of "minimally viable" is, and its still something I would love to play and support. To me, minimally viable still includes features like permadeath, aging, full loot, open world skill-based pvp, etc. It doesn't even have to be a huge world for me to enjoy a game that has these features which he himself has stated are at the core of the games premise (consequences for actions, risk vs reward, player skill mattering more than character skill).
  20. SS did a meet the team video for some of their developers and managers today. Sound quality needs a little work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-q09eA-3vU&feature=em-uploademail
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