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  1. If you die in a siege catapult, do you die in real life in your vessel as well?
  2. This looks awesome. I haven't see combat with this much potential for a high skill ceiling since mount and blade warband. I'll keep an eye on this.
  3. Yeah i think that's where the root of my dissatisfaction comes from - pigeon-holed races. Dwarves can't be confessors. Centaurs can't be rangers. You can't have a "dwarf clan" and roleplay dwarves because, well... you'd only have one archetype and you'd get steamrolled. They succeeded in getting diversity of races, but in the end, every clan will be the same hodgepodge of races so that all archetypes are fulfilled. The irony of having so much diversity is that in the end we will have none.
  4. I watched the latest stream of someone playing a ranger and saw a wider array of archetypes than ever before, but i couldn't shake the feeling that instead of watching a death match between characters that would later be in an mmo, i was watching a death match of characters that were going to be in a MOBA like Gigantic. You've got your tall centaur, your big beefy champion, your nimble and elegant confessor gliding by, etc. Everyone looks really different, and really exaggerated. Diversity is good, but this reminds me of watching old G.I. Joe cartoons where you only saw unique looking heroes battling with unique looking villains. Its just hard to take things seriously at the moment, personally. Its an art style - I realize that. Its too late to change something that is so ingrained into the setting and characters, so i'm trying to just swallow that pill. Hopefully it does not get any more sensationalized or exaggerated than we've already seen. Am i alone in thinking the game looks like its going to become Toontown online?
  5. Can't remember the exact number but i know the ballpark of the size of the team at Soulbound Studios is between 10-20 right now and hiring more.
  6. Caspian knows a good number of those goals are going to be stretch goals or possibly shelved for later. I personally think you can cut a lot out without losing much; -cartography (map making), the internal alignment system ("good vs evil"), -the dynamic story engine (a very abstract mechanic that sounds crazy complex), -the goal-based AI (AI should be filler imo; they dont need to be complicated). A couple of those you listed won't really be a problem: -non-repeatable quests are more like the absence of quests that must be designed -- it actually is a good thing that they're not spending time on "dailies". -The aging shouldn't change animations (but it will likely impact appearance, movement speed, strength, etc). -There is no prison in the sense of "you're on timeout in this box". The prison mechanic is a loss of spirit and game time. -The player-ran delivery services shouldn't require any additional mechanics besides trading.
  7. Yeah I think that's a fair assessment. The thing to remember is that when we all think of mmos in production, we're thinking regional quest and storylines that must be written, character classes that must be fleshed out, instanced pvp battlegrounds that must be balanced, multiple large cities and deep dungeons and epic bosses to explore that must be designed... and a whole lot of other things CoE isn't going to do. Almost all of their development funds are going into building tools for us, the players, to make the world. That's it. They give us the tools, we populate the game and build it up and the future of the game goes from there. If there are dungeons, its because we made them; if there are vast capital cities, its because players built them, and if there are epic raid lich bosses, its because a player found a dark ritual and he is the lich boss. Im still remaining cautious but im also planning on dropping a lot of money onto this kickstarter, more than I ever have.
  8. If you're in the Puget Sound area (PNW) you might consider reaching out to Jeromy Walsh / Caspian, the founder of Soulbound Studios and CoE. From what i hear in irc, they're always looking for passionate game developers, coders and others that genuinely want to see the game succeed.
  9. Cow catapult. I don't think that needs any further explanation.
  10. Maybe. But the best defense is a good offense. If you put all your force right at the keep, no ones stopping chaos from taking out the walls and moving in. With them inside the walls, you have less margin for error.
  11. I agree with Urahara - the trend today is making really polished, high-bloom, hollow pieces of poorly made socks with no depth or gameplay behind them, because all of their millions went into graphics, or voice acting, or something else that would be a priority in a Hollywood movie and adds nothing to how engaged you are in a game. That said, I think the graphics are fine. Actually much better than what I had anticipated given how much depth the game is shooting for. Also, as far as "better options", I'd love to hear some of them. The river is almost dry from where I'm standing. This game is offering a lot of features I'm interested in: permadeath, full loot open world pvp, player-skill combat, city building and conquest. Its ambitious as hell, but I'd rather give it a shot than not bother.
  12. Which ever is least populated. Least being relative, as they're all overpopulated. And you will notice it. God Jesus, with everyone dragging wagons and horses around, trying to find the bank npc is like a god damn Where's Waldo minigame.
  13. vucar

    The Division

    This sounds terrible. That's too bad, i was almost getting around to trying it. Back to Black Desert I go then.
  14. Every time i watch a video of combat, I get the strong and painful impression that Crowfall is bending over backwards trying to reinvent the wheel here with combat. Animation locks need to go. I don't care how silly it looks with sliding animations, better that than broken, ridiculous combat.
  15. Another corpse for the mmo graveyard, and it comes from the corpse masters themselves. Takes a long, cynical sip of his coke.
  16. The crowding is real. I pulled my horse from a stable and immediately got lost in a crowd trying to find it. I had to ask for help in chat to find my horse
  17. Everything i've heard is that this game is hailed as high quality guild vs guild pvp and open world region battles for nodes and other things, as opposed to BnS which is more like a wannabe 1v1 and small team e-sport. I haven't had time to find a guild i wanted to get into but im much more interested in that larger guild sized battle aspect of the game. Has anyone had any experience in that who can chime in?
  18. The carebear in me got me into cooking, and now i have like, 3 slave labor camps or something, producing almost everything i need to make scented tea. I'm also enjoying the trade route system they have, its a fun little distraction. Pve is kind of awkward. 95% of the time all i have to do is faceroll the keyboard, but that takes more effort than holding down "W" and holding down left-click until everything in front of me is dead. The inadvertent result of this is i have no idea how to play my class because i can kill things several levels higher than me with almost no idea what im doing (level 22 valkyrie). Haven't had a chance to pvp yet but i'm eager. Taking my time going through the main stuff as i heard its bad to rush to max because you miss out on things like contribution points and inventory expansions. Biggest complaint right now is that my gear looks the same at 22 as it did at 1..
  19. My old mmo-mentor Surly used to say "If you want to show how broken something is, use the hell out of it". I have every intention of using the most OP stealth mechanics this game will have - if they're truly out of balance, i'll make sure its known, and i suggest others do the same. Maybe, hopefully, that would be a catalyst for less cheese-stealth. But we have to wait and see how it actually is in release. Might not be what we all fear in the end.
  20. I'm a gamer, i'm not interested in my financial return of investments into games i want to succeed, i just want them to become playable so i can enjoy them. If i was, i wouldn't be investing in games, i'd go toward something like Tesla or other green energy (personally). You're coming at this as a wise businessman would, which is fine. I just don't think most mmo gamers view kickstarters with that perspective. Also, i'm much more trusting of putting my money into what I know an mmo developer claims to want to make, rather than put it into an account with a nebulous agreement on features and then it turns out my money got put into a game that has all the features i want but is a game i have zero interest in playing. Its the unknown unknowns you can't account for.
  21. NPCs are in, and when they die, they're gone forever. No respawning mob camps. NPC crafters and traders that die in cities stay dead. Skipping permadeath, families and aging -- name an mmo-trope and they're breaking it: No safe zones No hand-held quest lines going from one region to the next, led by (!)s and (?)s Soul system that retains progress from past lives Talent system that randomly gifts 5% of characters with an unknown ability or specialty Finite resources and a closed economy Research in crafting determines the progression of world technology There's a lot more but thats off the top of my head of what they're doing differently, you can read more about it on their dev journals.
  22. As for the "theres no proof of game here"; if you spent time in the irc, you'd see things that Caspian had leaked to us that aren't publicly available and we've been asked out of respect to not share outside IRC, things that leave no doubt. This would be a hell of an elaborate ruse otherwise. Theres far easier ways to defraud 30,000 people of $900k than to spend a year and a half pretending to be making an mmo. The idea of every indie developer pooling money would never work, certainly not for this game. Different visions, different ideas of what to make. CoE is the only game i know of that wants aging, permanently dying characters in a persist seamless world with player-skill combat and randomly allotted talents. Its definitely ambitious, and I'm of the more cynical in the CoE community in that I believe a lot will have to be cut for this to get released, but I also believe its going to get a lot more funding than even Caspian believes it will get from KS. I'm cautiously optimistic they'll get there. They'll have to cut some things and add them after release, but they'll get there.
  23. I think Fenris pretty much wrapped this thread up on page 1 so why is it still here
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