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  1. Do you mean like you can't choose, or choose not, to lose game time per death? If so, that is a valid concern. Its definitely not a part of the game everyone can or wants to swallow. Its critical that it be there though, because one of the other foundational hallmarks of the game is consequence for player choices. When everything you own in a game, is in a house, and you could lose all of it, if you get caught murdering someone and are kicked out of the city, it stops people from recklessly killing. Likewise, when you know that being ganked takes away game time, it makes you very cautious about leaving the safety of your city, and even more cautious about killing other people. That said, there is a limit to spirit loss on death: if you get ganked and spirit walk back to your body, you cannot lose anymore spirit from dying for 2-3 hours. This keeps you from getting griefed out of game time. Its all a very careful balance they must make - having player choices have real consequences to the game world, and not being so harsh and unforgiving that no one takes any chances.
  2. I'm not following - why can't you do that in CoE? I could choose to go adventuring in my sunday best, and maybe lose most of that (and some game time) to someone who is better than me. Or I could choose to go offline and let my OPC do some farm work or something, and get murdered, but all i had on me was farming gear.
  3. Not quite. There are Fame levels that augment spirit loss on death. If you're the king of a city, you'll lose a ton more spirit and game time if you get assassinated than if some farmer dies. Fame is relative, so a new player will not lose as much as the average player, and the average player will not lose as much as high profile leaders or dragon slayers, etc. Also, murdering, as i understand it, adds to the spirit loss you suffer from death. The more violence prone players, if they are not careful, will suffer more spirit loss and permadie faster, on average, than your crafters and traders.
  4. Gilgamer really hit the nail on the head; taking risks without forethought - you're gonna have a bad time. Taking risks heavily front-loaded with planning and care, like assassinations or raids on villages, will be rewarded without (as much) death or loss of gametime. One of the developers has this saying i really love: "Tools not rules". That saying inadvertently gets to the heart of the CoE. This game gives more tools to the players and community to self-police against griefing and "non pro-social" behavior like marauders. Other games dont go far enough and so you end up with awkward systems being exploited by griefers like bindcamping rez stones and blocking doorways by standing in them, etc. The devs of this game want to give as much control to players to fend off griefing, rather than create "safe zones" or weapon locks (PS2) or GM banning. This still allows for careful, strategic attacks, killings and pillaging, but it severely punishes griefers that think they can just respawn with their base in tact and most of their resources still available so they can go back to mass murdering. Its something of a social experiment in that regard. Whether or not the community will break down into chaos and disorder, or retain some central bastion of protected civilization, is yet to be seen.
  5. Kickstarter announced: May 3rd 2016 https://chroniclesofelyria.com/news/2892-Kickstarter-Start-Date-Announced First look video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb1JcO645BA I'm super pumped.
  6. Agree with regulus; its nothing to write home about, but its a filler that will probably be fun for a while from all i've read.
  7. Yep but that's nothing. You should hang out in Caspian's irc. He's leaked a lot of cool screenshots and videos to us in there that we can't show outside of irc. PS: word through the grapevine is that the date of the kickstarter is being announced on monday.
  8. I heard its a bit of a grind but the open world pvp and guild vs guild pvp sounds pretty fun. I dont mind these kinds of games when i get in early enough.
  9. You have many ideas, Xerxes.... but few good ones.
  10. vucar


    I was in the Gigantic beta up until they switched to win10. It was pretty fun for what it was, but I absolutely detest Windows 10 on my laptop so there's no way in hell i'm putting it on my gaming desktop. Gigantic isn't that fun.
  11. Yeah... because that's not the most biased graph i've ever laid eyes on... but it's up there.
  12. Really? Should people who play cards use a different word for Spades because it could be misinterpreted as referring to a particular race? Jesus, give me a break. He even went the extra step to clarify his own meaning of the word.
  13. A spruced up themepark mmo complete with raids, battlegrounds, instanced housing, cartoon graphics, and all the panoply of other themepark mmos. The combat requires some aiming and skill but otherwise there's little terribly unique about this game. Games like these have become the equivalent of "The Avengers" for the movie industry. On top of that, its yet another mmo going the f2p model. The more we support this, the longer the industry will push for it. Pass.
  14. Interesting. "The Repopulation" looked like it was going to be the successor to SWG, while trying to incorporate an EVE-like gradient of high-sec and low-sec. I haven't checked on that game in a while but i think it kind of stagnated. Attempts at indy mmos are becoming really popular lately. I'm becoming over-saturated by them popping up so i'm not investing as much into the newer ones until they show something tangible.
  15. Yeah. The sad thing is i'm actually more excited for CoE than CF right now. If Soulbound studios delivers on even half of what they're aiming at, its going to change everything.
  16. I don't think having to keep in mind the same principle of ammo conservation means all non-melee classes end up with the same results... and it's not my goal. And what if with 100 "stamina", or "precision" or another archetype specific stat, you could shoot a single arrow, or ten 10-stat arrows. Similarly, an arrow could be drawn back farther (charged) to use more stamina, but gain power/knockback effects. Your examples are not magic specific. By this description, you're pigeonholing archery into sustained dps. There is absolutely nothing you've said that can't be applied to archery with analogous mechanics. Archers and mages both requiring ammo does not mean they both just become "visual flavors of ranged damage dealers". What it means is that they both have to consider their choices with their ammunition in combat. Imagine a siege defense where a few really good perch spots exist in some towers that take a long long time to get up to. Why put archers up there when he'll run out of arrows, when you can put a mage up there who can just blast people all day and night? Imagine a prolonged skirmish; if one side realizes the other side is half archers, while their own team is half mages, all they have to do is endure a longer fight and bide time until those archers all run out of ammo and then wait for their mages to have mana again, and then turn up the heat. Imagine a mob farming situation: an archer hunting monsters in the same general area will inevitably have to leave to get more ammo. A mage just has to wait but could farm virtually forever. Unlimited ammo breaks balance and can't exist for one class type and not the other.
  17. I think decay on vessels after being "exited" is a great idea; this helps deter thoughtless archetype switching. There should definitely be a tangible cost to switching archetypes. An induction timer of some length of time that cannot be interrupted is another good idea: changing archetypes minutes before a battle should be out of the question. @bairloch read the rest of the interview. There are diminishing returns on power of vessels as they go up in rarity.
  18. I just got a chance to watch it last night! Interesting twist. That is unless their new lore director changes things. I'm planning on forming a cult around the daemons. Or a cult around an evil god. Or a cult of witch-hunters. In any event, i'm forming a cult.
  19. Right now it seems like multiple accounts are unnecessary unless you've got a lot of time on your hands. Really can't say more than that until we see what this actually looks like. Until then you're all just arguing over theories and what it sounds like on paper which A) will probably change and B.) won't be what it actually turns out to be like live.
  20. Caspian mentioned before, in a Q&A, that there are some features he'd be willing to cut and add later, but there are some foundational concepts and mechanics he said he won't release the game without. These are core things like aging and dying, the soul system, the story arc engine and things like that. I think he will get this game released. The only question is what other side features (epic dragons to slay, other islands to explore, more diverse skill trees, etc) will or won't be in.
  21. Right. I'm in agreement with you. So.... why should this not apply to mages
  22. I don't think many champions, knights, legionnaires et al. will be throwing away their swords and axes when trying to do basic attacks. The basic attack that any archetype is reducible to should determine it: Is it a projectile? Yes: It should have ammo. No: It shouldn't.
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