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    vucar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Whatchoo Listenin To?   
    everything you need to have a good time:
    Blouse - Ghost Dream
    The Raveonettes - Curse the Night
    True Widow - Duelist
    Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers
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    vucar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Life is Feudal MMO   
    Have fun trying to shot-call in any online pvp game where quick actions must be made while you debate and vote on moment to moment decisions...
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    vucar reacted to coolwaters in extremely low population   
    Population is way too low. You're right.
    When they add POIs it will jump and then when they add faction CW to test it will go up a lot I'd expect.
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    vucar got a reaction from Crebain in Who the hell is Jamesgoblin   
    and has there ever been a post that he hasn't "Liked"
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    vucar reacted to mal in From the Crows with love - Official discussion thread   

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    vucar reacted to goose in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    Having played For Honor, I disagree. It might look cool if you're watching, but combat in that game feels like crap to play. It's unintuitive and unrewarding, even if you're good at it.
    It's like they played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and said "Whoa! How can we make this combat feel terrible?!"
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    vucar reacted to Helix in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    Anyone that has a brain in their head will just grab the most potent heal or self-heal discipline (assuming they don't already have some sort of heal, and even then), so that's one ability spot gone.
    In reality we'll only have 3 ability slots.
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    vucar reacted to coolwaters in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    I agree heavily with the bolded part. Really anything to make the ATs less like playing Halo and more like I actually built a character that is different from the one to my left and right.
    My fear is that every AT will (certainly does atm) essentially play the same, save gear. 5% more crit .... for everyone after 6 months. whoooptedoo. I'm unique.
    I don't think they will even add that many new abilities. They will rehash existing skills and call them disciplines and you'll get 3 or 4 of those.
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    vucar reacted to Teufel in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    No, these games should not be the models for Crowfall; return to a traditional MMORPG with some action combat elements.  Make the game about the character, and less about the game mechanic interactions.  League of Legends is for short attention people, where some of us would like to actually think more about our games, and immerse ourselves into the fantasy worlds that are created by the developers; with it all being wrapped up in a fun PvP experience.
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    vucar reacted to Anthrage in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    You're certainly not the first person to accuse me of being wordy. It's alright, if it's too much for you to parse, I won't hold it against you. We live in a 140-character world, not everyone can handle metaphor and analogy. If I'd wanted to write in a point-listed business format - which I do often - I would have.
    As for the point and specific examples, I did give a few - Combos and so-called Ultimates being two. The Essence dynamic and attack type system are two more. Anyone who has spent a bit of time with the combat system and a few ATs should have their own experience with the flawed complexity I am referring to.
    Take the combos as example. These gate higher and more effective damage behind a chain. In theory this is supposed to add value, but in practice in some cases it actually reduces it. For some AT's where mobility is required for survival but remaining stationary is required for chaining casts...it's literally a bad combination. For an action-combat versus a tab-targeted system where large-scale group fights are the meat of the experience, it is not an idea dynamic.
    An alternate method of achieving a similar effect can be seen with GW2's combo fields. Instead of A leads to B leads to C, you have A + B = C, where A & B can be provided both by yourself, or each by 2 different people. Here we have complexity without rigidity through simplicity and dynamic application. GW2 did a few things wrong, but this was not one of them in my opinion.
    Hopefully that clarifies and simplifies things for you a bit.
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    vucar reacted to Anthrage in Crowfall's Combat System is Flawed   
    So, I've been gaming for 42 years. Since I was 5. My father was a computer system's analyst at Canadian National Railway and the programmers there had used company computer resources - a very different thing then than it is now - to create a text-based adventure game, a MUD as it was called, using a complicated text parser which all of the programmers in the office at the time worked on. The really interesting thing was, this game was developed over more than a decade, with coders adding to it over time as they came and went.
    There was no central design document or any tracking of who added what, so over time, the various rooms and solutions to the challenges presented became mysteries to even the people working on it...there were rooms that no-one currently working there had any idea how to solve, and the whole office would work on a particular problem for weeks or months in some cases. It was a crazy thing to consider, and quite epic, until someone at the corporate level noticed the unexplained but considerable use of system resources and shut the whole thing down. They didn't even archive it in any way, like a mad fever dream it was just gone, leaving behind only it's influence on everyone it touched.
    For me, as a child, and as my first gaming experience, it was definitely influential. My father bringing me to the office on weekends or late nights when he had actual work to do, he'd sit me in front of this terminal with the blinking cursor, and somehow the rudimentary language the parser used, the basic but logical commands, were perfectly suited for comprehension by a young kid with basic language skills but naturally predisposed to out of the box thinking. At 5, just about everything is outside your box - you haven't even finished building your box yet. That experience was influential on how I thought of gaming as I grew older. Code was a language - and the elements of any particular game at the user level were a language too. Learning how best to use that language very often translated directly into success - and creativity became an important part of that process.
    Decades and countess gaming experiences later, across all genres, I've learned that a game's success or failure, which stems from, for lack of a better term, the beauty of it's core system, is dictated fundamentally by it's language. Language is composed of pieces and rules which determine how those pieces can be used, much like a board game such as Chess or Go. And like such games, as with languages, simplicity and the beauty inherent in this foundation is the best indicator of success, longevity and enjoyment in use.
    Right now, Crowfall's combat language is not beautiful. It's grammar is inelegant and clumsy, and it does the equivalent of trying to seem smart by using too many big words, that it doesn't realize don't quite mean what they think they do in actual use and don't really go together. Like many dead languages that look good on paper, but were just not well-suited to actually being spoken, Crowfall's combat system elements are more slam-poetry than Shakespeare. As someone who has done and enjoys both to varying degrees, I can tell you that these are things which can only be good for a limited time in any particular sitting before you encounter something that makes you ask yourself what the hell you are doing.
    Crowfall's combat, right now, is full of 'what the hell am I doing' moments.
    In my humble opinion - yes I'm old enough to remember when it was IMHO and not IMO - Crowfall's combat is a bit too influenced by years of console gaming and MOBA playing. Not by the designers, but by a large segment of the gaming population. Combos, Ultimate powers, low TTK...these are all things which in an action combat-based MMO don't lend themselves to enjoyable, balanced gameplay. This is true even in a system which is designed more around group combat than that of individuals, because in a very low TTK environment, which caters to high player-count battles, your group fights are essentially group v 1s or 1v1s. This is not a good thing.
    Complexity in combat should grow naturally out of diverse options of simple abilities being refined through player choice, not simple choices made through few options of complex abilities. When you can represent a combat sequence like this 1-2-2-2-4-2-5, you've made a terrible mistake somewhere.
    This is just my opinion, that of an old gamer who has spent some time on both sides of the fence, both coding and playing. I've played every genre and while my opinion isn't inherently correct, it is at the very least, well-informed. Obviously we haven't seen everything in terms of available powers and the customization the overall system allows has not yet been fully revealed, but I feel that we have seen enough of the language ACE is using for it's combat systems and philosophy for me to question how well it's going to play out in an ongoing conversation carried on by hundreds if not thousands of people at once. I'm not sure what it will sound like yet, but I'm pretty sure it won't be Shakespeare.
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    vucar reacted to Jah in Too much survival game not enough sandbox.   
    Even enemy guilds traded things in Shadowbane, I don't see why they wouldn't in the Dregs.
    That is part of what makes it a throne war simulator, and not just RvR battles.
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    vucar reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Too much survival game not enough sandbox.   
    Wasn't up when I posted, but now I have, didn't change much for me.
    And they (crafter guy) have to succeed the checks, and they get to chose how they preform the experimentation phase, and it's their results that determines how well your character turns out.
    Fundamentally I don't really like that part, which is why I would much prefer that the specific archetype necromancy appear in each archetype line.  To be the best Duelist in the world, I don't like having to rely in finding the best necromancer in the world.  
    It's just psychologically different having to go visit Frankenstein to get a new body, than it is having to go visit Hattori Hanzo to get the best sword.  With a crappy sword I am still the best swordsman in the world, with a crappy body, I'm not, even if numerically the difference is identical.
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    vucar reacted to elvo in Too much survival game not enough sandbox.   
    i agree on the crafting workshops, but i guess that is coming later on (just like housing and siege warfare)
    one thing that worries me is the lack of character customisation in terms of skills/abilitys, feel like a moba atm
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    vucar got a reaction from LordBinz in Who the hell is Jamesgoblin   
    and has there ever been a post that he hasn't "Liked"
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    vucar got a reaction from gorkai in Sigh, hard start is hard   
    Sounds like my day to a T. 
    Not sure whats going on with forum access permissions. I was going to give feedback but oh well.
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    vucar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Ranger Mobile Firing   
    This is depressing.
    It reminds me of wives who grow "accustomed" to domestic abuse and say 'I was just spoiled by my last relationships. I'm getting used to this now. Its fine, really.'
    No one should have to grow "accustomed" to sh*tty rooted combat, ranged or otherwise. Being able to move and shoot =/= BDO back-flip 360 no-scope headshots in mid air.  
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    vucar reacted to Zolaz in Are there any mechanics in place to prevent bunny hopping?   
    Just drink from the Blood Fountain.

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    vucar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Auto Aim and Range - Debate GO   
    Uh... no. It doesn't have to happen. 
    Darkfall had sieges of over a hundred people throwing magic and performed fine. Long distance nuke syncs were a thing.
    The range on ranged attacks is atrocious but right now, with performance as it is, if they switched to true projectiles instead of this ray-cast thing, no one would hit anything. I'd like to see longer distance ranged attacks but only after they improve performance. 
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    vucar got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Sigh, hard start is hard   
    Sounds like my day to a T. 
    Not sure whats going on with forum access permissions. I was going to give feedback but oh well.
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    vucar reacted to coolwaters in Apple simulator 2017 aka Crowfall why we need a new direction   
    It's not that he's new. It's that he's right.
    Of course, the hunger mechanic may feel better (less awful and pointless) in the context of a real living and breathing world, but lots of us told the devs this is the way it would be received when it was introduced.
    Many of us just have zero interest in the survival part of this stew. It is, nonetheless, forced on us.
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    vucar reacted to Vectious in Apple simulator 2017 aka Crowfall why we need a new direction   
    Like, what a silly statement to make.
    How do they know that a knob needs to be turned unless people clearly state that its bad?
    And of course its a test, it was tested and found extremely annoying thus feedback was given.
    Stop complaining about people complaining, and i will stop complaining about people complaining about complainers.
    For the most part his admittedly over the top feedback is pretty much spot on. They need to change the dynamic, not just the amount the chicken ticker goes away, or the amount of apples you get. Need to change the WHY to complete this loop.
    Even if one apple filled the entire meter and you got 6 apples from one tree it would still be annoyingly useless mechanic, except it would just be easier to ignore. The knob(lol shut up coolwaters) turning is not the issue, at least not in my mind. Its the worth of the mechanic. 
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    vucar reacted to dustydrool187 in Apple simulator 2017 aka Crowfall why we need a new direction   
    This game is not a survival game I spend most of my time hitting trees so i have enough "regen"  to actually fight.  If i spend 30 minutes harvesting apples at 6 food and i get 5 apples how many apples will i need to be at 8 food? this is the constant problem with this game loop. You guys got rid of the early and mid game by not having a grind to farm mobs or level up  but instead you added a worthless survival mechanic that doesn't belong in the game. So now i have to hit trees to be able to play this game, unless you want to rename this game to Apple simulator 2017 please rethink the food mechanic because whats going on is tedious and annoying. It feels like a sad afterthought that shouldn't have ever been added.
    GG Apple farmers
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    vucar reacted to Helix in Food   
    I feel like this is a subject that has been touched on in various feedback posts, but it truly deserves its own discussion thread.

    Things I greatly dislike about the current implementation of food:
    It's based mostly on activity (combat, harvesting) rather than time. This means you end up burning through food extremely quickly when in a sustained fight. Certain archetypes burn through food faster than others. It's far too crippling. I've always thought "fun" should be more important than realism. The penalties associated with food / starving are far too drastic and can severely ruin the flow of the game. The absolute necessity to gather food feels like work instead of fun. Again, fun is important and the current implementation of food is not fun. Having to open your inventory to eat food in a middle of a large sustained fight when you're under fire is not really viable or user friendly. Too much end game focus is on food. When winter comes, and if you're a "soloer" or part of a smaller group, if you didn't stockpile and ration food, you're effectively screwed. Things I'd like to see done:
    Reduce the speed you burn through food and normalize food consumption across all archetypes. Having archetypes with two stomachs burn through food twice as fast sounds like a cool idea, but in actuality it sucks. Reduce the penalties. They're so severe that they basically prevent you from playing the game. Games are supposed to be fun, and food is not fun. Make food fun. Maybe associate some kind of different buffs to them? I've got some other ideas, but I'm on the way out, so feel free to add your own.
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    vucar reacted to bigcat in I'm soooooo hungry!   
    Okie, whose to blame for this starvation.  I'm hanging out by the camp fire running in and out chopping a tree for a bloody apple.  It's getting dark now....sooo cold... just want something to eat. *dies*
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