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  1. It is interesting to me that he is making his own sounds. I would have thought that millions or zillions of sounds would be available already in the market place. Who would have thought dragging a bag on the floor would be wind........ Interesting article.
  2. will autohotkey or some other program do this? Are 3rd party programs going to be allowed?
  3. I hope they intend to put in mechanism to build X quantity of something. Load up the interface and go, or do they just expect the players to bot it using 3rd party tools?
  4. The game is going to need more coming in than leaving or at least equal to keep the game healthy. I hope they have a really good marketing plan in the works.
  5. Essentially it is we are doing X and that is all folks. Not one really compelling reason to have it in game. I asked a simple question and got lots of push back and zero good reasons on how this makes the game better. Not one. I never realized that it would be so difficult for people that want this concept to sell it. Pretty sad. I love being told what I know and don't know. What a wonderful community we have here. Before I speak............I see another one that wants to squelch my ability to provide my opinions which they asked us to supply. Did your rant answer my question..........Nope............Have a great day.
  6. The weed killer said it only kills weeds....................whoops.
  7. Official alpha campaign.......It is meaningless other than to test balance.
  8. Isn't this what Albion is essentially?
  9. ACE decided to have forums for feedback. It they did not want these discussions why would they have bothered? To sit back and say nothing and hope for the best at launch seems odd for a group of people that paid to be part of the process. We all have opinions and I hope that mine count as much as every other backer. You only get one shot at a first impression. I would like to see the game be very successful like everyone else. I do not distrust that they plan to have a catch up mechanic. Some have concerns with the system that we have now with the trees, while others are very supportive of it. I can only give feedback on what we have now and that is what I will do. I fully understand that many things will change before launch.
  10. Really? Like the response to me that is filled with half truths. VIP will be essential as implemented today and as discussed. VIP will have 3 training paths going at one time. Non VIP will not. What does social interaction have to do with balance and catching up? VIP is so bad that most of the founders packs have it and it as you move forward in time you get less and less months? It is 15 bucks a month. That is called a sub. Sure you chose not to pay. You can do that in BDO and AA too and be quite inferior. Like I said there has been no public testing of a toon with zero skills same gear similar gaming skills vs a fully skilled out toon with same gear. Until then, we can speculate till the cows come home if the skill trees are big advantage. It is people like you and Krakken that keep trying to minimize the impact of the skill trees and this has to be happening for a reason. If the skills were a nothing burger you would be in another thread.
  11. They are running a business to make money. If the in game mechanics do not allow for some type of catch up mechanic then you are faced with no new players and players leaving. How is that a sustainable business model? They better care.
  12. Post launch? I guess we will need to see how slow the skills are at beta-pre launch to be able to judge.
  13. Lets look at WOW a game that has survived 14 years. New expansion and guess what? You get an auto boost to level 110. Did I miss the entire wow gaming world crying about it? Nope. I have no clue why new games continue to want copy failed games or niche games. This game has raised over 12 million in cash to build. That is substantial. I would hope that ACE expects this game to be wildly well received and not another Niche ganker game. Every objection by a long time contributor is a dead give away to something that they want to keep for selfish reasons. I hope ACE has figured this out. People don't mind leveling, I think the KR's took it to the extremes, people like to have goals and like to be rewarded for playing. The skill system rewards you for NOT playing. These games constantly need new people coming in. If it becomes obvious that new people will have a terrible time competing, this news will spread like wildfire and will suffer from population issues that are about to take down AA. BDO has managed to mask much of their issues with one big server and lots of shards. The Old guard here does not want any catch up mechanism. Some seem to think they are going to make money by keeping people away from the game, that they think the people that bought in will be enough to keep this game alive and make them money. Think again.
  14. So you are saying that in the current implementation of the VIP membership, it is essentially pay to win P2W. I would agree. The game needs to be a sub to play. That way everyone is invested to some extent. I am not sure how good of an idea allowing the trading of VIP is. I am not sure it is a big deal. The intent of this game was that the skills and gear gaps would not be so large that new people could not compete. Is this going to be true? I don't think so. Obviously the skill tree is a big thing and is very very advantageous. Expecting people to create accounts on day one and check in every 3 days for a game they are not playing is not going to happen. You are never going level the playing field when you have no lifers and casuals in the same game unless the toons are the same as you seen in Counter Strike and other games where gear can help but is not a huge advantage and skill of the game and ability to shoot and general knowledge of maps etc becomes the determining factor. I would much rather see skills advance on use, not by waiting for some offline event to happen. I can already see where people might just wait a month to start playing waiting for the skill timers to max out. I think that is a terrible mechanic. Skills that advance by use will give every advantage to the no lifers and I don't have a solution for that unless there are daily or weekly or monthly caps. VIP could give tax breaks or no taxes on plots, if there are taxes, since they talk about tax free plots I assume we are going to have pay something for our EK's. VIP could get discounts in the cash shop for pretties. VIP could give priority if servers were heavy and needed to be queued up or if scenarios were 50v50 VIP would get in line first. There is a bunch of things that could be done for VIP. People are lazy and most..................many...............people have less and less time to devote to gaming. Most of the real world sees the sun on a regular basis.
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