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  1. The patch is taking forever! Did you guys go back to 14.4 modems?
  2. Skill Traning The last little bit of training is never counted so that the circle never turns gold. If you use your bank it will take a few seconds from the bank and will turn the circle gold.
  3. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: NA West, Colorado Atmosphere: Solid guild with mature players where fun is number one, active, helpful, goal oriented Casual/Hardcore?: Casual Hardcore. Size: Any Play-Style: Unsure on the combat class as they keep changing so much, I am happy to fill needs. I also enjoy the crafting, gathering, building and resource management. Commitment: I am very flexible in my playing time. Tuesday nights are poor for me. I am self employed so I am flexible. Miscellaneous: 53 years old. Prefer RVR and meaningful PVP. Good fights not just destroying lesser geared or lesser skilled players. Having fun is key. If it starts to feel like a job, time to change it up. Experience: WOW, LOTR, SWTOR, Vangard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Archeage, Online gaming when it was text based, ie mudds, legends of futures Past and similar games FPS I have experience being a Guild Leader and Officer in some very large guilds. Most recent large guild was Warrior Poets, which I believe has been disolved. Voice-Chat services: Yes, TS, Discord, whatever. It is essential for coordination. Thanks for your consideration!
  4. Recall

    What class to you mainly play? Assassin?
  5. Recall

    Stealth classes are for another topic but meh...Kinda like snipers. I think the do more harm than good.
  6. Recall

    So I just watched a stream where a gatherer was killed and all his stuff taken. Then the killers just recalled away to safety. I hope this is just for testing and will not be allowed in live or this will be one big gankfest/recall game. There needs to be some serious cool downs on this skill and it needs to take far more time to recall than it does and probably a 10 minute timer after combat. The guy should never have been running around with that much stuff. How is the guy supposed to gather his side and get his stuff back if people can just magically vanish in 60 seconds?
  7. I have Amber level which I think I paid $250.00 for. If I upgrade, do I lose that stuff or does the new stuff get added on? It looks like the kickstarters get more too I signed up Sept 2016.
  8. Archeage allows for same faction pirating or attacking your own for the gain of packs. Most people hated it. It destroyed the faction, the pirates loved it as they got first hits in and made off like the bandits they are. I really hope this is not the road they go down. AA was fine for a while but has been through numerous server merges and continues to bleed players. As for picking up the stuff. I dislike having to run around and pick the stuff up even in my own EK. How about it just goes into inventory, at least in the EK's? If real factions are going to mean something, adding in mechanics for a few troublemakers to ruin it for everyone is a dangerous choice to make. Who is it fun for, does it add something fun for everyone?
  9. Skill Training

    I wish there was an option to keep training X skill until finished. A check box maybe....A path with check boxes on where to go next? Something similar would be great.
  10. New Player Experience

    My thoughts. I have been a backer for a long time. I would come back and be very confused, played some, tested some left, come back a month or two later some thing. Now I am more invested in the game. It does take time to figure it out and if you refuse to get on Discord like I did for so long, you are going to be lost. I am actually having fun, learning the crafting, training, harvesting systems and I think this knowledge will go al long way at launch. You must train up in skills. Heck I would suggest just coming back once a day for a week but allocating your skill points. Harvesting was a real pain until you get to the point where you get the rare drops more often. Crafting the basic set of armor is very easy. You should also craft the sigils and other attributes you can make in the crafting recipes. Ace needs to make a beginner tutorial where you are led through the basic gathering and skill buying, spirit bank usage and building your basic gear. I would also allow for an opt out for those going to a guild which will have better stuff for a player immediately. It is really starting to feel like a game now and I have not even lifted a weapon. That will be next when I get the intermediate weapons, etc. Find a guild or come to Discord. It will really help.
  11. Intermediate crafting table

  12. Intermediate crafting table

    I took up runemaking. The next step up in tools was +5 to the "damage" and lots more durability. Thanks!
  13. Skill training problems. Somehow I lost points in training?
  14. Harvesting comments and bugs glitches whatever. There seems to be lag with the system. When the weak spot comes up the pick hits the spot but I am not given credit for it. The dots are lined up. The hit boxes of the weak spots are not consistent or could be related to lag above. Sometimes you can be in the area and score the hit other times you have to be nearly perfect. Hit boxes show up no where near the rock you are hitting on. Trees seem to be ok. Rocks not so much. Resources bound away sometime very far away. Resources bound into the boundary of the EK where the wold drops off. Cannot pick up the drop. Resource will land inside other rocks making it impossible to pick up. Sometimes you can harvest the other resource in time before the drop disappears. I would like a way to change the color of the weakness target, very hard to see on white rocks.