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  1. I would hope that they would be very aware of this issue that plagues Archeage and has since launch. BDO has its own form of failures that are not good either. Punishing players is no way to run a game. Continued fails will run people off and it does, except for mayby Koreans or other cultures. It does not fly in the West.
  2. Training

    The Devs don't need leader boards. If their metrics are not picking up oddities from the data then they have failed at that aspect of game management. I could argue that leaderboards create more problems for people that are actually good that get reported over and over for leaderboard scores. It is pretty obvious that many here do need to see their names in lights on the scoreboard to feel good about their game play. This makes me sad. It is a game and meaningless. Try volunteering at organizations that help people who really need it if you want to feel good about doing something.
  3. Training

    Generally stats are for losers. But we did more damage. I hit more home runs..... Why should anyone bother with something that does not enhance the game. I guess a bunch of folks need to see their names on a scoreboard to feel better about themselves? What am I missing?
  4. Training

    Ok please explain how a scoreboard or leaderboard makes the game play better.
  5. Training

    I guess I am in the minority here. I think leaderboards in this environment are useless they lead to people doing things for the leaderboard and not for the win or what is best for the group. Not to pick on the map maker but who cares how many maps are made and who made them. Are we to the point where people have to see their name on a leaderboard to feel good about themselves? I play some shooters and I generally have a crappy KD ratio. I have fun supporting and killing when I can but If I based my fun off my KD ration I guess I would be a really miserable person! I played Pirates of the Burning Sea it had/has great sailing mechanics and what was call a port battle where 24 people from each side participated. All that mattered was winning or defending, the person that got the most kills, sunk ships may have had very little to do with the actual fight. They might have got the lucky last shot that sunk the ship. The MVP might have been the guy that sacrificed his ship by sailing into an enemy line to disrupt, change their course etc. Why have individual anything in a game that touts itself as a game where group play is really a necessity. Do we really need a leaderboard to figure out if we had fun? The epeen should be left out on the battlefield. If nobody noticed you doing it right and you managed to make #1 in whatever did you really help? Probably not.
  6. Hunger in Crowfall

    Why hunger? It has been done over and over. Why not come up with something new? MMO's are starting to feel like Hollywood movies. Nothing new, nothing good and remakes of movies that were good.
  7. Anyone even play this game....

    Nobody should be playing everyone should be testing cough cough... Many people are waiting for the next big release.
  8. Hunger in Crowfall

    If you need 3 apples in 5 hours then way even bother with the mechanic in the game? Why add more complexity when it is not needed. There are enough great possibilities in the game play and hunger is not one of them. A great crafting and pvp game is what people want. Right? People play games to have fun and not feel that the game they are playing is a burden. Now what is a burden to me vs others may be polar opposites. I do have a life outside gaming and I intend to keep it that way. There are only so many no lifers around. I hope the game will be for both.
  9. Hunger in Crowfall

    Having to forage for food seems like a complete waste of time. Having to buy or hire someone to make food for an army, town, etc is a completely different concept. Is this DayZ or another survival game? When I say feeding my army or town I would expect that is done in ways other than picking fruit by my main. Why would any game dev put in annoying things in games? Oh wait...Devs seem to love stuns and knock downs and other things that render my toon useless where I cannot play it for X number of seconds. CC's are some of the most annoying and vocally complained about things in MMO games yet devs love it....So never mind.
  10. I have to ask..........I have been a tester, supporter for a long time. I don't play too much because the constant changes. I expect this in an alpha. Can you move a game forward when huge changes keep being made. Many classes no longer even exist. We are not talking minor tweaks here either. When the game finally does launch will it look anything like it does today or in 5.3 or should people just wait until there is some stability in the game. Honestly the complexity of the game and the complexity of the changes is daunting and I have been playing online games long before they went graphical. Is there really any clear direction for the game or is it more of a moving target?
  11. Hunger in Crowfall

    Wrong any annoying thing is a game is annoying and not positive. Annoying for the sake of being annoying is bad bad bad game play, Feeding my army is fine, feeding my face is stupid.
  12. Hunger in Crowfall

    Most people are coming to fight and pvp not pick apples. I don't care if I am in a zerg or not. Logging on and first having to worry about eating will be a huge turn off.
  13. Hunger in Crowfall

    Feeding your toon seems pointless and a chore. Feeding armies if they are not players or towns people or laborers is another thing. BDO has workers that you hire and you have to feed them to get them to work. Making food can be a pain in the butt but it is a tradeoff. Nobody forces you to use them. You must use them to mine or gather resources to build things, make potions etc. Some things need to happen in games, just make sure they are not just chores or time killers. The idea is to have fun first, not make a 2nd job out of the game like AA or BDO.
  14. Too many passive skill but only 3 slot

    Stupid question: Can you train each vessel at the same time or is it one at a time or does it not work that way?
  15. Tomes P2W Model

    The question is does ACE want to stop this or encourage the alt war? I am not sure. Great answers and real solutions!