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  1. Personally Ive stopped roaming to find people... Maps are too large, too many valueble ressources spread out sll over the place and most notebly in the temple area. When someone is found and engaged on they bank everything. So One could say that the harvesters have all the tools to safely preform their craft, effectively not needing protection nor scouts. While I do realize that we have still large and important aspects of the game missing - the state of the game is still that especially the size of the maps are too large, encounters are often extremely random. The game dont need to generate more content - they need to limit access to ressources so there is fighting over them. Yes of course more content is needed in the larger scale but with what the Alpha is presently capable of is quite amasing, I just think ppl want more random encounters than running from PvE spawn to PvE spawn hopeing to stumble upon someone.
  2. Finding a guild

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