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  1. Welcome back CG! So happy to see you guys back on the field!
  2. Strong recommend joining this guild if you enjoy fun and strong leadership. Mad respect.
  3. Highly recommend this guild for competitive-minded players. See you folks at launch!
  4. +1 to Acolytes. Always a pleasure to interact with these folks. Look forward to seeing you guys out there at launch!
  5. Looking forward to seeing LotD back in-game again!
  6. Look forward to seeing you guys out in the field at launch!
  7. The 2 healer per group meta has existed for years now, through drastic changes in the available options., it is a consequence of decisions buried deep within the design philosophy of Crowfall's combat design. Whether or not you think that is a problem is fine. I definitely sometimes like having 2 healers and sometimes hate the poorly made dergs out of it. The issue is that it isn't going to get changed 7 days before the game comes out because of the scope of the work required to do so. Changing group size is a single int in one config file. I also think it's funny you are trying to describe peeling to people who are interested in a niche hardcore PVP MMO. I don't know what EKs you are hanging out in but clearly we're hanging out in different ones.
  8. Smaller guilds are going to get crushed by larger ones no matter how many people you can put in a group.
  9. I'm fairly confident you will see a large population imbalance between two simultaneous campaigns, one where the group size is 5 and one where the group size is 6. 93.8% of the people who responded to the poll don't want 5 man groups. Group composition is more fun with 6 man groups. The game balance is better with 6 man groups. The support burden is easier to satisfy with 6 man groups. 6 man groups, according to an extreme majority of the community, is superior in almost every aspect. 5 man groups are booty. That is the feedback here.
  10. Always love seeing new guilds form, whether they are full of vets or new players. Looking forward to seeing you guys out in force on release!
  11. I would hope they have a robot set up to dynamically scale the number of GR / Dregs instances as needed. It's a pretty common tool in cloud server ops these days. If not however, they are using the cloud. It takes something like 3 clicks in the AWS management console to clone an already-existing server if they aren't using the aforementioned auto-scaling tools. I would like to see a detailed launch plan. I would hope that they launch campaigns sooner rather than later based on what concentration of players are at level 30. Sitting in Skypoint for a week will suck for new players who will be getting stomped by organized, coordinated, optimized veterans.
  12. Clam Stacking Casuals is a competitive, Dregs-focused guild founded by Crowfall veterans looking for like-minded players! We intend to push for Conquest victories in the Dregs campaigns as well as form competitive teams for Hunger Dome, but we also understand that folks have lives and as such we do not demand a hardcore time commitment every night. You would be a good fit for the Clams if you: 1. Are looking to play to win and improve both your own play and the guild. 2. Have a team-focused attitude. 3. Can have a fun time with friend and enemies while still remaining competitive. If you would like to join please join the Guild Discord and submit an application to begin the recruitment process! Discord: https://discord.gg/gPGRSPBUQW
  13. Rebrand alliances to a fealty system and now we can check off having a bend-the-knee mechanic in the game. You fight for your liege (big shield guild) and as long as your loyalty is rewarded (your cut of the rewards) you will continue to fight for your liege. After all, when you finish a war is it not the king who grants land to his vassals?
  14. <QUESTION> Are there any plans to continuing reducing the time it takes to craft items, or provide ways for players to automate crafting in order to compensate for the increased durability loss and new gear drop mechanics?
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