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  1. I feel like pushing for completely player-driven, emergent sandbox gameplay in the casual Faction ruleset that tells you who you can and cannot kill is going down a rabbit hole that won't lead to anything good. A lot of us have to accept that once Dregs comes out we're never playing Factions again and let the casual playerbase have their game. This includes myself, who definitely Faction gameplay is 1000% not for me. As someone who had to do a lot of hurry-up-and-wait fort/outpost flipping duty during Cybele I really don't think that the old capture free-for-all was a game for casuals.
  2. I also agree that turnout seems low for Saturday afternoons. I am not sure if this is going to be a consistent problem for Factions, or just an issue with the low population of the game right now in general. It's hard to say, but I actually would sort of prefer a siege on Saturday and Sunday or if the early Saturday siege was moved back a bit. There is only a 4 hour gap between the two sieges and people have to go and Do poorly made socks before the next one. The thrill of defending a keep twice comes in when that keep matters, and in sandbox PVP stakes are what makes the game worth playing. The last Saturday of the last campaign the score difference between Balance and Chaos could have been made up by one keep capture, of which Saturday was one of the last days it had to be defended, so it had to be defended twice to achieve victory. If we have to defend these keeps twice today or else we lose, then that is a lot more exciting than if we only had to defend them once. In the current state of the factions that might not hold true, but as a system that is a potential benefit. Personally I wouldn't mind if there was only one siege on Saturday, just giving feedback as to how the schedule has affected my play and attitude toward the game. Guild and Faction politics are its own whole separate can of worms that siege schedules aren't really involved in.
  3. Yeah I recall, didn't know how to solve the problem then either lol.
  4. The new siege changes are really good for the following: 1. Not having to play Crowfall like a job standing in capture points to remain competitive because 66% of the total holdings flip overnight. 2. Concentrating large keep battles to specific days means that it is more likely for more fights to break out (it's a lot easier to commit to 3/4 days a week than 7 days), more people showing up to each individual siege guaranteeing more fights also incentivizes people to log in. Low siege participation days end up with hitting bane trees and logging out, which kills motivation to log in for the next siege. Saturday might have a bit of an issue here though, but I will say one cool thing about Double Siege Saturday is that it makes holding keeps with high capture bonus a tense situation, since the attackers have 2 chances to flip it that day. 3. Reducing the number of outposts drastically was a great idea. It makes it more likely for conflict to happen over said outposts and it doesn't take literally 15 people 4+ hours to capture them all. The new siege changes cause the following problems from what I've seen: 1. The 7+ hour long single fort vulnerability windows seem to have demonstrated a problem all fort lockout timers have: The last ~10-15% of the vulnerability window is all that matters. Why would I ever bother fighting over a fort when it has 4 hours and 30 minutes remaining, as the attacker or the defender? Walk in, bust down the wall, flip it in 20 seconds, get on with my life. Takeaway: We need a reason to want to keep forts besides points per turn, and other activities to drive PVP outside of vulnerability windows (caravans etc). An additional stopgap measure for this, in my mind, is to instead have the ~7AM CST - 7PM CST window have two forts in the same zone vulnerable. Make them a 1 or 2 hour rotating schedule. Example: Monday's 7AM - 7 PM forts: A & B 7AM - 9AM: Fort A 9AM - 11AM: Fort B 11AM - 1PM: Fort A Tuesday's 7 AM - 7 PM forts: C & D 7AM - 9AM: Fort C 9AM - 11AM: Fort D 11AM - 1PM: Fort C This way it creates a sort of "warzone" in one of the areas of the map, and it still keeps the number of nightcap point flipping low. It doesn't completely solve the problem of the last 15% of the vuln window being what matters, but I don't really have a good way to solve that issue. It might just be an issue with a casual PVP format like Factions are supposed to be. Either way, great job ACE. These siege changes have revitalized my interest in the game where after Trial of Cybele I was very much considering taking a break.
  5. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25876-5100-live-bug-reports-for-73019/?tab=comments#comment-440383
  6. I love this so much I made it my desktop background.
  7. When I logged in to my level 16 blue vessel I have a negative XP value. Every time I get XP the number goes up (as in, I get closer to 0).
  8. I don't know how long it will take to level an orange vessel, but it only takes about 3-4 hours on GR right now to level up a blue. So maybe no more than 10 hours to level up a legendary and that is being generous. No building up sac items or anything first.
  9. If you showed this to someone who knew nothing about Crowfall don't you think half of the fight just looks like someone is casting spells at a giant blob of HP bars? Only people who play Crowfall can tell what is going on and Pann specifically said that the warstory needs to tell a story that doesn't need context.
  10. When using a green quality bandage my camera zoomed in as if I was using a charged bow power. I had to swap trays for it to return to normal.
  11. Wartribe pacels are no longer marked on the map, I am standing in one and I only knew how to find it because it geographically looked like parcels I was familiar with. Is this intentional?
  12. The siege schedule seems to be broken. It says nothing active and nothing in the next 60 minutes while there clearly is.
  13. I still do not like that you have to press S in order to stop auto-running. Please revert it to how it was where you could press W or S to stop autorunning.
  14. The new orange text on the map is very hard for colorblind people to see. Some of these are impossible to read based on what the text passes over.
  15. If you hit "B" while running in a campaign world it will not open the world bank. It will just open your inventory and left-hand side panel without opening the bank. You can only open the world bank while holding still. Is this intentional? Note: I would prefer it to be this way for gameplay reasons but it seems like a bug.
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