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  1. I agree with the above posters. Durability loss while resurrecting at a dragon statue is too prohibitive. Members of my guild are refusing to play the game until they are changed because of how much effort it takes to replace gear in comparison to how quickly it is earned. Making it easier to get the resources to create gear would help but there is a logistics hurdle (without resorting to account sharing or creative use of game mechanics) in crafting tons of replacement gear that makes this an unfeasible solution. That being said I'd love to see gear easier to make in general regardless of how quickly items break. Especially in the light of full loot rulesets being something to consider moving forward.
  2. We rezzed someone who had been dead for a few minutes and his animations broke. It was quite hilarious. https://gfycat.com/FoolhardyClearcutFrilledlizard https://gfycat.com/AfraidFaithfulBarb
  3. Two bugs. First off, it looks like the UI didn't update properly on this Wartribe mob. Secondly, this wartribe mob seems to think he should constantly be leashing. https://gfycat.com/BadForthrightAlbertosaurus Third bug: My confessor friend here is invisible besides his badge, tankard, and book.
  4. Forced Movement seems to make it happen more often, but the first time we noticed it happened was shortly after I chased you down into the throne room and killed you. When I came back up 3 of us all started sinking into the ground within a short timeframe and I don't think anyone else on your squad had any abilities that could have pulled all of us.
  5. There is an issue on the Tree of Life floor of the keep where you will sink through the floor. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it is fast. You can't use any powers or move while this is happening. It makes fighting on the Tree of Life basically a die roll as random members of your team start dropping down into the room below (taking fall damage and having to run back into the fight).
  6. The change to keep sieges going from 9:30 PM EST to 8:30 PM EST is crippling for my guild. We have about a third of our people in the MST and PST timezones that already had to rush home from work in order to make the siege window in time before, and now it is impossible for them to ever siege at this time.
  7. Does this mean that all Assassins that want to craft their own Toxins are going to require Alchemy training to roll them well?
  8. I actually don't know who they are either. I think most people actually giving feedback are pretty critical of issues. As for the siege window timers. I'm hoping they help but I honestly have no idea if they will solve the problems of the Faction v Faction ruleset. I am of half a mind that it would be better to abandon it and just get to focusing dev time on what matters (Dregs). That sentiment is probably ultimately worse for the game but I'm kind of tired of trying to fix a system that with the current pre-alpha population seems to be unfixable. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today.
  9. I think I've been plenty blunt on the forums with my criticism of the game's issues, so you won't count me among the 'fanbois' telling them that everything is OK. Giving good feedback is critical and being inflammatory does not help make your feedback more clear. There is a very clear line between "this is a serious problem and needs to be examined" and "your game is a joke."
  10. I agree with your feedback but you could be less inflammatory about it.
  11. That's awesome. I worked 19 hour weekends for no additional pay and then was fired at the end of the project because my services were no longer needed because of that mindset of the project manager.
  12. Damn dude that is so inspiring how many years of experience do you have as a project lead in gamedev?
  13. I agree with this sentiment. While I have been pretty blunt about how I feel about the state of the game and its progress there is a very clear difference between providing honest, non-sugar-coated feedback and bashing. I encourage everyone to consider your words when you post feedback to focus on constructive and clear expression of your viewpoint and avoid slagging off the developers in what is by necessity an iterative process.
  14. I agree with this 100%. A lot of this is pretty normal growing pains of a project going from prototyping to fleshing out scoped features and polish but we're trying to convince people to spend $50 and play on LIVE which is up 24/7. The expectations change. Whether or not the game will be better on soft launch doesn't change the fact the systems as they are being replaced piecemeal are painful now. Likewise, we don't know what ACE is planning and how much of these systems are done once the make the change. Is this it for gold? Maybe? Who knows? So feedback is going to only be focused on what people can see now, not what they divine ACE might do in the future.
  15. One thing I'd love to know is what else ACE has on their minds in order to help create a larger economy. Right now the economics of the game are almost entirely self-contained in guilds as we all know selling weapons to your enemies is generally not a great idea. If the only reason I want gold is to buy stuff then why am I selling stuff? Shouldn't my guild be spending their time making the stuff we want instead? The use case for a lot of mechanics seem centered around the idea that players will exchange goods with one another but that hasn't really been the case. Getting gold for leveling has been the sole reason why we would ever sell something to somebody. Now that is going away we will have even less reason to trade with one another. This compounds with the low gold drops. Nobody wants to sell because gold is useless and nobody wants to buy because farming gold without selling stuff is a pain in the butt.
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