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  1. Clam Stacking Casuals is a competitive, Dregs-focused guild founded by Crowfall veterans looking for like-minded players! We intend to push for Conquest victories in the Dregs campaigns as well as form competitive teams for Hunger Dome, but we also understand that folks have lives and as such we do not demand a hardcore time commitment every night. You would be a good fit for the Clams if you: 1. Are looking to play to win and improve both your own play and the guild. 2. Have a team-focused attitude. 3. Can have a fun time with friend and enemies while still remaining competiti
  2. Rebrand alliances to a fealty system and now we can check off having a bend-the-knee mechanic in the game. You fight for your liege (big shield guild) and as long as your loyalty is rewarded (your cut of the rewards) you will continue to fight for your liege. After all, when you finish a war is it not the king who grants land to his vassals?
  3. <QUESTION> Are there any plans to continuing reducing the time it takes to craft items, or provide ways for players to automate crafting in order to compensate for the increased durability loss and new gear drop mechanics?
  4. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). I really like the changes to attributes. I haven't fully played around with it enough yet, but I've already made at least one build that works really well that doesn't just get the Attack Power / Support Power stat to 200. The stat bundle + talent tree changes are also extremely welcoming. I was hyped to take a stat bundle! What a world! So much QOL or fun little things or UX things. Emotes are great. New lobby is great. New character creation screen is great. Th
  5. Can you explain what specific group this slots into? I'm really interested in this build and I'm not quite able to put it all together just from the vid. Thanks!
  6. +1 for this guild. Good folk, love seeing them on the field of battle.
  7. Every time you post on the forums you should lose the most valuable item in your inventory. After all, risk:reward right? Posting on the forums should have some sort of investment cost, or else everyone will just post whatever they want and nothing will matter.
  8. Hard to disagree with this. Mobile Banking isn't a silver bullet solution here, need to plug a lot of these holes to solve the problem wholly.
  9. Mobile bank bad. Risk and logistics good. We already have friends, stealthing, recalling, world banks all over, and keeps with banks. Please remove mobile banking. I also like Wilbur's idea of making transporting items matter by making each bank local.
  10. It doesn't have to be fully lossy, but any asset gain from PVP has to be at least somewhat lossy. Maybe it only downranks X times or maybe it downranks all the way to 1. Destroying economy from conflict keeps the game running and also gives the conquering guild a new task: to rebuild their newly conquered land. A lot of the current lack of lossy keep sieging is due to the fact we only have ~20 minutes as attackers to win before the enemy just bumrushes the bane trees down, and we as attackers have a lot of very grindy PVE elements to defeat (walls, guards -- not really wards or T
  11. Except instead of fighting over a highly coveted rune dropper you are hitting T6 nodes in Infected for 100 hours trying to get the 135 disciplines you need.
  12. I want to point out that the removal of passive training and putting those stats behind a grind gate further exacerbate the post-wipe (or 0 import) "sprint" to viability. It already takes a lot of playtime going from no crafting vessels with no discs and no gear to crafting vessels with discs and gear to start making combat vessels with discs and gear, and now it will take even more to do so in order to remain competitive.
  13. I think Blazzen more means to say "it would take engineering time" which means that it's less likely to get done since now you have to factor this into whether or not it is a good decision rather over other solutions to the core problems that may or may not have this issue. Like I said in my post, the easier solution is to make the out-of-primetime activities that are already available worth doing. Right now you lose gear faster to upgrades and wipes than you do to breakage, which means once you have your set of armor you are good to go. This is woefully inadequate for a game where outside
  14. I have some issues with this: 1. If primetime is a 4-5 hour window, this means that it is more lucrative to fight over forts outside of primetime than it is to fight them during primetime, because it is easier to fight over something when fewer people are online. Forts are designed to be nightly primetime group PVP activities. The problem for there being not much to do outside of siege window is multi-faceted and I think the right answer is to fix the problems with those systems, not repurpose different systems. 2. I think 15 minutes is too fast of a tick interval for anything, b
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