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  1. They could easily set a 100 or 200 meter radius around a tile (or even just set an alert when someone enters the parcel the outpost controls) and just have the announcement happen there. Why are these guards standing on this big lookout tower if not to look out anyway.
  2. Yeah it also doesn't really make sense. What about this circle with 3 guards hanging out makes me stronger? I think it's better that it provides intel. You can see when people are killing your guards, maybe even have the guards announce when they see someone even if they don't get killed. I feel like outposts as-is are like 90% of the way there already in terms of that kind of tertiary usefulness.
  3. I think I would still prefer a win condition, as the campaign system exists to try and help with server stagnation. That being said, I'd love a 3-6 month long campaign focused solely on land ownership that works exactly what you are talking about. And I don't mean Power and Wealth cards only in this world setting, but something like the Bloodstone Ruleset that was talked about, or the Last Guild Standing rules JTC talked about on the recent livestream, where your guild is eliminated if you lose your last holding. I really like sandbox PVP games as an 'ecosystem' and you need that time for it to breathe and grow and evolve, imo.
  4. Several people I've talked to see these two things as high on their wishlist for where Crowfall should be going. I count myself among them.
  5. Vanguard will always be one of my favorite guilds in this game. Y'all are irreplaceable. Hope to see you guys again soon.
  6. Love that you guys are trying to bring Eternal Kingdoms commerce back. I miss those days and hope that ACE will put work into supporting it again soon!
  7. Agreed. Guild identity is important and this is a throne war MMO. It would be weird if inter-guild politics did not exist.
  8. Sorry, "intended play behavior" is a design term referring to basically "the thing the developer intends the player to do to have fun (and thus builds the mechanics around)". In Super Mario Bros. the game is about avoiding obstacles with movement to reach the end of a level, which is why you have to jump over/on top of Koopas instead of engage in a dialogue system to convince them to move out of your way. JTodd has gone on record of saying these objectives are meant to drive PVP. I am saying I don't think that they do quite yet. Thus the feedback. DIS scored extremely well on cards doing things that did not drive PVP. It's not about performance, it's about the stuff you have to do to win not accomplishing JTodd's stated design goals.
  9. We actually learned that we scored 0 on the winter glory card because of a misinterpretation of where you are supposed to sac the shards. To resolve this issue I am re-taking the 6th grade Reading exams to make sure next time I don't misinterpret the cards. Personally I am not super concerned about who 'deserved' the win, but rather the way the scoring mechanisms drive intended play behavior. Essentially, I think the point behind showing KDA is that it leads one to believe those objectives can be accomplished without winning more fights that you lose -- as a premise to the conclusion of why they are not sufficiently driving PVP. DIS objectively sacrificed more heads than KGV (more accounts means more skulls to attain the same ratio and we scored 1st place on that card), DIS objectively built more buildings despite several of our players refusing to run pigs (we explicitly told them if they find it unfun to not do it), etc.. One thing Blazzen said that I am starting to agree with is Power objectives generally feel good because we have 3 "tiers" of points acquisition: outposts, forts, keeps. These go up on the sliding scale of PVP activity to reward; so several outposts can be taken without PVP happening but for keeps it is basically inevitable unless the defender makes a conscious choice not to defend (or catastrophic bugs happen but that is beside the point). There is something for everyone here, regardless of how many people are logged in or how big your guild is -- as politics have shown to allow smaller guilds to create desirable siege window outcomes against larger forces. Right now building materials -- and thus Wealth objectives -- have the "outpost" and "fort" version of this scale. You can harvest materials yourself and refine them, or run pack pigs. There is no "Keep" version of this activity. Something like SB mines would be a great addition here, imo. Glory is all over the place. Skulls literally cannot be acquired without PVP bar abuse. The hellcat paws can drop off of a big boss cat. Sac shards are just sac shards. TOP Glory is just a free-for-all on throwing items away. I believe that adding more & new vectors for "forced" PVP over these objectives, rather than removing the current ones, is the right way to go these days.
  10. Then what is going on in the video clip? Is information being selectively distributed in this alliance?
  11. So LoD's allies though W was coming to help because Blazzen said they were friendly, despite knowing for a fact they weren't? Yikes that's a diplomatic snafu.
  12. I probably agree with this sentiment to a degree. The "pig running meta" is probably severely underdeveloped right now. Lots of run to pigs, grab as many as you can, and turn in at nearest possible point without any thought about throwing off your enemy. Though I am very interested to see how epic mounts will affect the intercept time for the hunters. Since we did not get proper Shadowbane-like Tracking mechanics some sort of information (even if what we get right now is a little too much) is needed to make the PVP-generators actually generate PVP. And again, mines pls.
  13. I don't know if I agree the events channel is too strong. Without a tracking ability we're just going back to the old ways of people being able to run lots of pigs without consequence and it gets really boring. However, I am 100% behind a Mines system. Whether it solves this problem or not a Mines system does so much good for the game I can't not throw in my advocacy for this suggestion.
  14. Agreed. There needs to be a grace period considering the Internet happens sometimes. Sucks to see good plans go to waste and awesome, game-defining moments get stolen due to oversights like this.
  15. The constructive feedback is: Removing armor options is a bad idea. Nerfing overtuned disciplines is fine, but we're rapidly running out of useful and interesting disciplines. Offering solutions is generally a bad idea. Players are good at identifying problems, but bad at finding solutions to those problems: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/twenty-years-twenty-lessons-part-3-2016-06-13 We are in alpha and rapidly moving towards beta. As I stated I am hoping that this is all just band-aids to the current game in preparation for a much more comprehensive balance pass, but the way that ACE is going about band-aiding makes me unsure if they identify the same problems with the game as I do.
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