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  1. Barriers are stacking inconsistently. All 3 barriers that my class has are differently named buffs but I can only cast one barrier at a time. I was able to have 2 barriers up at a time before with this same set of abilities. 1. Stoneborn Secutor Knight 2. Unstable Mage discipline for Arcane Barrier power. 3. Since you are a Secutor, both Knight powers Pursuit and Noble Blood will grant barriers. 4. No matter what order you cast these 3 barriers in, none of them will stack. Expected Behavior: Game effects with different power/buff names would sta
  2. As a follow-up to this post since I see ACE asked for more repro steps: I actually cannot build up more than one barrier anymore. Even if I log out and log back in I am stuck only being able to build up one barrier. If ACE needs to log in to my account to mess around and check data they can do that. Current repro steps for what's going on with me right now: 1. Log in to Stoneborn Knight 2. Cast Pursuit, then Noble Blood. Since I am a Secutor both of these spells should provide a Barrier. 3. Note that the barrier bar does not grow when you cast Noble Blood. You
  3. It seems like you can only have 2 barriers active on your character at a time. I do not know if this is intentional. I tried stacking 3 and 4 barriers and the barrier overlay on my hit points bar did not increase. Update: It seems the number of barriers at a time I can apply is very inconsistent, and the bug might be due to the barrier gained by Noble Blood and Pursuit from the Secutor Promotion Class. Sometimes I can get 1 or 2 barriers, but no more than that.
  4. I see that ACE said this is as-designed. I'm confused at how a spell effect that doesn't do anything is as-designed? The entire point of spell effects is to communicate information to the player. Sometimes spell effects lying about what is happening can't be by design.
  5. Rebrand alliances to a fealty system and now we can check off having a bend-the-knee mechanic in the game. You fight for your liege (big shield guild) and as long as your loyalty is rewarded (your cut of the rewards) you will continue to fight for your liege. After all, when you finish a war is it not the king who grants land to his vassals?
  6. <QUESTION> Are there any plans to continuing reducing the time it takes to craft items, or provide ways for players to automate crafting in order to compensate for the increased durability loss and new gear drop mechanics?
  7. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). I really like the changes to attributes. I haven't fully played around with it enough yet, but I've already made at least one build that works really well that doesn't just get the Attack Power / Support Power stat to 200. The stat bundle + talent tree changes are also extremely welcoming. I was hyped to take a stat bundle! What a world! So much QOL or fun little things or UX things. Emotes are great. New lobby is great. New character creation screen is great. Th
  8. I posted this in the bug thread because I thought it might be a bug, but I'll put it in this thread as well: 100% loot protection on harvesting disc regardless of quality is wack. I think a scaling percent is better (like 30/40/50/60/70 or something).
  9. I created a white Restored Elf Arm but I got a flawed assembly. Because of this it skipped the experimentation phase and I couldn't Take the item. I could only abandon it. Is this maybe because of the new removal of Take Item from items you cannot experiment on? 1. Get yourself set up to craft a white elf arm 2. Try to craft the white elf arm. 3. Get a Flawed Assembly 4. Can't get the item, only choice is to abandon.
  10. The white exploration disciplines have 100% loot protection modifier. I am unsure if this is a bug or not. If it is a bug great, if it isn't this should be cut by 50% or more. Full item protection seems antithetical to the rest of the patch adding gear drop on death.
  11. I can't equip major disciplines. Whenever I drag and drop a discipline I am eligible to equip onto the slot it asks if I want to destroy it. Clicking the confirmation indeed destroys it. Clicking cancel does not equip the discipline. UPDATE: As a workaround, logging out and back in of the character let me equip disciplines. Maybe the issue is the game didn't think I unlocked the slots?
  12. Can you explain what specific group this slots into? I'm really interested in this build and I'm not quite able to put it all together just from the vid. Thanks!
  13. +1 for this guild. Good folk, love seeing them on the field of battle.
  14. Every time you post on the forums you should lose the most valuable item in your inventory. After all, risk:reward right? Posting on the forums should have some sort of investment cost, or else everyone will just post whatever they want and nothing will matter.
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