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  1. I think Blazzen more means to say "it would take engineering time" which means that it's less likely to get done since now you have to factor this into whether or not it is a good decision rather over other solutions to the core problems that may or may not have this issue. Like I said in my post, the easier solution is to make the out-of-primetime activities that are already available worth doing. Right now you lose gear faster to upgrades and wipes than you do to breakage, which means once you have your set of armor you are good to go. This is woefully inadequate for a game where outside
  2. I have some issues with this: 1. If primetime is a 4-5 hour window, this means that it is more lucrative to fight over forts outside of primetime than it is to fight them during primetime, because it is easier to fight over something when fewer people are online. Forts are designed to be nightly primetime group PVP activities. The problem for there being not much to do outside of siege window is multi-faceted and I think the right answer is to fix the problems with those systems, not repurpose different systems. 2. I think 15 minutes is too fast of a tick interval for anything, b
  3. Animation canceling isn't perfect in this game. I would prefer it to take more skill than it did. The timing requirement was basically zero (which makes sense admittedly, hard to create tight timing windows in mass scale MMOs) and there is no cost to animation canceling. Usually animation canceling is gated by one of these two mechanics (costs something like a resource or a cooldown, or has an execution barrier so it can be custarded up). I would like to see animation canceling return but with something along these lines. That being said, any animation canceling is better than
  4. Always love seeing new guilds coming in. Best of luck to you all!
  5. If we can't get my GPU over 50% utilization I demand all the crowns in DIS's bank.
  6. Now that forts are generating valuable resources in Dregs campaigns they have become a hotbed of nightly PVP action. Here is a stream VOD of our boy Nagoty helping us take down 3 different guilds that tried to snatch this fort away from us. Good fights, everyone! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/708763395 Looking forward to performance improvements. PVP in this game is getting real good.
  7. They could easily set a 100 or 200 meter radius around a tile (or even just set an alert when someone enters the parcel the outpost controls) and just have the announcement happen there. Why are these guards standing on this big lookout tower if not to look out anyway.
  8. Yeah it also doesn't really make sense. What about this circle with 3 guards hanging out makes me stronger? I think it's better that it provides intel. You can see when people are killing your guards, maybe even have the guards announce when they see someone even if they don't get killed. I feel like outposts as-is are like 90% of the way there already in terms of that kind of tertiary usefulness.
  9. I think I would still prefer a win condition, as the campaign system exists to try and help with server stagnation. That being said, I'd love a 3-6 month long campaign focused solely on land ownership that works exactly what you are talking about. And I don't mean Power and Wealth cards only in this world setting, but something like the Bloodstone Ruleset that was talked about, or the Last Guild Standing rules JTC talked about on the recent livestream, where your guild is eliminated if you lose your last holding. I really like sandbox PVP games as an 'ecosystem' and you need that
  10. Several people I've talked to see these two things as high on their wishlist for where Crowfall should be going. I count myself among them.
  11. Vanguard will always be one of my favorite guilds in this game. Y'all are irreplaceable. Hope to see you guys again soon.
  12. Love that you guys are trying to bring Eternal Kingdoms commerce back. I miss those days and hope that ACE will put work into supporting it again soon!
  13. Agreed. Guild identity is important and this is a throne war MMO. It would be weird if inter-guild politics did not exist.
  14. Sorry, "intended play behavior" is a design term referring to basically "the thing the developer intends the player to do to have fun (and thus builds the mechanics around)". In Super Mario Bros. the game is about avoiding obstacles with movement to reach the end of a level, which is why you have to jump over/on top of Koopas instead of engage in a dialogue system to convince them to move out of your way. JTodd has gone on record of saying these objectives are meant to drive PVP. I am saying I don't think that they do quite yet. Thus the feedback. DIS scored extremely well on
  15. We actually learned that we scored 0 on the winter glory card because of a misinterpretation of where you are supposed to sac the shards. To resolve this issue I am re-taking the 6th grade Reading exams to make sure next time I don't misinterpret the cards. Personally I am not super concerned about who 'deserved' the win, but rather the way the scoring mechanisms drive intended play behavior. Essentially, I think the point behind showing KDA is that it leads one to believe those objectives can be accomplished without winning more fights that you lose -- as a premise to the conclu
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