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  1. So then by allowing you to train up both Combat and Exploration at the same time, to benefit all your characters, it is definitely an advantage, correct?
  2. I searched for my question but didn't find it exactly. They are emphasizing that VIP doesn't really give you an edge if you don't plan on rolling more than one character, at least that's what it sounded like to me. However, I don't see how it isn't a huge boon to a player to be able to train up 2/3 of the "Profession" track at the same time. Doesn't every character you make benefit from "Profession"? I understand that for both "Race" and "Class" it is limited to those races and classes and that makes sense to me. I think I am missing something.
  3. Lately when I try to enter Mourning server I get the loading screen and at the bottom right it says Connecting... but then I just get kicked out into the main menu. Then sometimes it gets past that and starts loading everything in the bottom right up until Feeding Crows then it freezes. At this point I can see my entire UI but it's still stuck on the loading screen. I searched this issue but didn't find it specifically. Ideas?
  4. I have this same issue with a GTX 970, 16 gigs ram and an i5 something something. Updated Nv driver and still have an issue.
  5. I see. So you believe that base success could fall on let's say 90%. So all the success rate percentages you see are 75% of 90% or 95% of 90%. That would certainly be misleading. I know all of it can and will change but it really sucks to invest a lot of time into something, while using crafting Potions as intended, only to have it fail.
  6. If I fail at crafting an item that should be 75% success rate, more than I think I should, I can chalk it up to being unlucky. I swear that I fail like 6/10 times for a 95% success rate. I need to know if other people are experiencing this. Just spent like 45min - 1 hour farming for my blacksmithed weapon which after taking a crafting potion brought it up to 98% success. Then I failed at creating it. Is this an issue or am I just really really unlucky? I don't want to spend the time farming for a weapon if the % values are not true.
  7. No problem. The more I look into this though, the more is seems like it is really just an oversight. You can look in 360 degrees while running (out of combat) as long as you press the direction keys accordingly. I'd say that's about as realistic as being able to tilt your head to look around while harvesting. If we want to make it more real you should only be able to look backward 180 degrees in either direction, not spin around like your head is on a swivel. It's certainly doesn't ruin the game (not being able to look around) but if you're going to respond with "realism", at least take a look at some of the other things you can do that are more convenient than real.
  8. I am fine with it, if it's a feature. Just figured it was potentially an oversight. And yes, I view my surroundings before every harvest. It's something you learn to do minutes into the first character you make.
  9. So this is a feature? That's fine I suppose. You have a link that states this?
  10. Did a quick search for this, didn't find anything. Seems like it would be a real easy change to fix your character to their harvesting position and unlock the camera to view 360 degrees. I can't be the only one who wants this. If this thread exists, kindly link it for me. Thanks
  11. Did a quick search for this, didn't find anything. Seems like it would be a real easy change to fix your character to their harvesting position and unlock the camera to view 360 degrees. I can't be the only one who wants this. If this thread exists, kindly link it for me. Thanks
  12. gauntix

    Shadowbane 2

    The reason I put this thread in the "suggestion box" is because that was it's real intention. It wasn't just to chat about Shadowbane. I was offering up experiences that made Shadowbane special; something that the dev's might want to listen to. If the only reason this was moved was because of the title, I can easily change that.
  13. gauntix

    Shadowbane 2

    I'm not actually looking for a Shadowbane 2, SB has had it's time to shine, die and be resurrected through the tedious efforts of loyal fans. what I would love to see though, is Crowfall become the spiritual successor to Shadowbane. I want Crowfall to aim at giving players these experiences When they start to discover that there aren't just 10, 30, or 50 ways to build up a character but hundreds. When they've been stakling a player in concealment, patiently, just knowing that when the window of oppurtunity opens up, it's lights out. When the strategies of players evolve into tactics used outside of the game itself, by means of manipulation, spying and mind games. When you go toe to toe with a player 15 levels higher than you but remain standing in the end because of your build and your skill weilding it. The grin you get that moment your enemies' buildings become vulnerable to damage When people start to realize the freedom they have, it sends a shiver down their spine. These are Just a few general experiences I've encountered through my travels in Shadowbane. I have actual detailed ideas that I will post in their own threads but when a game like this is in it's infancy, describing what you're looking for through feelings and experiences can really set the mood. Comment below with your own positive Shadowbane experiences and the feelings they gave you.
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