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    Corrupted Essence is always looking for so mature players, we understand that real life takes priority, but we love to play.

    We need all classes and are trying to get as big of a guild as possible.

    Myself and the guild leader are Canadian, but we welcome all.

    Join us friend,

    Reply to this message, if you wish to join us and I will get the Guild leader to invite you.


    Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

    Thank You

  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: Competitive but please no power tripping GMs who use the guild as a place to dump stress on low ranking members. Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore, Im fine with a guild that does both. But if you sign up for something competitive be respectful and dont waste everyone elses time. Size: Medium, but no strong preference on size. Play-Style: I've always been attracted to underplayed classes/roles in games. I like a well balanced team comp so I'll play support/tank roles if no one else is playing them. Commitment: Medium to High. I spend much of my time playing video games outside of work. Miscellaneous: Im a pretty goofy person most of the time, if you want to play with me before you recruit me im down for that. Experience: WoW since vanilla, raided with the DKP system and was highly rated in many seasons of arena. Played CS competitively back in the day. Generally a gamer Voice-Chat services: All the services! I'll be down to use whatever you prefer.
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