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  1. I was hoping at stabbing all classes.... but yeah, it'll be fun to see in action / try
  2. Thanks, so much or confirming this! It's official, today I'm not a total idiot. *Happysighs*
  3. *waves happily* Sorry folks, I've been away for a while and just need to check... I know I should be able to build in game houses.... but if I wanted to purchase one to add even more to my EK..... the actual building of 'villa' in the store is currently £96(ish) but the 'villa upgrade bundle' is £60 and includes land packages. If I'm right, even though my bundle is already a ruby... I should still be able to buy the upgrade bundle and have those extra pieces too on my account, is that right? Or if I want to be using the villa on the ruby account are my only option to build or buy the full price stand alone building? Thank-you all so much in advance!
  4. Woooo, there's been a lot going on over Christmas it seems, it's going to take a lot to catch up with everything this group of wonderful people has been doing! *Plugs guild shamelessly... join ussssss.... join usssss.... * Looking forward to catching up with you all now the seasonal horror is all done for another year! *Throws cash at the devs for the reduced parcels*
  5. Hope to get a chance to meet you in game soon, the old schedule didn't work for me either, so here's hoping we're on the same schedule
  6. Here's hoping that we can encourage more new folks to run around with us too, can't see why a bunch of happy nutters wouldn't attract other friendly folks.
  7. So I just got a lovely message from Albert, apparently he's not a bot. O.o ALL of the issues posted on a forum like this are first world problems..... I'm not sure folks in developing nations wouldn't even consider investing $50 on a computer game. So I don't understand your point? I'd be up for that, one notification that amends with each 'like' or 'reply'!
  8. Ok, so it was amusing that 'James Goblin' likes this.... even though 'he' has never posted anything original 'himself'..... but now we also have 'Albert Rock' liking everything, seconds after it's been posted, but also never posting anything original. I feel that the notifications getting spammed are actually unfavourable to the community. If we want to keep a community friendly and active, it helps to be able to stay aware of actual, real people interacting with you. But I can't see it without hunting for it past all of the spam notifications. I'd love it if someone could come up with a way to prevent this, ie: Capping 'likes' at 20 a day? Today Albert Rock has liked all seven of my new posts, I'd not be surprised if 'he' likes this one too. Oh, and dear Albert Rock, James Goblin, if you are actual people, please prove me wrong, I'll be totally sorry. EDITED!!!! Ok, so They both live! Somehow my life is a lot happier for that. I'm sorry for any offence I might have caused by posting this outrageous slander on you I do love that they are both trying to make the community alive. It's just that I'm not a massive fan of the notification spam EDITED AGAIN. I have brain damage. No it seems I really don't get peoples sarcasm. Little things like being confused by not being able to follow peoples conversations because of notification spam is a thing for me. Half the time I can't understand people anyway, I forget the start of the conversation, or misunderstand the meaning. I lose words, or use the wrong one. And yes, my perspective on things can be way off. I'm happy for everyone that they feel that this is a tiny issue and not worth raising. I'm going to suggest that this topic gets locked and ignored Ps I had a fantastic message from James Goblin who explained that notification limits have already been reviewed.
  9. I can't see any advantage to this, other than to allow players to avoid a situation that puts them in danger. . . even if you implement it, those who venture out into the world will still be at an advantage over you. Because they could train that skill too. I think if you want higher level materials, the way to go would to find a vendor thrall selling them. . . They're going to be set up in EK's so I'm sure that you won't have an issue accessing mats if you need. Whilst I'm not a pvp'er, this just feels like a skill that wouldn't add anything useful to the game.
  10. Just make it a personal 'option' to check in the menu . Those wanting to see larger digits can see the 5000001 increase to 500015 with a skill % increase Those who don't see the rounded down figure 5000 changes to 5000, personal choice Not sure how easy that would be though to implement
  11. Going to put my tuppence in here... but during recent testing, I might have just been lucky, but the folks who killed me were kind enough to NOT LOOT, I guess because they weren't fussed about crafting or using it themselves. Or because they were just wonderful people. THANKS GUYS WHO KILLED ME!
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