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  1. Hello, a guild comrade told me that only people in my group Can see and use my heal orbs, Is It a bug or Is It inteded?
  2. oh thanks, i was hoping in some hope (i can say it? lol) Thanks for the infos!
  3. So, noob here.. 3 days of crowfall, i don't have a guild and i'm trying the classes atm. For what i could understand with my lack of english and knowledge of the game this Vessel thing is BAD. What i understand is: you level your char to 30, craft or ask a crafter for a Blue/purple/orange/green vessel (i don't understand if i have to level a blue to 30 for have a purple so if any1 can told me this i appriciate it) and start to level again with exponential exp required to be 30. Well, who cares? i just stick with my white vessel and pvp! NO, cuz blue/purple ecc.. have 2/3 times y
  4. So i played confessor and set combat stance(was in U button) in middle mouse button(MMB from now) for quick swap.. so i press MMB to switch from gather stance to combat stance and vice-versa. I create an assassin and the combat stance is in the Z button.. so every time i change character i have to re-set my MMB for stance change.. Suggestion: make costumizable keybind for every char. Another thing, when i set MMB to combat stance in the game UI i read: Mi dl em ou se Suggestion: change it to MMB
  5. Ciao a tutti sono un nuovo giocatore, ho visto solo adesso che la comunity è tutta lato Order.. io purtroppo sono andato a naso e ho scelto Balance.. volevo sapere come siete messi con gilda ecc, quanti siete? magari finita la campagna 2 settimane posso fare un salto da voi Buoni
  6. Region: EU Atmosphere: I like a "we are all here to have fun but we still really want to win" kind of atmosphere. plus i'm still a Noob but i want to learn as fast as possible so i can go with guildmates to kill some ppl. so i need a babysitter at the beginning 😕 Casual/Hardcore? from semi-casual to semi-hardcore, depends on the day Size: I like a small guild, like 10-20ppl max. I'm not a number and i like small groups of ppl so we can build a solid group. Play-Style: I plan on being PvP focused with some crafting/gather for help the guild. I have not choose a char atm, i've
  7. Belihal


    Just want to say hello to all the comunity, hope to see you all on the battleground Edit: Btw any1 can explain me how to post in the testing section? got a bug to report but seems i can't post there..
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