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  1. That is a thing?! Oh hecks nah, I already hate durability in general, but for it to go down without me even using the item, get that outta my face. Why not use the older system that @Tinnis mentioned? That seems way better, IMO.
  2. Another bump, if only because I would rather not make a thread, if a thread with the subject at hand is already made.
  3. I haven't played much of this game, but I have played games with hunger and hated it. Exception being Zelda: Breath of the Wild where food equals health and buffs or Monster Hunter where its much more important to eat, since it gives you increased HP, stamina and varies buffs. I would much rather have a hunger system like these games.
  4. @mandalore Though that picture is still better then what WoW has, it's still not the best. Not to mention us having different taste in cute. This picture is cute to me and I overall like the design better then the pic you showed. I also feel this picture is the best example to use for Kobolds, if they are to be in the game, as its more detailed; EDIT: Didn't see the diminutive talk at the end there. To that I say, 4! I mean, how many small races are in other games? Around one or two, and those two are typically Dwarves and Halflings, which are smaller humans =/ /EDIT
  5. That sounds awesome. Though if they are to be in Crowfall, I would hope to have a little more diversity in the classes available to them. I wouldn't mind a class that uses spears o3o @PopeUrban As previously mentioned, the "cutesy" version the OP has is a bit of a stretch and other people wouldn't mind (to much) Kobolds being included, if they weren't like the OP's picture. As for how they have been portrayed in the past, that's the past and in other universes, why should Crowfall follow suit? This is a new MMO with new beginnings for every race. I mean, were Minotaurs not bloodthirsty killers and always enemy NPC's in past games? Yet they are playable and can be reasoned with in Crowfall.
  6. As enemies, in specific games. Also, are you saying Kobolds don't fare well only using spears and no magic? If so, why not give them magic, if they worship Dragons, they could use Dragon related magic. @Armegeddon Yeaaaah buddy!
  7. Ahh, good to know and will keep that in mind. I totally did think you singled me out, since you specifically replied to me >.> But there's some Kobolds that aren't as primitive in "Neverwinter", which is from D&D. Plus Kobolds in general could just break out of the mold, have them be advanced (least to the point of not being primitive) in this game.
  8. First half was a bit of an odd reply, as I feel like you think I'm trying to start something with you, which I'm not. But that's whatever, isn't the first time someone thought that. So like I mentioned to Armageddon, you wouldn't mind it if they were not sexualized then, right? Cause my first reply to this post expressed how I want Kobolds in, but to change them where they aren't exactly how the OP wants them. EDIT: @Armegeddon Then we are in agreement! To the extent of having Kobolds (because I would like them in more so then Goblins or "Groblins") be playable, just not sexualized. /EDIT
  9. So you wouldn't mind Kobolds if they are not sexualized? I would also like to see the face of whatever that creature is, if possible. If only because, again, I personally do NOT like how Kobolds look in WoW. EDIT: Thanks for letting me know what SB stands for. /EDIT
  10. What are weeb races to you? It's hard to Kobolds are, since they are in D&D and I doubt you requested them to be removed there. I also have no idea what "SB" is. Smash Brothers?
  11. Yet you treat them like they did you wrong =/ Cutesy hogwash? I say that's subjective, what's cute to you can be different from whats cute to me. You say the hamster race is cute, I say Xenomorphs are cute.
  12. Those have been done before, while Kobolds have not. You also seem to have some sort of vendetta towards them. What did they ever do to you?
  13. @Doomshadow Don't be taking attention away from the Kobolds now o3o @mandalore It's time for the Kobold race to rise! No more being an enemy, no more being looked down upon, no. more. being weak!
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