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  1. I didn't know him well but I had the privilege to play on the same team and against him in the scrims we've had together. He was a class act if not a bit stubborn but it was seriously a hilariously fun time listening to him go at it with peeps in regards to theorycrafting. I was really looking forward to playing more with him and the rest of you but it seems his presence will be missed and I'm sad to see this be the case. Sad to see you go bud. Peace.
  2. We've been active in GW2 as well. Various members have been involved with the myriad of MMOs that have come out over the years though not always as a group. Crowfall is the first game in a while to rally pretty much everyone to the call of the war drums
  3. Hey there. Praetorian is a primarily US guild but we're not opposed to overseas players as scotland does match up reasonably well with our morning/afternoon players. Shoot me a message on discord @ Dissophant#6681 if you'd like to chat.
  4. Oh yeah, it's been my anecdotal experience. I rarely saw you guys fighting even numbers since not too many people group up yet(dunno why, so many people would rather cry in global than group up and fight) but the handful of times didn't seem to go well for yall. Not to say that you always lose, I'm sure with all the stuff yall farm you'd probably win pretty often. My group is only ~5 or so when we're on though, the few times we tried to fight you guys about 8 more showed up lol. I've solo picked off a decent number of you guys on my duelist, only way to get a word in edgewise most of the time. Edit: I joined in November, only just started posting. I know you guys have been active since the alpha. Wanted to point out I'm not salty about it. I played a lot of Archeage back in the day so I know RvR isn't about fighting on even terms if you can help it. I've only seen one video and you guys put up a good fight. I think it was the fight with -W-. I witnessed some of your castle fights on my duelist when I snuck past the fighting and watched from above.
  5. Any time I've come across you guys fighting an even-numbered(or even less than even, in your favor) I've seen you guys get absolutely plowed. That said I've had some good fights with some of your members here and there.
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