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  1. Setup a store there on it's inception and they were nice enough to give me the same spot as last time, looking forward to get the same traction as with CSC thanks again @Jah.
  2. Hey Dufy pretty similar views on harvesting always wanted to know the exact numbers grill cheese adds the last crit harvest point but what does this point equate to in number value if we don’t use grill cheese IE winter PHfood to get the last pip.
  3. Yes the ever problem with these types of games just like multiple account to train everything.
  4. To add to this Foreman makes the job easier cause it strips the armour from the mother lode by no means is it necessary.
  5. Incoming frost weaver maybe? the new Runecrafter alchemist race?
  6. What @VaMei says is true and should be implemented once they make their next pass on crafting, hopefully 😐
  7. Any chance we can get an update to this seems like it outdated.
  8. I see the difference but we have to admit they are pretty close at a distance almost identical maybe one can have a blueish color folliage it would set them apart
  9. I’m not sure this happens to a lot of people but they look so much alike and one is fundamentally better than the other any way to change the appearance or the stats to make them close to on par with each other.
  10. We don’t know the impact campaigns will have in this game yet. look at seasons and soft resets other games like diablo3 and alpha beta Albion have done the influx of people that they get or got when they reset everything is crazy. people want the chance to start fresh every now and again I hope campaigns will allow them to experience that while progressing their toon every time the enter and leave a campaign. we still don’t have a complete cogwheel yet but for me this game looks like it won’t be boring for some reason.
  11. Loved Albion enjoyed for a while but crowfall broad spectrum of things to learn make it a more specialized game you can be ok in all thing or be really great at one. Trees for Life!!!
  12. In Game Player Name: MrPlanks Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): Finish work around 4pm EST usually on till late only thing that will stop me from playing is Hockey and odds and end stuff What 'role' do you want to play in game?: to start only harvest wood till the cows come home then ill dabble in woodworking as needed.
  13. Mass production - My real life time is my most valuable commodity. Don't make me spend 2 hours a night repairing gear for my guys out fighting instead of giving me a chance to do both. I like to build stuff, but I'm not a REMF. If I've got the resources, give me the opportunity to queue up and create stuff. Allow it to build while I'm offline. If I can train offline, why can't I craft offline? In fact, I'd be fine with allowing you to dedicate training time to creating items offline instead. As vandarr said crafting offline would be awsome for high end items you should not be able to produce a legendary sword in under 10 seconds another option would be to craft components of an item ( hilt blade and grip for a sword ) each component could have different attributes and gain everything when combined.
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