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  1. Can someone explain the purpose of Passive Training? What all does this entail, or what did it entail on EVE since they related the similarities. Earlier in the forum, someone mentioned training skills? Thanks in advance.
  2. Used to say Centaur Legionnaire, Stoneborn Forgemaster, etc.
  3. Well this most certainly breaks the traditional mold and I have got to say, after last weeks drop, I was pretty bummed about the lack of PvE. But as things fall into place, this is looking better and better. This drop has roped me back in!
  4. little bummed out about the lack of PvE content, I understand their intent of making this a over-the-shoulder game of RISK, but I still want to be able to kill some dragons. PvP will be interesting, will have to see how the next drop pans out.
  5. Limited, Wildstar has changed my mindset on it. I hated the thought of only having a select number of abilities, but after my Wildstar experience, I changed camps.
  6. Me and a few co-workers were just discussing this, it looks like this game is further along than we all expect. I would dare to say it's in Alpha now and they might actually revert to the old tradition of releasing a game that works, rather than founder's packs for Alpha and launch it with bugs. Here's to hoping the game is thoroughly tested, developed and polished prior to launch! *clink*
  7. From the Centaur Legionnaires board... Notice, it wasn't "The" Legionnaires or "Centaur Legionnaires". Maybe just semantics here, but from that sentence, it looks like Legionnaires aren't locked to Centaurs. Speculation is fun!
  8. Curious how the interlocked worlds will work... as portals; seamless? Not sure, but all this information is crazy awesome. Keep up the great work and I hope we keep this pace and amount of content in drops!
  9. Amazing.. I have been waiting a long time for something like this! Each server a unique world.. amazing!
  10. Oh man, you're my inspiration on these forums. Much appreciated homie.
  11. Awesome guys, great to read and am looking forward to all the content drops as well as slowly learning more and more about Crowfall!
  12. For me, I sincerely hope there is no requirement to keep warm or to eat food on a regular basis. Feel it adds an unnecessary complexity to the game, but this is just one man's opinion.
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