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  1. 2020 it is then. Fingers crossed for how well/badly it will be received by Warband community. Will be spicy if it's going to be even more s h i t then With Fire & Sword, oh boy... most of the community will probably snap
  2. He never said CF has to be like Shadowbane, he is displeased with direction CF took. He is not entirely wrong, and definitely not alone. Already dropped my hopes for this game since I tend to heavily disagree with whole passive skill system (did not sign up for another EVE :ResidentSleeper: ) which is major turn off for me, and I don't think this is'nt going to change even if its pre alpha. Although I still keep an eye on this project, just to see how it's going to look in final state. Might be my fault for being over enthusiastic about whole game. Again, major changes are part of develo
  3. greeper

    Conan Exile

    There are some great improvements, yet performance wise there are still some major issues, especially some inconsistent fps drops, freezes, stuttering. Hopefully this will get fixed over time, since content wise it's very enjoyable. Might be time consuming, but it's possible to speed things up (exp rate, gather etc.)
  4. I wonder how you came up with conclusion that Albion is moba based mmorpg. I feel like everyone calls everything MOBA based recently. If anything, Albion was heavily influenced by Ultima Online, as Ape already mentioned. I dare you to call UO MOBA based game. Fact that Albion is burning pile of garbage is whole different story tho. As for Fractured, thought for a second that I am looking at Path of Exile. Comparison aside, it's kind of hard to remain hyped, instead of being skeptic about every new mmo promising all these cool features. Would not mind to try something new, but if al
  5. Very fun MOBA based game. I remember playing Bloodline Champions, which was pretty much same game from same devs. It's nice that they made it back. Whole match is really fast, usually around 5 minutes, so you don't have to feel so bad when you lose, which is for me pretty main reason why I can't play LoL or Dota anymore, where you spend 30 - 50 minutes, and then you lose with minimal progress. Can recommend
  6. greeper


    Looks like fun, gonna give it a shot
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