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  1. that would be pretty cool. I like that idea.
  2. I am interested in brainstorming a guild purely focused on taking money to PK other players. This is not a mercenary group as we are not paid to siege and sieges will not be our primary focus in any way, and politics will also step aside. We would purely be focused on accepting money from others to go after specific people and give anonymity to the people that pay us. If you are interested please post on this thread and we can start a dialogue
  3. Well here is a post made from someone right out of the bag, though with seasoned experienced with MMO's. Most of them have failed me, except Shadowbane back in 2004 when I played. I have reverted to playing Second Life the last few years to escape the grind. So from "PVP arenas with rewards" we usually go for loot based on our own selves. But here we are talking about a game where hopefully this wouldn't happen, instead being used besides "arenas" were strategic locations groups of players would fight over for resources which is more in line with a simulation. I hope this will be the simulation/sandbox I have been looking for, it does sound promising. So in turn, "pvp arenas with rewards" are meant for solo gamers that arent in a position of caring for a team of people they enjoy coordinating with for strategic resources in PVP. This would mean the PVP would be in a generated session whereby the computer matchmakes everyone to fight for their team and it does not matter who wins, RATHER that we do as we are speaking of here where a group already is made and that the map changes along with the resource payouts gradually overtime for the devastation that changes it which is quite brilliant. A sense of randomness is being discovered that is what makes games rule.
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