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  1. Im liking what I have seen so far and looking forward to testing on persistent servers also hey Kyoji im still lurking
  2. Awesome thanks its not often that i make posts in quick succession but when I do the wait seemed never ending
  3. Welcome Bisjul I hope you enjoy testing some of the features
  4. Also had the same issue repeatedly JLane Please please please can the time between posts be massively reduced. Its 90 Seconds i think at the moment. Most forums have it around 10-20 seconds over a minute is ridiculous when posting answers to new crows or discussing a bug. New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 64 seconds before submitting
  5. If you used a different email address Like i did contact support@crowfall.com and Gordon can check if your eligible and apply it to your account
  6. Hey Balmung Welcome to Crowfall and the forum
  7. Mhudson324


    Welcome to the forum ntrs Glad you are enjoying the pre-alpha tests
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