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  1. mac

    Shadowbane novel

    Ok Guys! The novel is now available to the public: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M3UFR4X Enjoy!
  2. Hey All! I have finished all the edits and rewrites. I decided to use Kindle Scout to publish my next novel, Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn. Nominate my book @ Kindle Scout & receive a free ebook of my novel when Amazon publishes it! https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3IE6GZI2XE1N
  3. mac

    Shadowbane Lore

    Yes, they preserved the lore pages at the SBEmu as well: http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Lore http://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php/Loreplay
  4. For those of you who backed my crowdfunding so far, thank you. For those of you who could care less about anything I do... you can close this window and move on with your life. Thanks for reading my post so far. So my project with Kickstarter did not reach its goal and since it was an "all or nothing" platform, I crashed and burned. (yes, the haters will rejoice) So anyone who donated, you were not charged. Now I found a better crowdfunding platform for literacy endeavors, Pubslush. For those of who wish to continue supporting my next novel, my Pubslush project is now live. Once I
  5. I know that all too well. Between work, family, and writing I have no more time. I even have to make myself productive during my periods of insomnia!
  6. I saw that this morning. Thank you sir! I used all the races from Shadowbane lore, including Dwarves.
  7. So my artist has finished with the underpainting for the cover art. Here is the black and white of the final cover art. (he is working on coloring it this coming week) Come check it out! http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  8. Yup, like I said... dead and buried. Hey Otlichno! How's it going?
  9. Hey guys! I have redesigned my Kickstarter project for my next novel... Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn. Detailed video outlining this amazing offer. Project now open to Canada and Mexico. Check it out! http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  10. Not sure I understand, can you elaborate?
  11. Awesome, thank you! I did see 2 new pledges recently. I am redesigning the Kickstarter page this week and adding a more personal video. Almost to the halfway point but only @ 19& funding. At least the cover art is almost done and then I hit the local news channels. Thanks again for backing this project!
  12. Yup, not worried about them. Just trying to raise funds for my novel and get it published.
  13. Damn, those ears look more WoW-ish to me. As for dragons, maybe that is supposed to be the Terror of Terrors himself... Kryquo'khalin. And of course, that sword is NOT Shadowbane.
  14. JUST ADDED! ‪#‎New‬ ‪#‎Free‬ ‪#‎Bookmark‬, with any $5 pledge when ordering Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  15. inc Well let me know if you change your mind.
  16. So the Kickstarter is nearly 12% funded in the first 2 weeks. Just 50 days more to go! http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  17. So you are alive? I knew the rumors were not true! I will stop spreading them now. Hey, if you see this I may have something for to read... if you are interested. This time it will be professionally edited first. http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  18. Ok, ask and you shall receive! I updated the Kickstarter page with the full prologue and a remade copy of the Aerynth map. This will be split in 2 and used on the inside front and back covers of the Limited Edition hardback version of the novel. Check it out! http://kck.st/1vUBTpx
  19. Well the Book Description used for the Kickstarter is taken from the prologue of the novel. How much of a preview were you looking for? @ Con, thanks man. I can always count on my writing buddy! Oh, and thanks for the sharing of my post on FB!
  20. Even though their Goods and Services do not cover literature? As far as I found in research Trademark does not cover the literary creations, that is where copyright comes in... right?
  21. That was Sam "Meridian" Johnson, and no he did not. All Wolfpack cared about was the basic lore to support the game. Plus, my novel takes place 100 years after the betrayal of Cambruin.
  22. Exactly! --------------------------------------- @ Jah, thanks man! --------------------------------------- Also, another thing I researched... Wolfpack never filed for copyright since SB was not a literature item nor music or artwork. Nor did they file for patents... for obvious reasons. The only Intellectual Property hold they have is under Trademark, and the only Goods and Services it covers are: Entertainment services, namely, a website featuring online computer games; entertainment services featuring services featuring three-dimensional virtual worlds with real-time in
  23. Thank you for the concern, but I am not worried about Changyou. They only bought Shadowbane to bury away the competition and besides, this novel promotes Shadowbane. Secondly, someone already copyrighted a book using the Shadowbane name, even though it has nothing to do with the true Shadowbane. I am not looking to get rich off this and I am not quitting my day job, this is just a hobby. I am just trying to produce a quality novel worthy of true Shadowbane followers. Thanks again!
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