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    - Loved Shadowbane. I played mostly Darkfall, Mount & Blade Warband, Heroes & Generals, Fallout 4.
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  1. I love the overall concept (the ambiance of it) and your open approach (explicit info, etc.). nb.: As long as we do not have to eat every 5 minutes, which I nickname the H1Z1 syndrome. Make eating as automatic and hassle-free as possible. Note that I have not playtested in about two months, so my comment/suggestion is very general.
  2. +1 I like the addition of shadows and the darker colors : it makes it feel more immersive and gritty, even though the graphics remain light (FPS/load) and original.
  3. Yeah, thank you, but my feedback just didn't feel relevant to that update/patch. I figure if they want new impressions, they will check this.
  4. But I had died far away and my Crow cannot fly very far from the initial spawn point. How can I raise my vessel far from the initial Crow spawn ? I know I could have waited for a rez but the battle was raging around. EDIT / ANSWER: using the central statue gives you the option to bring back your vessel even if it is far away. Trick is mostly to put stuff in the Spirit Bank.
  5. Hail, These are my first impressions as Beta Group 2. After playing around the Eternal Kingdom, I played Bloodbath on May 12, 2017. I will ignore the two times I crashed (1. froze, 2. pc crash). About crafting basic weapons each time we die/respawn : it was not fun nor immersive for me. I would prefer a more distant spawn point or longer timer: crafting new starter weapons everytime felt odd to me. Now that I think of it, that's probably just because my Spirit Bank is empty. Also, this is not really the game with an introduction, so that also explains why it is odd. Nonetheless, I suggest characters always spawn with very basic starter weapons. The world graphics are really not in my taste. It breaks the immersion totally for me. I suggest the world graphics have more realistic colors and less cartoony textures. The crow spawn points though has a nice style. Dear fanpeople: this is purely subjective first impressions: nothing to do with any form of "truth" or theory. Actions in-game have no impact on skill gains nor XP. I feel active players, from crafting to PVP, should affect XP gain to some extent. Someone who does a lot of crafting could gain a certain amount of bonus XP in related general skills (Crafting and Exploration). The Spirit Bank kept opening everytime, so trying to use an item would pop-up a transfer question. Is there a way to avoid this or is it a general annoyance at the moment? Combat was relatively fluid (movement of enemies is sometimes jerky) and fast paced. FPS was fine. Barely any load lag either. ( I am too much of a noob to comment combat any further.) The skill windows were nice : I like the clean look. The videos were helpful. Logging in the Updater with the security code should suffice and not require doing it again in the client. Of course, I understood I should therefore only load the Client. Thank you for reading, cheers, Baraz ps: I played the Duelist for this first try-out I was the only Duelist in that Bloodbath.
  6. Just to thank ArtCraft for making siege engines and the likes. An FPS PvP medieval conquest game I played for a long time --which I will not name-- neglected those conceptual or gritty aspects and it annoyed me! So Crowfall, with caravans that can be attacked, physics and siege engines, is definitely gaining "fidelity" points from me.
  7. Very few games allow to freely mix armor types, but I always loved that concept. Whether it be bonuses or penalties per armor type, I don't mind, but that freedom to create many types of combat styles, characters and looks it great.
  8. I do not understand why you (ArtCraft Ent.) feel the need to control the playstyle so much. Why use a negative approach (self-immolation/damage) to practically force the player to do other than healing. There are other methods to limit healing spamming; other than negative approaches. You know, it's like in psychology : positive reinforcement has better effects than negative or punishment. You planned the same logic with the Ranger : you oblige the player to do ranged attack (gathering power resources) before going melee. It is too linear for my taste. Players tend not to like cookie-cutters. Why not allow more freedom of playstyles, but use other forms of limits or incentives. Examples : When the Druid damages enemies with her magic, she saps a bit of their energy, making her upcoming healing magic more powerful (positive/bonus); You can apply the same bonus logic for the Ranger. Or maybe this other method: The Ranger can be a decent warrior in melee, but for a limited amount of time: he/she has a Ferocity pool that, once drained, melee powers have reduced effects (a penalty, but without blocking the flexibility of using decent melee if, for example, you are attacked before being able to use ranged). As the Ranger moves away from melee, she slowly regains her Ferocity pool.
  9. My feedback : Truly not a fan of forcing the player to be ranged before going melee (if some do not understand why I am saying this, read the section called Ranger Power Resources). This drastically reduces choices and playstyle originality. Sounds like a cookie-cutter class. Not a fan of limited arrows, while the others classes, such as the Confessor, do not have such limits. I would normally, naturally, be attracted by a ranger class, but I will pass in this case.
  10. In the picture, her blood sparks new lifeforces, so it doesn't look like she was corrupted. It looks more like she sacrificed herself or had her child stolen, or both. No doubt, from the Druid perspective, that the Hunger is the backlash of her death. It makes sense that the forces of life/nature would rage.
  11. I absolutely support this concept. I have seen it in two games (I won't name) and it is great. A caster-type can wear heavier armor, with penalties and you can choose to "dose" heavy/medium/light armor as you see fit.
  12. I oppose gender restricted classes / professions. Fantasy game (not historical nor limited by other such factors). nb: I will not explain nor discuss. We, in 2015, do not need to. EDIT: nevermind, I'll presume this is only the few concepts for the TESTING phase.
  13. I prefer, by far, the style/concept of these wooden fortifications over those of the castles... The castles you showed are the classical or stereotypical concepts popular in bad medieval movies or fairy tales. I would prefer castles have various styles/concepts, such as wooden, primitive, viking, some dark, gothic, elven, etc.
  14. +1 to proximity voice chat. Of course, it must be coupled with an efficient way of blocking annoying, obnoxious, excessive or drunk players. I am not kidding though: you need a simple system where you can see (and ideally hear) the last 5 or 10 voice messages and block someone if needed and report. ps: maybe in the suggestion thread next time would be better/more efficient for the dev. imo.
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