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    Baraz / Siriel
    - Loved Shadowbane. I played mostly Darkfall, Mount & Blade Warband, Heroes & Generals, Fallout 4.
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    The Shipwrecked Pirates & ally of the Winterblades
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  1. I love the overall concept (the ambiance of it) and your open approach (explicit info, etc.). nb.: As long as we do not have to eat every 5 minutes, which I nickname the H1Z1 syndrome. Make eating as automatic and hassle-free as possible. Note that I have not playtested in about two months, so my comment/suggestion is very general.
  2. +1 to proximity voice chat. Of course, it must be coupled with an efficient way of blocking annoying, obnoxious, excessive or drunk players. I am not kidding though: you need a simple system where you can see (and ideally hear) the last 5 or 10 voice messages and block someone if needed and report. ps: maybe in the suggestion thread next time would be better/more efficient for the dev. imo.
  3. Can't wait to read the game features and dynamics.
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