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  1. He already knows this and doesn't care. You see, what's actually important to having fun has nothing to do with the game mechanics. It's that me and him are running around the world enjoying the adventure together What do you think we are doing? I suppose that for some of you, not having an insta-win button sucks all the fun out of it for you. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Still having fun rolling around in a duo. He's having a blast and is completely bought in. He did try to dive into some crafting, saw the futility in it for a more casual player, and dialed it back, but wasn't at all upset by it, just saying that it must be amazing for players who love crafting.
  3. I was thinking something similar with the key.
  4. because they don't want it to be that easy. Just because game play isn't easy or not ubiquitous doesn't mean that it's not intended.
  5. Getting on roofs as a Fae is fairly easy and not an exploit. I'm not sure where this is somehow connected to a "flying" exploit.
  6. FYI, any Assassin should be able to get in as well. maybe even a ranger (haven't tested it yet but in theory).
  7. Baloney. Why on earth would you believe that keeps would be PvP free zones? That's just absurd.
  8. They may know that the bug exist but not be able to reproduce it internally and/or have a fix for it yet. Game development isn't just magic that you speak into a box and it does what you imagine you asked it to do. Rather than just complain about the issue, if you know how it's being done, send a support ticket with a description of the problem. That's how software development works and how users can help developers improve their products.
  9. It always was intended design. nobody is backpeddling. The world, not even inside your keep, is intended to be safe. If you need absolutely safety while in game, go to one of the temples if you can't bare to be at any amount of disadvantage. Or even better, the lobby screen. You can't die on the lobby screen.
  10. I agree here, and while I don't wan the persistant world to be the Shadow or the Dregs, something other than the noob island we currently have. Eternal Kingdoms were suppose to be that persistent world but they lack features due to the fact that ACE invested too heavily into EKs being the key part of their monetization loop. EKs should be where you build your permanent "housing" where you get to utilize the resources and display the wealth you obtained from venturing into Shadow and Dregs with a persistant world that exists as the lobby. Characters should be taking portals to Shadow and Dregs from there rather than from the menu lobby.
  11. People wont fight if there's nothing to fight over. That's the whole point of the resource loop. Otherwise they will just build their pixel castles and sit in them forever. What you want is instanced, on demand WoW Battleground / Arena style PvP, which never was what Crowfall promised to be.
  12. Being out of range is an "exploit". 🤣
  13. Okay... Then don't stand in range of them. Maybe go log into your Fae and go kill him.
  14. No, he has no interest in streaming but it's nice to see others able to just have fun with the game. No. It's like you live 2000 miles apart but have been gaming together for nearly 20 years and enjoy hanging out over some brews.
  15. I am seeing lots of complaints on the NW forums and there's definitely some not so nice reviews out there. Not to mention all the queue craziness happening to people. Lesson: The grass isn't always as green as you are desperately hoping it is.
  16. You see folks, it's possible to enjoy more than just one game. We can pop into Crowfall, have some fun running around having PvP adventures for an hour or two, then jump into Overwatch or CS Go, maybe a little WoW, or hell, just spend some times chatting over a virtual happy hour beer, and still have fun. 🤷‍♂️
  17. An old Shadowbane pal. Someone who had backed Crowfall but hadn't really played it until we got him set up last night. We had a blast rolling around getting his first character "leveled up" and set up with a basic kit. We also engaged in some random PvP and started playing on the Dregs server where we capped a few outposts and fought with a few other solo / small groups. He remarked how the game gave him solid Shadowbane vibes and nostalgia for our past times where we would just run around ganking folks for a fun afternoon in that game. Bottom line, he's sold, and we'll probably be going on many adventures together, just like old times.
  18. Game developers saw how well this worked for games like Minecraft and tried to make it work for whatever game they were working on as well. The truth is that Minecraft is and was an exception, not the rule. Sharing too much about a game in development just drives speculation and then disappointment as every single aspiring game designer in the genre jumps into the fray with their own take on how things "should work". The result is an attempt at developing games by armchair game designer committee. That wont ever work because the armchair designer won't ever be satisfied.
  19. Sure. And for reasonable people, that was a fun experience. There are plenty of people who are actually have fun with the results of that open experience BUT if you were to get a consensus of what the average gamer thinks of Crowfall, most of them are going to say it's "trash" or "garbage" because that's what they heard some streamer say, or because their friend spent a total of an hour playing the game because it's the new "MMORPG" that is out. And much link all the posts here on the forums about how horrible game Crowfall is by a bunch of people who don't even play it, that's what the general public is going to believe as well. Hell I have some long time gaming friends, who have never even played the game, who were hardcore Shadowbane players, are making disparaging jokes about Crowfall to me while we are playing other games together. What hurt Crowfall wasn't that the game itself was "bad", it's that players perceive it to be bad, whether thats because they had misaligned expectations for the game, they watched a popular streamer trash the game, or they heard it through the grapevine.
  20. The biggest issue with Crowfall and games development in general is that players are mostly unreasonable and it's impossible to align with their expectations. This is why this model where game studios pre-anounce their design years in advance is one that's most likely just going to bite you in the ass later on. Games aren't made from a game design bible that someone dreamed up one day. Anyone who has ever worked in games should know how these kinds of documents never survive contact with actual development. Telling players that you are going to make XYZ game 6 years before you have any reasonable expectation of getting somewhat close to being done is bad marketing mojo. Studios shouldn't even start talking about the game they are working on with the public until late in the beta development phase, after all systems have been implemented and working.
  21. It seems to provide you with endless opportunity to complain about it on it's forums. 🤷‍♂️
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