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  1. I am not saying that the biggest issue is the harvesting, I realize that with buffs and allocating points in harvesting it is possible to harvest in winter. I'm simply trying to propose a benefit to holding objectives aside from points. I think my main point, which maybe I wasn't clear about, is that there should be focal points that have tangible and more immediate benefits than simply points per tick. Points per tick should go along with good benefits to holding the objectives points aside and these things should scale higher into winter.
  2. Problem: currently most objective go on a merry go round capture cycle, I would like to propose a few choice ideas to fix this current cycle since the incentive to hold objectives is low. 1) Reduce number of camps and towers, give players the option to reinforce said objectives to make them more effective/defensible (more guards, longer range, high tier level). Give more "points per tick" based on status of upgrade level. IE level 1 camp gives 1 point per tick. Level two tick gives 3 points per tick. Level 3 Gives 7 points per tick. For ease of design for now this could simply be the increased number and tier of guards but in the future should also involve esthetic upgrades as well. 2) Add value beyond points for holding objectives: I propose that if outposts, towers, forts, etc give other benefits than points they will be more valuable. An idea for this would be, if you hold objective "x" for that parcel you gain the buff of... (these are ideas for what said buff could be) Increased beneficial harvest chance. Increased combat stats such as crit, or damage mitigation. Greater plentiful harvest chance. Better buffs should be placed on more valuable objectives that are furthest away from the three starting factions locations. It could create say a "summer season" level of bounty from resources, if there are only say two or three of these parcels in a campaign then holding them in winter will create a lot of content throughout the winter season. These buffs should be limited to said parcel that the objective is in. These buffs should also scale with how much the objective has been upgraded. Ideal outcome from this idea: Fewer points of interest mean that when you are at a specific objective you are more likely to encounter players, it will also create a need to hold certain objectives for gathering since they lead to "hot spots" especially as winter approaches. This will lead to more focused points that guilds and players alike can focus on rather than running across an entire map taking control of points that ultimately they only care about for the sake of points. Bonus idea: I believe that there should be large "boss" like humanoid or otherwise NPC's that should be available to guard forts capture points and Keeps tree's. This should not help defend walls but it should help defend against small groups and wall exploits. Long term there will be a lot of work invested into making these objectives and there should be ways to help defend them more effectively since a great deal of work will most likely go into making and developing them. I realize this would take more work than my other suggestions, but I think it would be well worth it.
  3. Real quick post: Viewed problem, there is not a ton to do during winter. Suggested fix: Add large group "hunger monster mob" that drop key items to craft either special weapons/and or drop items that can be added to crafting recipes as a possible but not need resource that creates a substantial increase in given when included in the crafting recipe. Some of these items should drop, some should be drops from harvesting the corpse (some should be gather able by each gathering profession based on the monster type) Intended outcome: Create group content that is available during winter that is enticing, promotes groups and PvP scenarios due to supply and demand of those, and can create a harvesting objectives.
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