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  1. Answer is simple: money. To develop proper code you need good programmers and time. Also GREAT testers to catch such issues. That cost a lot, so no wonders why devs (esp. Korean with they factory-like mmo developing) cut here and there corners. Also bear in mind, that I can't name one MMO from last 6 years, that wasn't bugfest at launch (and sadly some of them stayed in bugged state for more than year). If most obvious things like quests are nearly always broken, then other things are broken somehow too. I think no. The core point is, how action in game is designed. If you take fast-paced action combat like DMC, then yes, instant dodge is necessary - you have to make split second dodges, it's core of design. On same time you have very floaty, jumpy feel, with almost no "weight" in individual attacks. There is fun in 100+ hits aerial combos - I won't deny it, but I don't think that's the direction which CF is taking. On opposite side you have dark souls series. It is MUCH, MUCH more slower, and every mistake could be fatal. It also has dodge mechanic, but here's the catch - you can't use it to cancel. When you are in the middle of most actions you are stuck till the end. Sometimes it's the end of other guy sword sticking from your chest. It's much more realistic that you can't start rolling/interrupt in the middle of swinging big 2hand sword. It's also important to note, that longer "lock" equals stronger attack. It is player's own choice to use faster, light or stronger heavy, or charged heavy. On that way you can strategize if you are in condition to launch that one strong attack, or if it's better to play safe. There's a reason why combat mechanics in this game are so praised (the sun!), because it's one of best (if not THE best) action combat currently in gaming. And in my personal opinion CF could only gain from implementing some of DS solutions (parrying, critical, stagger/poise to list a few). And frankly, it's not even half that hard. It punishes mindless button mashing, though. You can have tab targeting with active "cancel" dodge (ESO). You can have action without "cancel" dodge (DS). This two things are not connected in any way. GIT GUD Next time, I'd try better not to leave such openings for that hit to land. Maybe I was out of position? Maybe I was too aggressive? You are wrong of one thing - I have control from very beginning and it's only my own fault that i ended in such position. Failing isn't so bad thing. Sure, It's great to learn on others mistakes, but we learn fastest on our own ones. And faster we learn, the better we get. Panic buttons are just tools that most players are too comfortable about, and sadly they making them worse. That "safe button" makes you somehow dependant on it. Many times people die and think in lines "I died because my XXX was on CD!", when in reality they died because they overestimated their situation. That moment, when you realized how much game changed, when you, as a player got (some) control of combat. See how much your point of view changed from simple thing as unlocking targeting. And now imagine how much control of situation/opportunity you get when you take step further -> give player control of timing and managing his own combos/attacks instead of hard-bounded often behind cooldown skills. Parrying attack makes your opponent vulnerable. Striking from behind adds possibility of backstab. Knocking down, gives opportunity of finisher. Sure, there can be big, flashy moves, but make all of it balanced around one, single idea -> higher risk, higher reward. Welcome to Dark Souls
  2. Animation canceling is cancer of games, and best way of AC is NO AC. By AC I understand using skill/command with higher priority to interrupt current animation block in order to fire additional skill/command in time window, or to shorten skill "cast"*. For me it's on grey area close to exploiting (in my understanding, there are wind up/wind down animations for a reason), it obscures readability of game by big window (imagine getting 3 hits when opponent visually performs only one attack). Animation canceling, as a "i need to cancel my current cast because i have to dodge NOW"** can be done with proper wind down animations to avoid twitching and achieving seamless animations. Seamless transitions between states (walking/running/falling/standing and so on) requires much work, and it's quite understandable why it's not polished atm. Games should promote more as skill thinking, predicting opponent's movement and countering than twitchy fingers *Worst offender for me, was ESO when you could launch instantly more than 2 abilities + basic attack in one "twitch". Or several (based on ping/player speed) basic attack canceled by shield bash combo in span of second. It was bandaided but never fixed. For some period of time, one class (nightblade) could land gap closer skill, and then basic->ultimate->basic->skill->basic combo for instant killing everything but tanks. **Personally I think that casting wrong ability at wrong time is player's own bad decision making, and other party should have window of opportunity to punish them for that.
  3. I personally think that if you land hit on target midair it should be knocked down. It's only logical (because physics), and would drastically increase skill cap, and add tactical aspect to when it's okay to jump. And also, good PvP games punish players for reckless behavior, and it's only beneficial to inspire from bests.
  4. I'm fully aware of that, But lag is another issue. And while it's related to subject of projectiles, it's problem that should be dealt separately. But exact solution of how to hit lag issue is far beyond this topic subject. Discussion about how lag compensating should work can be great foundation of another thread.
  5. Arrows should be much, much faster. Real life modern hunting bows shoot arrows with 80-110 m/s 280-380fps (depending on bow type. There are also more powerful ones). Medieval straight longbows were capable to achieve comparable speed to modern ones, although it's estimated that most of them were little behind that (about 75m/s 250fps). Good recurved bows (like one of most popular "Crimean-Tatar" type, in good/great quality), were even capable to achieve starting speed above 120 m/s 400fps. To put into perspective: ~350fps bow with ~200gr arrow has max range of ~680m/750 yd. Let's half or even quarter that distance to have "efficient" range, and we would still be talking about more than twice max range of Crowfall. It means that, for Crowfall bow range, max distance would be covered in 0.3-0.6s. To put that into perspective, average reaction time for human is about 0.25s. That means, when shooting with maximum range there would be 0.05-0.35 reaction window, which realistically is not enough for anything. If ever devs would want to implement closer to real arrows solution, they could use ray tracing and it still would be realistic. And yes, I'm fully aware it's just a game, and not everything can be translated 1:1, and that goes without a word. But currently arrows are SO slow (i didn't measure speed), that I would not be surprised if charge is faster. And I could bet thrown stone is faster too. There is no need for auto-aim or any aim-assistance or homing systems IF core features of ranged combat are properly implemented. Good aiming (over the shoulder with zoom is must, maybe some magical scopes too esp. considering how small things are on current full range. Consider extended range/stalker), travel speed (faster!!! It's main method of fight, bread and butter, it should..it MUST be reliable), and hit-boxes/hit detection (it's self explanatory).
  6. This post should be sticked. It's pure gold
  7. And i think that you don't (or don't want to) understand simple principle that thread is not static thing and during discussion point of it can shift (and sometimes it can be totally derailed). I stated my opinion how i see global chat (since some people referred to it) but it can be simply extrapolated for other channels -> just find proper scale/scope of it. Even for guild chats, they could be easily divided for more proper scale (campaign, province you named it) if there is such need. And between us, I can't find any "tactical advantage", by knowing what my guildmates on other campaign are doing at the moment. Assuming of course we are not speaking about Rube Goldberg like espionage for god-knows-what reason.
  8. Of course you've made, as always sweetie ==== I agree with several people here, that server-wide chat shouldn't be in game. To think little deeper about it: for what reasons global chat would be needed? Assume that there would be ~50-100k of people online on realm. What kind of messages could be so important to reach EVERYONE online? I can't think of one use case for global chat for regular players, that couldn't be done on more fitting place/scale. However, it's GREAT TOOL for testing purposes.
  9. There's no sense to discuss anything with someone whose overwhelming majority of posts can be sum up to "I'm hardcore, because i'm pro. I'm pro, because I'm hardcore, therefore I'm right, so listen to me scrub". Mind, he is not a troll. Trolls do it for lulz. He truly believes that his point of view is one-and-only right, and it's his duty to prove you, by his sheer awesomeness (and ignoring main points of your argumentation) that you are wrong. It's same thing on nearly every thread...
  10. There is already crafting profession called necromancy, so chances for same named archetype are rather small. But! IF there would ever be an archetype capable of summoning undead units (maybe it could be a discipline acquired by assigning special runes, or by using special artifact like -i don't know - some kind of stone mask for example...) there should be strong counter for it. Like for example proud warrior who draws his power from total body control achieved by very strict breathing technique to smite rapidly foes with his bare fists empowered with pure life energy...* * <-To be continued
  11. Successful esport...riiiiight. Even blizzard head of e-sport admitted it was hard to watch, and it's big understatement. Apart blizzCon which is inside tournament, WoW is not existing on esport scene, and it never was part of it. Even their own title Overwatch gathered multiple times bigger competitive crowd and audience in less than half of year. WoW clickfest neither was nor will be pinnacle of combat in MMO. And any decent player knows it. There's a reason why most skilled players don't seek challenge there. It was great in vanilla, and maybe in TBC, i give that. And mainly because nothing better was possible ~10 years ago. Time flies, technology change and evolve, and old solutions become obsolete. People too stubborn to realize that can scream and spam all they want, but it can't change reality.
  12. Guessing some of reasons: Not everybody is cut to be a tester. Overwhelming majority aren't. The fact you are invited to does not mean that you have to. Some people simply just train skills it's too early, and they don't want to spoil "final product" feeling or wait for more "completed" phase. there is no "carrot" to play now. Sure, jump in, run a while and get bored. No real goal. "too little to do" - harvest what you need, craft what you want and then? Grind - most people don't want to spend long hours on test environment for 0.01% of potential gear improvement Strong dislike to imbalanced environments. Some archetypes are clearly worse and some clearly better and it's not small margin. Being food for gankers. Especially being solo vs (potential) organised groups. They already burned themselves on testing. Being a tester is a job for a reason.
  13. If people screaming repeatedly same things are examples of great communication, than i don't want to think (because i know it damn too well) how it looks with more than 10 people in a group (let's say raid) and how even ONE overly-talkative person influence focus of group. I used to be too often THAT guy, so I can see clearly how abundance of talking might influence group. I don't want to bring personal twists there, but really, try coordinating fighting with group bigger than usual <10, like let's say 50+ and let all of them talk/scream who they target, and tell later how you like that experience. I`m SURE you'll be fine...fighting scrubs that is. Any MMO player knowing his stuff knows how important is clear communication. While i fully agree with, that better idea prevails, it's not relevant in any way to what I said. You are not recognised by value of your comments, but a whole "more hardcore" attitude. And if most of your comments are like "turn it more hardcore" it is only natural that there would be someone to check how good is this "more hardcore than thou" player. You mix two things. Simple being good, and being jerk about it, often mocked "elitist". Really good player has nothing to gain with holding such "precious" information like his individual build, skill or anything. At worst he would gain another worthy opponent* to challenge his skills, at best he gains another worthy ally. Win-Win. Elitist attitude, ESPECIALLY in games directed so much to most vicious outcome is just asking to being ganked, robbed, and ridiculed. There is always bigger fish (or pack of smaller ones), and it's just matter of time when you encounter one. *I prefer to see people as potential allies, or opponents/rivals. Never enemies. Not only it could, but even it should be denied, because not only it's simply wrong, but it's misinformative. User interface should be designed to be as intuitive, as informative, and as simple, as possible. End story, and everyone who has even slight knowledge about subject would say same. But I`m sure you're not convinced,so there are some examples: Let's put Dead Space here: not only UI is very intuitive here, it's also directly integrated as a part of game (ammo counter is displayed on weapon, HP is displayed as a lights on spine etc.). Is Dead Space difficult? There are difficulty levels to set it for player liking (on highest, ammunition is very scarce, every shot counts, and enemies hit like a truck). Dead space is often put as a game with one of best UI in industry. I've spoken about Dark Souls before, so let's take other game: minecraft. Yes, the voxel builder game your 10yo cousin plays. Is UI easy to read and understand? Sure. Is all needed data presented in neat, informative way? It is. Is this game difficult? Maybe not vanilla (even on highest), but try infinity-expert or gregTech before answer (Not at all). I think MC on gregTech is comparable in difficulty to Dwarven Fortress, but in terms of accessibility and UI there is eternity between both. And speaking about raw information. ESO for LONG (more than 2 years) by default didn't even give player information about how much damage they dealt. Is ESO hardcore in any way? Not at all. In fact it's easiest MMO I ever encounter. That kind of data was of course accessible by add-ons, which lead to nearly whole player base to use them. Bad design leads to artificial difficulty, which only brings frustration. Player should be challenged by game difficulty itself, not poor design choices like bad controls, UI, mechanics, etc.
  14. From the videos you posted, it seems that most of "high level of communication" is screaming repeatedly "lee sin! lee sin!", "ryze! ryze!" to tell which target to focus and "Sivir no flash! Sivir no flash!" to indicate enemy burned escape skill on long cooldown. Same thing about communication you get from watching nearly every team play with TS on level higher than basic rookie. And no, it isn't example of good communication, it's example of couple of excited guys screaming with jargon. In WoW one it's same thing, but with extra jokes and obvious statements like "let's kill them all". Sorry, but that statement doesn't give you much credibility, especially because you are so vocal in nearly every thread trying to push cart into more hardcore direction. Although I agree with that "soft is for casuals" idea* you present in every thread, assumption that if someone could see your actual skill in other game would hurt you in a big picture is ridiculous. Being good and known is only advantage, because your very presence hurts other team morale. You're already much recognised on this forum, so it's only natural that challengers will come to test you. If you're half good as you proclaim you have nothing to worry about. If you're so good, that is. *As a fan of "hard but fair" settings myself. Something that is user friendly does not make experience less hardcore, and vice versa. Dark souls series has great combat mechanics, great enemy/ally indication, yet it's regarded as one of most hardcore (it isn't in reality SO hard. It just punish "goofy, greedy" playstyle promoted, by nearly every other game) games ever made. For MMO, old titles (let's put Lineage 2 as example) have option to kill anyone (even teammate) yet they added special icons/titles to allies and enemies. Hiding information doesn't makes things more challenging, it only adds another unnecessary layer of confusion.
  15. Sorry for not being clear; I was referring to Korean-mmo's. As for technical aspects, I don't think this topic is proper place for it
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