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  1. I sorta played one night after being disappointed by the ending of GoT and then my imagination was struck by lightning (really it was some assassin in stealth killing my noob lvl 22 ass in our own keep)... I present to you music inspired by grief of both GoT ending and being owned for 731 ethereal dust: This was immediately signed by my friend who happens to own an indie label... nevertheless, because this was sort of inspired by Crowfall, I talked him into making a video before official release to share.
  2. How much is the price per 1 dust roughly these days? EDIT: I wanted to say that I honestly don't mind the grind and hardship of getting "the good stuff" when it's introduced at the actual game launch, since everything will persist. I believe this system will only add to the game's appeal, not take away from it, but not in pre-alpha stage. We shouldn't have to grind so hard just to try (and not die the first second of) PVP while testing the said PVP. My 2 cents.
  3. Jumped into the game finally 2 days ago eager to do some testing of everything. Currently the only testing I ever got to do was how many spiders I could kill during a certain time span in order to earn gold. Took almost 2 days to kill 12 thousand (!) spiders... Which yielded a hefty sum of gold. Finally, I thought: - "I paid my dues to the grind and now I can go have fun!" Nope! Appears the gold isn't worth a damn: a myriad of failed attempts at crafting, along with enormous amounts of dust to re-roll stats made sure I ran out of both before I even got 1 green set of leather gloves for my
  4. Thanks all, I will make sure I will check out that marketplace!
  5. Just came back to this and now, seeing there is actually stuff to do in the game, decided to pay off my original layaway from a few years ago. Now, I don't understand why I need to create an EK and what the benefits of it is? As far as I've read it requires stocking up merchants, etc. I've looked at the brief tutorial posted in this forum and all I've come across was the understanding that an EK is simply glorified housing with no impact on any given campaign (please correct me on this one)? Or... ? Many thanks in advance for an explanation.
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