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  1. I experienced a few bugs, some of them previously listed by others. Here's a few i did not see listed. When hit by charge or jump ( Elk/wolf/bear} while auto attacking, locked into place unable to move until attacking unit is killed. { do not recall loss of skills as in other posts} Clerics persistent Aura's Will stop working with no rime or reason, sometimes will last for minutes some seconds, some will cut out in middle of a battle others times just stopped while running around exploring. There does not appear to be a timer on ability in upper right corner so it doesn't appe
  2. Dumb question but as a 2015 Kickstarter participant am I considered a Backer for the "Backer appreciation rewards" or did i need to of purchased a backer pack?
  3. They don't need to communicate anything with us, they already have. Mr Coleman said that it is imminent, as soon as it will be ready it will drop, he has also said that they have one item left that is keeping them from dropping. What other information do you need, Daily posts of " still not fixed don't know when." He said the "second" its ready it will be up. Stop blasting them. When its done it will be done. People complaining wont make it happen faster. Its common sense that if its not done and dropped by Friday night to look Monday morning {if you know for sure they don't have people work
  4. Thank you @jtoddcoleman For taking the time to update us and thank everyone for their time working on it. I have a feeling you might not hear that a lot. Don't want you guys to think were not appreciative.
  5. AS far as i could see there was no restrictions on healing like with druid when you choose a promotion. Wonder if you could choose range def or range atk and use a healing based major disc? Do you think we'll get a healing tray with promotion or just abilities added?, doesn't specify like druid did. What major disc's do you think would work best with any of the frost weaver promotions? I am assuming frost weaver will have at least one slow or stun in its kit. For myself i kind of want to make something CC based with maybe a self heal. Or if im going for RP add Naiad for the elemental feel? Any
  6. My point was about attitudes about the game not necessarily how many ppl will get sick or experience symptoms while sick. People tend to only consider themselves sick if they are experiencing symptoms, of which might make some feel not up to playing games. I understand that for some it's not going to be all that bad, but i honestly think it is going to be worse then some plan for and better than some think. I truly Hope for the best results, and i hope we are all part of the 85% or don't catch it at all. Not really trying to start a debate on Virology, just think that now is not the time to b
  7. This is not directed at any one person or post. I keep seeing posts about how its such a shame Artcraft didn't capitalize on a possible pandemic. I've never know them to be the type of company to take advantage of anything. From the beginning they have been clear that they are stetting out to do what they want to do and if anyone doesn't like it to bad. It has never been about (just) the money to them. Also as a medical professional i think its real cute that everyone thinks they are just going to be sitting around at home playing games. If you are sick you will most likely be too sick to car
  8. In game name: LilLionman Times available: 1900-0700 EST. Varying days (I'm a night worker) Role. Harvesting bodies and minerals, main plan is to master Necromancy with a side of Runes. (willing to play support/CC/Heals in a pvp setting tho) I have no use for said bodies so they are open to anyone who wants. Will take requests. Still learning the necro ropes tho so slow start for now. Will message on discord to join.
  9. I have an honest question. From my understanding of the video I would pay (you) the tome maker an in game currency of goods or services. Ie: I trade/sell you this weapon i made or these goods i have harvested and you give me a tome good for up to 72 hours in one tree for me to learn. I still have a 24 hr bank cap so i can spend this time but i cant really overflow cause i will stop learning on my own. How is this P2W? Im not paying real money, i am paying in the time it took to collect and craft to trade/sell for the item. Unless i am missing something from the video this doesn't really get m
  10. In my opinion this chicken ticker mechanic that requires food is just a mirror of items breaking. spend hours making an item, use it, it breaks make another. Bodies need fuel and they break down. Get below 70% and you start to break down. makes sense to me. This is just another mechanic that keeps us on our toes, shows us that we are pithy little nothings compared to the GODS. Some one some where is going to be chopping down trees, they will get apples and now new and delicious sounding bloodworms. Elsewhere another joe blow is chopping up some innocent little animal that never did anything to
  11. I might not be understanding certain aspects of current game-play and I am by no means a RP player but do you think that it would be possible to simply recreate your "vessel" or player over and over. Example i make a male druid with this hair style/color/look and then when i craft a new vessel i remake male druid with hair style/color/look with same name and just view it as re-spawn or rebirth? Like i said i am by no means a RP but it seems to me that it would be possible to make it fit into a RP style by recreating what you lost and viewing it as a continuation. I personally am concerned abou
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