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  1. Hey so I like to pop in to Crowfall ever so often and see the progress, I think I picked up a copy pretty close to the crowdfunding and been watching every Crowfall video on the youtube channel. I like to watch all the game design updates super fascinating I really like the philosophy of the people at Crowfall. So im just going to put up what bugged me in the hour or so little playtest I did. (I personally dont like to invest in to a game fully until its been launched.) Okay so First Off Animations "Style" I personally like the animations in crowfall, the attack animations eating etc they all contextually make sense and are unique to each race! very cool but what I dont like are the walking animations of the characters. They feel a bit stiff especially the Elken he walks like hes got a tree branch up his butt. other animations have flow but the walking ahhh Here you can see Elken in Idle shoulders down relaxed. Here you can see the Elken kinda jogging forward and his shoulders are high in my opinion, his whole body is stiff like theres a tree branch up his butt >.< sorry. The High Elf for example has his shoulders relaxed when hes standing. and when hes running his shoulders stay at the same relaxed position, hes not holding them up like the Elken, but the walk cycle in my opinion still feels a bit stiff. So I was in the new warcamps and I killed a bunch of dudes, im not sure if this is a design decision or not but why no sparkles? who havnt I looted and who have I looted? Personally I would expect to see sparkles if theres still loot on a body or if I havnt looted. As I stated before I log on ever so often so I had a bunch of points to spend but I wouldn't know, with no number next to the talent system, once again I would expect to see it glowing or having a little number next to it to a number of potential upgradable points. Move Control Defense? Excuse me what? I have no idea what Control Movement Defense thats okay ill look at all the stats on my character sheet, ohh no that doesnt really tell me either. Thats okay ill search it in the talent tree system or no I cant do that. Im still uncertain what control is im guessing its like taunt or blocking abilities, maybe I just missed something but with orange I expected to mouse over to get a description or something. Because when I got this talent im like level 2 I hadnt really experience such effects. P.S I know this is one of the intended passes but I thought I would just talk about my experience anywhos ^^ What still stops me from enjoying the game to is fullest is the combat system it still feels a bit clunky, animations break or when I charge it will still be charging and take a half a second to respond here and there. It still feels a bit unresponsive and not impactful. The flow is almost there I can almost taste it but still a tad clunky. Okay so ive been negative I want to talk about the positives First off I want to say I was completely behind the Eve Talent System but I have to say the new lvling system for vessels is frickin amazing I really like that game play loop mixed with the grandfather talent system on top of that pushing you a direction. The movement and control now feels way better also the Frames Per Second and latency for me was great the game felt alot smoother and very playable. I really like the design compromises between hardcore old school and modernization with new game play loops to keep retention is amazing, I know thats a general statement but if design is working well you shouldn't notice right ;D. Combat rotations with the stat balancing talent tree progression and vessel direction is very clever, I can see myself combing over every decision I make trying to craft a character which suits my play style. Mix with the dedicated crafting or exploring etc very smart. The new loot is great I feel like im hoarding and collecting lots of stuff that will be useful in which way or someway, collecting artifacts or crafting items or even just boosting my XP by collecting stuff, probably the only thing I dont like is why would a spider have an axe on it. Did the spider eat a person whole I know its a game trope but I dont know for Crowfall it seems a tad strange. The 3D models amazing really love the style its definitely starting to come together its probably the first game where I would be happy to play any race because of the real personality with each character, though I think im partial to the High elf because of the long hair on a guy! Finally a game which has a male character with as long hair as I do! The texturing is really good keep up that stylized look very cool! I really like and hate the class restrictions I understand its RP and Lore thing but I wish I could play any class with any race >.< but I understand how much work that would be im grateful with the amount of selection or choices atm. I really feel like in the future I will have a character which will be unique and mine! To sum up I think this game is very close for me to look past the small bugs here and there because the game design in a whole really shines through, I think for me once the combat is more responsive I wont be able to resist the gameplay loops and ill will want to play more and more! Thanks Crowfall team keep up the good work!
  2. Im more thinking it would be fun for guilds as dondagora says issue jobs that any old joe could full fill.
  3. I was thinking could there be jobs without needing any skill from your talent tree for new players. For example in middle ages you had lamplighters who used to keep the torches fueled and lit, at the beginning of the game when you are figuring out what you want to be but you need some form of income to buy armor and weapons. I wonder if it would be a good idea to have jobs your guild could ask for, it would be very low income. At the beginning while your running around and figuring out what to do. The kingdom that your visiting could have a job list. Go scout out this area or re fuel lanterns in district things that dont require high levels of skills for beginning players. There could be even an honor system you dont get payed in money but reputation to join said kingdom. This could also be for more large scale things a billboard of job list saying we need this much stone or iron for the new war or building, which could be payed in varied different ways. If you input 10k of stone you become the new master gathering or if you supplied enough weapons you got rank of master weapon smith. Just an idea *shrugs*
  4. Reading the comments about groups I share the same concern with 5 man groups, if there is guilds it will be easier to distinguish friend from foe on the battlefield. But what I would like to see is for example you are in a group of 5, but thats just a sub group of a the larger 50 man group. This 50 man group could include different guilds and members which form a temporary alliance so you know who friend and foe is in a large scale battle if they are not in your guild but after the same temporary mutual goal. The skills dont overlap but you can still see whos your ally. This obviously causes some problems with enemy spies so obviously having generals who invite the players with certain invite permissions would be needed.
  5. Things are getting deeper soon ill log in and be overwhelmed with things to try out.
  6. Always an exciting day of the month seeing a Q&A on my feed. I am personally looking forward to the stalker archetype, I think a blood hungry elk that can shoot giant arrows and go stealth is a pretty darn cool. (or what ever it turns out to be) Thanks for the update guys.
  7. Im personally in no rush to pick a profession and buy multiple accounts as everything in this game takes considerable time and if you train anything in your skill tree its not a waste of time because it all adds up. I will wait to the game comes out and explore and play in the world, I will invest in skills I end up doing like exploring or crafting which ever naturally evolves from me playing the game. Because this is a player created experience who knows what you will truly enjoy until your knee deep in the organised chaos.
  8. Hauntled


    I would imagine maps would be magical, so you wouldn't need a compass. Because there would be a marker to show where you are. Also I would imagine that if you bought a map which a mid skilled cartographer made. It would have the information of poi and building etc. But depending on the skill on the map it would automatically update as you find new places yourself and update your personal map. I imagine it's kind of a magical item were you can fuse new map information with. So you would have the "map" depending on the skill of the core of this magical item depends on how much information it shows. You could buy lower tier maps or the same to update information or further expand the map. In the future you could get a higher tier map which would update more information as you explored or something like that.
  9. Awesome I always like customization makes me feel even more immersed in the world. I have a question though it might be a bit early, I really like dyes but for example GW2 you had to spend in game or real money to get dyes to customize your gear. My question is pretty much how are you implementing dyes and how much access will we have to the palette of colors. I hope dyes are just a thing everyone has so everyone can look unique and feel like its "their" character.
  10. Cant wait Im gonna watch all the youtube videos, more information to memorize! I dont know why I never memorized or did any of my homework, give me a 20,000 wall of texts about Crowfall. I will read every morsel of information and continue to tell you about it until next update .
  11. Its a really interesting topic which im constantly thinking of, I know I personally get hooked on progressions even if it is 0.00001% I will no doubt do what ever it takes to get that slither of experience because it means I have to wait less time and it feels like im earning it. But I agree with people thats the initial problem people will exploit and find the fastest way to get that slither of XP which will one day add up. So new players didnt have all that time or opportunity to grind every week for that slither of experience. Personally I would like to see a tiny bit of progression in skill, if im crafting every day I should get better at it. Why would I get better at crafting if I was just doing combat the whole time and it magically went ding. But I can see the problems if implemented.
  12. I personally havnt had much experience with this style of crafting systems and as its still in pre-alpha im just gonna leave it brewing before I nit pick it. But what im curious about is currency in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e00JbH1_kCg . We have the dev saying that currency will be dust from harvesting, so that means the only flow of currency in the game is from the harvesters. I want to be a crafter so that means I will have to do some harvesting in the beginning to get enough dust together to start the inevitable buy resources that I make in to items for hopefully profit. So if im in an area with low "iron" for example the prices of swords and iron(for certain stats) will go up im guessing this will be player determined not just set by the devs. I cant find much information on how crafters will get "profit" in resources or dust. How I see it; as a crafter I need to source harvesters to buy the best resources to make our items that we can sell for more materiel or dust, were we can store the booty in local banks that we eventually will want to put in purgatory for EK. I just cant find how we will determine what prices are if we are AFK and we leave our shop to sell our stuff for us, do we set the price. I would like either 2k dust or 500 iron its unclear.
  13. This video has made me even more excited! Thanks for the information and upload, I think the real challenge will be choosing your disciplines.
  14. Hey there guys I was looking through the website and this thread, I couldn't find what campaign you guys are going to choose? Sorry if this has been answered.
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