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  1. HELLO Revelations guilds and players if you are looking for a home look no more! We are currently actively for new members to join our ranks. If you have any questions please feel free to join discord or message one of the officers or myself.
  2. I love the idea of a point click healing, Personally i havent played the damn game because i am always working when the Alpha drops during certain times. So i dont know exactly how the healing works but i dont mind the on damage healing or "HOT" Heal over time. Just makes it alot harder for us off tank, Healing specs to really specialize in a certain type of heal or healing if you will. I mainly play a support character in most of the games unless people piss me off then i go dps. In most games it is hard to come by a good healer, I would love to see this type of healing.
  3. I wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day and Trying to provide a list for the community. I hope they follow this list so you can get in game currency moving fluidly.
  4. My plan on these topics is. I plan on having my Eternal Kingdom as a central point for trading since i will be mainly just crafting. So all my shops will be next to each other in a orderly fashion as well as banks and so forth as necessary. I also plan on being a tailor as well as a jeweler so I will be looking for people to trade and barter with. If you have any questions on how or if you want to help please message me in game, Forums, Or simply ask away on this thread. I dont mind answering any questions.
  5. may i make a request? can you put there professions that they are requesting? On the log with the names?
  6. Hey fellow CROWFALL, Little bit of myself, I played Ultima online for more then a decade. Almost 2 decades to be exact. I have ran many guilds from games like ultima to recent games. I personally dont care about running anymore because i just want to build now. The main reason i have posted this is to let everyone know that i would like to go back to my ways of crafting which would be tailoring and jewel crafting. In Ultima i was one of the master crafters of our shard. I would like to be added to the list. I don't know if this is a little too late. My name is either going to b
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