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  1. Just wanted to say hello. It's nice to see some former TSB players gaming around. 

  2. Hey Slyjeff, welcome to Crowfall!! Nice to see another person from North America. Let me know what server you plan on playing East or West Coast. I'm in California so West for myself. Glad to have you and your wife. My ex hubby and I both played SB Treachery / Mourning servers years back. Message me when you both are planning to log in and play!! Cheers
  3. Welcome to Crowfall, I'm pretty hyped too and so far fun with these testing! Look forward to seeing ya around. Cheers!!!
  4. Hi Nueve, Nice to have you join us here in the forums Welcome to Crowfall!! Count D is right, you do have to adjust expectations while we're in play testing phase.
  5. That's awesome that you pledged and joined Elheffe, nice to have you with all of us :-)
  6. Received the great news today, thank you for accepting my application. Look forward to meeting you and becoming more active as we get closer to the launch!!
  7. Hello all, welcome to Crowfall Look forward to seeing you in game!!
  8. Good evening Lantern Watch members, I just submitted my application for guild membership as I'm actively seeking a home. I'm so excited for the future of Crowfall!!
  9. Hey there. Former cent druid, Phadra from TSB.. can't believe we finally have something close to SB back. Miss those days!!
  10. Hi Bob!! Welcome, welcome. I'm doing the very same thing, reading as many forum posts to educate myself on anything and everything. I too look forward to the game test next week. Keep me posted, let me know who your chars are!! See ya around. good luck. Cheers, Deborah / Phadra Confessor - name: Prophecy Druid- name: Dreamstate
  11. Thanks! I just added the dates to my outlook calendar. Cannot wait to play
  12. Thanks Rook!! Downloading and installing the game now. Looks like i'm approved for pre -alpha milestone 3. I need to research now the next test dates for me to join in West coast, I hope it's similar to shadowbane.
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