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  1. I would rather be able to decorate my EK with the skulls of my enemies!
  2. It was nice to go out with a "BANG" last night. Thank you for the years of fun in Alpha / Beta, leading up to launch next week.
  3. LotD has officially opened recruiting with LIVE launch happening July 06, 2021. If you are looking for a guild with a history of success in siege PvP then you are at the right place. Join us in Discord (https://discord.gg/TBWgMnK) or message me (Piikaa or Pkaoo) or PaleOne for more info. Lords of the Dead Guild History Discord channel for Crowfall Guilded channel for Crowfall Application for LotD's Guilded Channel
  4. Hell, I Cliff-hopped and Alt-P'd just yesterday. I was on a pretty much naked and newly imported character (zero import rules), farming to buy weapons and gear and saddle. I could have stayed and died, instead I recalled and bought a mount with what I had in inventory. It's all part of the game mechanics. Use pushback / stun / knockdown to keep enemies from reaching the edge if you don't want to risk this result.
  5. All this and more is why we have not recruited for CF yet and are only here to test and have fun. Until ACE is able to dial it in, there is no reason for LotD to make a push in this game, no matter how badly we would like for it to happen now. Until then, we patiently continue to report bugs and play when and if we feel like it. /Salute
  6. Same here, we are gated for making vessels by lack of minors.
  7. I don't mind the dropped gear for Alpha, but once we get into Beta and go to Live, I would rather see the only way to get really good anything is through killing & looting enemies who spent hours crafting the gear I will now wear...
  8. Thanks and good luck. At least now you will have time to re-read Douglas C. Adams... Don't forget your towel!
  9. In addition to filters and /ignore, you can always just kill them if you don't like what they are saying...
  10. I saw this guy the other day and thought "Why isn't he fixing the 5.11 code???"
  11. I have an answer I use when one of my customers asks a question that I can't possibly answer: "How long is a piece of string? " Unless I show you the whole thing, you can't possibly know, right? Well, then, how can I know how long ____ is going to take until we have the answer as to why the problem is occurring and figure out what's it going to take to resolve.
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