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  1. From my point of view there must be a fair and equal start for everybody at the beginning of each campaign. The reset via expansions or Seasons is the reason why the succesful games keep their playerbase over years because this is in fact a wipe every time. Well organized guilds and experienced players achive an advantage anyway the more time passes by. But it´s the progression and a new start that keeps you playing to see how far you can come or who succesful you can be with your guild within a Campaign. The passive skill system is designed not to be wiped at a certain point and works against this. But for example it can be speeded up significantly so that you can maybe skill a entire profession lets say by the end of summer or towards middle of fall. Than you can make the best possible gear to fight in winter when the only thing that matters is to win the campaign. When the campaign ends, it will be wiped too. This would also give players the chance to decide to be a figher in one campaign or a cafter in another one. The current system locks you into a certain role unless you own multiple accounts. Just my 2 cents, Greets
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