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  1. OOC: ya got me loling with that one.
  2. Is it better to be nut hugged or nut cupped?
  3. Have it yer way lad. Fact remains we can offload a cistern full of pirate, undead and pink pansies fecal fun into dis thread and it would still be an improvement.
  4. We gave em one night wit yer mudder fer a half page write up, but dey offered a full page write up if we took her away and never sent her back har! jes kiddin boyo, we sent them captured UDL wenches to use, they was stinkin up da hold anyways.
  5. Aye lad its been a long line oh swashbucklin' for dis lot. Hard ta believe it been almost 10 years since PC Gamer wrote about this crew in WoW: http://www.thesaltymaid.com/tspfiles/PCG150.pdf
  6. Not near as grizzled as yer arse
  7. Yer lot can have the sons. All the daughters be invited to da TSP beach party. Bring rum. Clothing not recommended. Come learn da difference between me main mast and me MAIN MAST.
  8. mutt_tsp


    Uh... ears? Lad if yer make it past the chin den I tink you'd make a fine cabin boy. Probly enjoy da work too HAR!
  9. mutt_tsp


    ere's da thing me pirate brain don't get. If these be frost elves, then why don't dey adhere to Allen's Rule: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen%27s_rule Jes a comment from a northern boyo.
  10. mutt_tsp


    ... gonna assume you mean rum. So ya, ya I want some yum.
  11. mutt_tsp


    Don't even get me started wench.
  12. mutt_tsp


    Handlebar ears jes make it easier to commandeer dem elf wenches. It be like givin' bull riders a saddle. PIRATES WANT TA EARN DER PRIZE DA HARD WAY!
  13. There be many shores crossed afor Darkfall lad
  14. Wot? Ya hear dis lads? I tink he wants to be me new cabin boy.
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