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  1. I'm not a fan of having items last forever. The resource sink needs to be the replacement of weapons, not the repair of them. I also disagree that there is little reason to look for crafters until your gear breaks. You are making the assumption that you are going to start out with the best weapon there is and you won't want to upgrade. Crafters are going to be busy in this game. Repairing seems trivial to me because I'm going to try to make better weapons as I go along. We wont have the 10x training and I imagine tree's will continually be expanded upon. Early on Blair said in a video that a blacksmith might just focus on making the best hilt, while another might be making blades. This means the final product might have multiple people involved. Under your system you are taking that item and having it repaired by one person, versus the few people it would take to make a new one. If my assumption is correct then your system hurts the economy. I believe mass production is going to box people into making specific things like Blair originally intended. We will have to see how it plays out.
  2. There really isn't a reason to have a repair system. You could adjust the time to decay system based on the amount of time on average you want a player to have that piece of gear. People feeling like their gear is "worth" more in this type of system are just living in ignorance. I don't see the need to complicate things further.
  3. I love RNG as long as I get good results
  4. @Sugoi - Glad I could help you guys this weekend. We really zerged the poorly made socks out of chaos. You guys finally got a tally in the win column after a dismal January. Look forward to working with you guys again next week!
  5. I'll be going with VikingNail and Sugoi.
  6. Master of argumentation Doesn't know how an engine works Putting down another's idea's Doesn't know what logic is. Wants a debate. Complains when someone challenges. Rude Trolling More Trolling ___________________ You are an embarrassment.
  7. I tried to tell a member of Sugoi a while back that their enemies would multiply and it would happen rapidly. Looks like that has come to fruition. This is just the beginning. They will not be here 1 year from now.
  8. Pump those breaks VikingNail. Don't spread modern ideas to antiquated relics from SB.
  9. If they thought knowing the value helps in testing they would give you the value. Hopefully they stop development on the game so he can get his question answered.
  10. The arrogance of this guy. Asks a question, doesn't like the answer and gives an attitude. This guy is terrible! Not a fan!
  11. You are basically asking for a tab target game. I think that would be lame for a throne war game.
  12. I was told by another Sugoi member that all I needed to do was post in the recruitment thread and then put that logo in my signature block and then I would be in.
  13. Hey guys. I know we had been in talks about me joining your fine guild for some time. Unfortunately at this time I think Sugoi is a better fit for me. Your recruiting requirements were a bit too stringent. Don't take this as an insult, as this means I'm not good enough to be in your fine guild. I hope that someday we can work together and I look forward to that day. Thank you for your interest in Kylo. Cuddles Bless!
  14. What do you know of game design? Many games in the past did just that. Only you didn't get to see them because we didn't have access to the early stages of the game.
  15. I think people are still getting use to early access. This is a trend that has only started in the last few years and Crowfall is one of the first MMO's to do it. People expect a finished product when they are playing and they don't really understand the testing process. When they call it pre-alpha it is exactly that. Its not a beta where most systems are in place and we are just ironing out bugs. People have unrealistic expectations.
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