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  1. Lovely forts It would be a shame if someone... would test the destroyability.
  2. great news Now while i'm still out of time cause got to paint a few more miniatures for tomorrow, i'll jump in on the factionwagon this weekend for sure.
  3. That person with 3 hands is the reason N64 controller was designed the way it was... Seriously now, what do i want to see on the stream (or recording... working that day :< ) -some info what archetype will get a rework next -maybe a sneak peak into specialized recipes for all crafters, and info when other than blacksmithing will get more recipes -and maybe a sneak peak into next archetype?
  4. I'm sitting at work, just read most of stuff that was written here. First of all: Are you guys seriously arguing for such a trivial thing? Don't you think it's kinda silly? First of all let's look at the recent MMos that have autorun: (and i played them so i can have an opinion about them) -WoW: ok i played during tbc so maybe stuff changed, but autorun was used almost always while going to other locations. -ESO: now here i have a more recent memories. I used autorun only in pve zones, mostly because with everyone being able to go sneaky-beaky like you always had to be on your guard, and mostly because i was never afk in those areas [most of the time i was in imperial city sewers, the area was too small for long-ranged autorun voyages] now is there an mmo/large scaled game that doesn't have autorun? the first game i have in mind is Minecraft, however what i noticed after changing to a newer modpack that also uses a newer MC version (and not 1.7 that i was stuck with for almost a year) they appear to have added auto-jump... now that's lazy. my opinion: With crowfall having large areas by default i think autorun should be enabled, while still keeping the "can;t use inventory screen while moving" mechanic. I would like to write on chat while moving tbh. (you won't get a better argument from me, we're talking about a convenience here, thats all. if some1 wants to afk during autorunning i think he's to blame for being dead) P.S. i think that was a wise decision...
  5. Druid and Legio? Meh, give me Male Ranger customisation and i'll be happy for a few weeks
  6. Actually that would be a nice thing. 'member L2 raid bosses? 'member Baium? 'member Antharas?
  7. so basically with that update we get a sh*tload of stuff to do I'm going to enjoy leatherworking and building some basic stuff in EK <hyped again>
  8. my results: Achiever: 47% Explorer: 73% Griefer/Killer: 27% Socializer: 53% so there was a question: In a multiplayer world, you are being chased by a monster. Do you... answers possible were either to hide or ask a friend for help... where is the possibility to try and try again untill you defeat it? D: (i know, i know, too much Dark Souls...) another one: In a multiplayer world you find yourself alone in an area. Do you think... a) its safe to explore, you'll have to look somewhere else for a player to challenge... and where is c) expect ambush ahead? or a mimic or a gank... While i believe the test is right about explorer and socializer, i believe i also love killing... also i think me and some other people would definately need another category: Paranoid after Dark souls: 140%, always expect to be ganked, a trap or an ambush, and every chest is a mimic until it gets hit.
  9. I believe that if devs would implement a more souls like combat system (blocking, parrying, dodging, backstabing, roll spam ) while also enlarging hitboxes and speeding up projectiles would fix most of the problems we have with combat right now. There is 'press e to retaliate' but i don't think its enough. 2-3 cows can easilly keep the player stunlocked for eternity, so some kind of break out mechanic would be nice.
  10. With that title i expected a good old TF2 intro, but i'm intrigued to see it in the game soon
  11. wait.. you're right... thats what happens when you read only half the sentence .=. sorry about that
  12. If anyone here played Wurm online you should remember carts/wagons. Basically you make a container that follows player and has a set carry weight max. What i'm more worried about is how much will it survive before dying. Protecting those pigs will be top priority during the campaigns.
  13. Just a side note: There are arrow types unlocked via ranger skill tree and later specialization. If i recall correctly Archer has elemental arrows (fire/ice) while other one had organic arrows (poison). I didn't have time to play with arrow crafting depending on materials used but there is experimentation at the end of crafting (min dmg, max dmg and durability if i recall correctly) and basic dmg output was 400-600 and I think i made a 412-609 dmg ones. I think range could be semi-based on arrows but on the cost of damage.
  14. Yeah those spiders would be great Potions are giving us max skills in harvesting, so i believe that after some1 skills up it will be looking just like that. And i actually think of specializing in leather harvesting for the first year. But true, meat and hunger shards dropped like crazy (the f*** are hunger shards?! i'll ask again...). Aiming isn't hard however i would prefer over the shoulder look. If anyone remembers/played Nosgoth, Sniper was made perfectly in my opinion. With zoom on aim, not a big one, but still a zoom. And the range modifiers would be great, if i recall correctly there is skill increasing arrow travel speed (can't check at work).
  15. A small clarification: while game is indeed in pre-alpha, devs did mention on numerous ocasions that they want to invite beta1 test group this december.
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