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  1. Lovely forts It would be a shame if someone... would test the destroyability.
  2. great news Now while i'm still out of time cause got to paint a few more miniatures for tomorrow, i'll jump in on the factionwagon this weekend for sure.
  3. i played only for a bit cause of lack of time (didn't play for a few weeks, love how the vessel system works so far). First bug i noticed was after i got ganked and respawned. I couldn't open any screen [inventory/crafting/etc] and ui wasn't showing. Had to relog to fix it. Second one is a bit more specific: After i died and wanted to retrieve the body i accidentaly pressed interract near other archetype shrine. After that i couldn't retrieve the body. [probably could be fixed with a relog but again, no time :< painting miniatures takes most of it lately... ]
  4. That person with 3 hands is the reason N64 controller was designed the way it was... Seriously now, what do i want to see on the stream (or recording... working that day :< ) -some info what archetype will get a rework next -maybe a sneak peak into specialized recipes for all crafters, and info when other than blacksmithing will get more recipes -and maybe a sneak peak into next archetype?
  5. I'm sitting at work, just read most of stuff that was written here. First of all: Are you guys seriously arguing for such a trivial thing? Don't you think it's kinda silly? First of all let's look at the recent MMos that have autorun: (and i played them so i can have an opinion about them) -WoW: ok i played during tbc so maybe stuff changed, but autorun was used almost always while going to other locations. -ESO: now here i have a more recent memories. I used autorun only in pve zones, mostly because with everyone being able to go sneaky-beaky like you always had to be on your guard, and
  6. Druid and Legio? Meh, give me Male Ranger customisation and i'll be happy for a few weeks
  7. this is something i've noticed some time ago. Lots of people who got in simply don't want to play because of various reasons. Also you should look at it from another angle: they just invited 11k people to big world testing, and if the frequency of invites will be kept steadilly more of the beta1 group ppl will get invited. Even with 11k invites a week, and 50 playing players you get a nice growth curve for testing. I hope soon we'll experience full 200 people servers
  8. Actually that would be a nice thing. 'member L2 raid bosses? 'member Baium? 'member Antharas?
  9. so basically with that update we get a sh*tload of stuff to do I'm going to enjoy leatherworking and building some basic stuff in EK <hyped again>
  10. Use crafting potions, most of the stuff you tried making are already at 70% and lower chance of success without potions. But still remember that even with 93% chance you can get a failure.
  11. my results: Achiever: 47% Explorer: 73% Griefer/Killer: 27% Socializer: 53% so there was a question: In a multiplayer world, you are being chased by a monster. Do you... answers possible were either to hide or ask a friend for help... where is the possibility to try and try again untill you defeat it? D: (i know, i know, too much Dark Souls...) another one: In a multiplayer world you find yourself alone in an area. Do you think... a) its safe to explore, you'll have to look somewhere else for a player to challenge... and where is c) expect ambush ahead? or a mimic or a gank... While i b
  12. I believe that if devs would implement a more souls like combat system (blocking, parrying, dodging, backstabing, roll spam ) while also enlarging hitboxes and speeding up projectiles would fix most of the problems we have with combat right now. There is 'press e to retaliate' but i don't think its enough. 2-3 cows can easilly keep the player stunlocked for eternity, so some kind of break out mechanic would be nice.
  13. With that title i expected a good old TF2 intro, but i'm intrigued to see it in the game soon
  14. wait.. you're right... thats what happens when you read only half the sentence .=. sorry about that
  15. If anyone here played Wurm online you should remember carts/wagons. Basically you make a container that follows player and has a set carry weight max. What i'm more worried about is how much will it survive before dying. Protecting those pigs will be top priority during the campaigns.
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