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  1. You can build those castles ingame. When u buy the castles from the shop, they give you the resources which u can build that castle. Usually the 2016 stuff looks slightly better than the 2017. I dont know about castles, but for example, the 2016 nightmare horse also has fire on its feet but the 2017 one doesn't and they cost the same. Very small difference, same cost XD
  2. This is Crowfall forums not WoW forums. no legion here....
  3. Thx. Nic to see there are other au people playing
  4. I'm Australian but am in alpha 3 testers. The regions for testing on the calendar say US east and EU. Will I be able to test on these servers or do I have to wait for a test that includes AU?
  5. Don't they run out of durability? XD
  6. Totaly agree with this. When i tried to get my friend into the game he went straight to the cash shop, deemed it as p2w and went completely off the game until I explained that you could get this stuff ingame and the stuff u can buy doesn't give u any real ingame benifits
  7. Thanks guys. I am Australian so i don't think buying items from the shop increases my beta access does it?
  8. Only pre-alpha 1 and pre-alpha 2 in the next test unfortunatly It says this in the store. Alpha 3 testing currently paused, resumes by the week of 11/17
  9. Hi, I am having alot of difficulty using the website, especially to buy things. My first problem was that after i went to check out and clicked payment method, everything would just go blank. After retrying about 20 times i tried on my phone and the same thing happened. I then tried on my frends laptop and it finally worked. I unbundled and consumed all the things in the package. Now i want to upgrade my pledge. When i click upgrade pledge on the website it takes me to the pledge package website and has all of the pledge packages at full price instead of the difference between my current package and the one i want. This same problem happens when i use my frends laptop. This website is realy doing my head in. Is anyone else having the same problem or knows how to fix it? I realy am going to die if i have to wait untill beta 2 to play it.... Thanks, Kattarraa
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