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  1. I was wondering about the possibility of this because I've always loved mace and shield clerics, wading in with the other frontlines and to generally assist. I know clerics can currently do that, but it doesn't feel right at least to me. Sure throwing hammers are unique, but sometimes I want to go at it up close. It, to my limited degree of knowledge, probably won't be too hard because you can use the same animations for their abilities, though adding new animations for melee abilities might be hard .
  2. Hi. I know Legionnaire was technically replaced for Cleric, but Cleric plays almost nothing like Legionnaire. On the idea of the Duelist class, maybe Centaur could get the Legionnaire as a Race-locked class that brings back pole weapons? Just a thought.
  3. Some Minor feedback, not near deserving of attention right away, but one I felt I need to get off my chest So, I found out about this game a while ago, and saw the concept art for the Myrmidon archetype- namely, the armor sets on the Minotaur. I saw the plate armor set and said "this is what I want my character to be." Recently I decided to play in the pre-alpha, making a Minotaur Battle Rager just so I could be an armored juggernaut... And was thoroughly disappointed when I hit level 25. I found that the plate armor had changed designs since the concept art, and yet the leather and chain armors looked mostly the same. In fact, the chain armor looks *more* defensive. Sure this is very minor, but my disappointment was profound. I didn't wanna make a post about it, but I decided it's probably best to if only to voice my thoughts. I love the game, and will still be spending a lot of time on it, but I don't wanna look like a Mad Max reject, I wanna look like an actual walking armor shell like I saw on the concept art. Hope there will be some way to get the appearance I want on launch! Thank you for reading.
  4. Mankong

    Sentinel: Axe

    I think he uses a crossbow and an axe w/ shield. I think he would be like the ranger in that regard.
  5. On my very first day on the test, I killed a confessor and a druid with the knight. Me being relatively new to this style of mmo, I kinda enjoyed knight ever since.
  6. I canae wait. I play paladins quite a bit, and Templar seems like it would be very fun.
  7. I do like wearing plate on Champions. I hope the defense one is Pitfighter. It'll probably be Barbarian, though.
  8. What do you think each promotions specializes in? If they already said something on it, then I am clueless and missed the whole thing. I know Pitfighter does Heavy Maces, Barbarian does Heavy Axe, and Berserker uses both.
  9. You are allowed to keep stuff you put into the crafting slot when you die. I noticed this when I died and was trying to make a basic shield.
  10. Myrmidon! Woo. I kinda want to build him into off-tank.
  11. Hi! I just recently pledged to this game. It looks pretty well done so far!
  12. Cottage, man. always the cottage. Gotta rest my cow body.
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