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  1. We are recruiting harvesters right now.. Message Parallel.
  2. This has really messed with vessel progression.....Why is there not slate?
  3. I am not including rangers that kite, but on test on my radical pretty much beats everyone. The only classes that can maybe get me 2x in a row are Myrms, other clerics, Ice callers, and occasionlly a barb/champ. Havent tested the mana shield nerf yet. Is it a big nerf? Did they fix the backwards left click/.? Also want to add that radical left click was nerfed somewhat in 6.4 with the stat changes although i did left click for 2050 once,
  4. On live I can hit from 37-38 yards left click and with all my spells. That's pretty significant and I would not say limiting.
  5. Hey guys. PvE is not fun and takes no skill unless it's a Herald. Here is the solution to make PVE challenging and fun without a major over haul or adding anything new. What past game do we copy? Ultima Online For those that did not play in the era when they added skill scrolls this is how it went: In order to get the skill scrolls you had to do the following: 1.Go to a dungeon and start killing mobs. As you killed more mobs the spawn would intensify and more mobs would come. Eventually after a certain amount of waves the boss would come and whoever did damage would have a shot at looting the scroll from the boss. My idea is as follows: Each mob camp in CF could follow this concept above. Make it so you have to clear the full camp in order to activate or spawn the chief. Once you down the chief the next set of mobs spawn and are stronger and there are more of them. And so it goes all the way up to the herald. Make it a progression that takes X amount of people to finish the event up to the Herald. If the guild completes the event they get X points. Imagine how fun it would be if your guild was on the herald and another guild shows up to steal the kill or a stealther ninja loots the boss. This would be a large content creator I feel and a simple solution to the horrid pve.
  6. I don't want to turn this into a complete complaining thread. Also disclaiming im not a vet. After trying every class on test it's come down to a ranger or a bow assasin. These classes are really similar. The best thing about being a ranger? = Hybrid. For me my style and what i like translates to a pre:casting Halbred mage in UO. I like having different options and not being a one trick pony. Favorite abilities>? = Forrest Step, Sweep, - The mobility goes without saying. This is a hard class to focus or kill in large fights. . Largest complaints? = Ranger not being a full stealth class. Rangers to me are meant to be the MAIN scouts for war. They track and find the enemy without being seen. I do not feel it would be over powered for a ranger to stealth in all the paths chosen, Half elf and harvesting making you shoot bows is really annnnnnnnnoying. Second complaint?= Range- Same issue turned me off from chain mail confessor was that the range nerf made the character not fun to play. You literally cant wand from a realistic range and this translates to the same thing for me in Brigand. The cut off range isnt realistic .I know you can add range through gear options and such but it a big enough difference? Overall i like the class but thinks it needs 1 more good polish,.
  7. Does it need anything extra to attach?
  8. Hey guys. From what I can tell I should have a socket to attach my vendor on my cottage. It's a shire. I am guessing i need to craft something else? Can anyone help?
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