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    Tired of dragon people in games. Can't it just be a lizardman? Like in Warhammer. Would be way cooler and less special snowflake.
  2. So the purpose of this is to basically get some suggestions, ideas, and thoughts going on about the discipline system they finally gave us info on. I honestly wanted to suggest a idea I had while talking to a friend. Which was a "Lich" major discipline. Based mostly around a single ability idea I had. The ability to make and place a phylactery. Now I know this might sound a bit over powered to anyone familiar with Lichs and phylacteries. But I was thinking this could be used as a interesting mitigation mechanic. I'll explain along with a few other ability ideas. Phylactery: So the keystone ability here is the Phylactery one. The ability would ideally place a phylactery on the ground in a target location. What it does is take a % of the damage the player receives as long as the player remains in the set range of the phylactery. The values of this can be modified as needed for balance of course. But I was thinking about 10-15 meters range, and 25% of the damage you receive is transferred. The phylactery would have it's own separate health bar based on the player's health. When that bar depletes, the phylactery is destroyed and needs to be replaced. So it can be attacked separately and destroyed faster, I am thinking the phylactery should take less damage from AoE effects, and If enemies die in range of the phylactery it regenerates health. Just to keep it viable in group fights.This might make it too strong, I don't know. Just want to make sure it's not something that instantly blows up. A friend told me that it probably should not be targetable, but I feel it's good for the flavor. If you have a opinion on it please let me know. Raise Dead: Easy enough to get the picture. Except, instead of just summoning a creature, you actually require a dead body, or player grave marker to use this. Cast in a AoE around you, any dead bodies or grave markers in range spawn a skeletal zombie that attacks and debuffs nearby hostiles. Mindlessly and without direction. The damage would be small and it would mostly be used for the debuff. These debuffs can be anything from lowering attack power to lowering their defenses. I'll let the reader decide what they think works better. Curse of Death: So the idea here, is to drop a field where the player is standing that applies a dot to all that pass through it, as well as slow and weaken it's victims. The dot would persist for a limited time after enemy players exit the field. It's your basic area denial ability. Good addition to any perspective necromancer's or Death knight's tool kit. Feast of the Dead: Passive ability that either regenerates health on death of an enemy, for both you and the Phylactery, or spawns health orbs on death of a enemy. I'll again let the reader decide which they like more. As you can tell it supports a very, " Stand your Ground " play style. Making area control and battlefield momentum a focus. But I think clever players can find many uses for some of the abilities in this set. I love necromancy and things like that. Death Knights, Warlocks, necromancers, you name it! Inspired by seeing the Banshee and Plague Lord major disciplines. I just had to drop this idea in hopes of seeing something like this put in the game. I'll probably suggest more in the future too, as I think of them. Really look forward to seeing more of what they come up with. Especially if they have more necromantic themed ones! Anyway, that's pretty much it for this idea. Let me know what you think.
  3. A magic Minotaur would be cool. I know it's probably weird. Might not even be possible with'in the lore they made. But I just keep thinking about Bray Shaman from Warhammer and how cool they are. So if it is at all possible that Minotaurs might become shaman like, or have some shamanistic tribal culture. Would be pretty cool to see a Minotaur Druid or Frostweaver to get in touch a shaman flavor. Elken would work for that too. But it would be much less cool.
  4. I don't see banshee for the major rune on any of the races or classes.
  5. A little bump to this. I'd like to ad that we are going to be doing plenty of pvp even if we remain small. We will have a update on the post covering our plans in more depth, soon.
  6. I may be crazy but, uh. I am actually super looking forward to the smaller stuff. The actual parcels, lamp posts, decor items. The little things that will make our worlds feel more real and immersive. Want to see my Fallen Colossus parcel, and see what future parcel skins they add. Also like mentioned before.... I want a arena to kill my friends in.
  7. I saw someone say this won't have the high action combos of eastern mmos. Talking about a skill ceiling. I just want to point out. Eastern mmo's have the lowest skill ceilings I have ever seen. Even their action games tend to be all about the gear and the grind, and not about skill. I have lost faith in them. So while this combat might not be on eastern mmo's level. At least it doesn't bury skill caps under gear score. Not that I have seen yet anyway. I would rather them work on stable combat before changing the mechanics. Stability first so we can see what the actual skill reqs might be.
  8. I mean, maybe you guys do better now. But for a long time you guys had a rough run of it. Hopefully you turned that around. Good luck out there.
  9. Saw you guys in BDO. You didn't do so well there. Got ran off a few channels by some small groups. Had a officer that cried a lot too. Hopefully he won't be around for this game. Hopefully you guys have a better run at this one too. Good luck on the battle field.
  10. I disagree only in that I think a AT that can create zoning effects can be super useful in group play. Either in defending siege positions, or pushing a slow advance into the castle walls. creating a AE zone that can force enemies to stay back and allies a place to hide and maybe get a heal before fighting again. All this would be so good for tactical group play. Physical barriers or just damage zones go a long way to turn the tide of some fights in games. Of course, I guess I am assuming they won't be lackluster turrets. Here is hoping, they have the potential to do some interesting things with him.
  11. I like the loot in a zombie town sort of thing. But, in case people are thinking I mean gear in those chests, I do not. I just mean crafting resources. Like, maybe you are exploring a abandoned town, or mine, and after a few mobs die and you loot the corpse for guts and powder and what ever skin you can get, you look around and find a chest with some copper or gold in it. You know something like that. I don't want the same level that's in game right now. I just like little chests for the world building like a rare treat, maybe even rare enough to have people fight over them? You know, some pvp stuff. .
  12. You wanna go dude? we are about to fight! But no i like that idea for a name. Expedition forces. Get out and get exploring.. also taking everything not nailed down.
  13. I like some of these, and not that this matters much, but, please no bunnies. As far as I can tell from the lore. The Guinecian's are literally just, up lifted guinepigs that burrow. They have a pretty asexual look by human standards anyway. Honestly not sure how you would make them look female without getting creepy. It would be easy to just say yours was female. Cause again, no gender identifiers. I really like the joint party idea though. Would be good to have parties be able to merge on the spot, rather then have to make people drop and reform.
  14. I never saw any in the mob camps. I must not have looked hard enough. But I did look. This was more a suggestion for the actual game, and not the play test environment. I don't think whats in the play test is representative of what will be in the game at soft launch. I am betting they remove the house chests maybe not all but a lot. They feel like they are there to help supply for crafting tests. But I am glad to hear they have chests in mob guarded camps. I'll have to make it a point to look harder in the next play test.
  15. I am guessing, ( and hoping ) that they will place artifact like object. Magically forged crystals and the sort. That have effects like increasing damage resists and debuffing the enemy or even damaging them with magic aoe or single target, or, ( and I like this one ) let him make a golem or construct like that, I would prefer ti see a more a artificer look to their abilities. They have that master magical craft look to them. Like Norse myth dwarfs. Give me the iron ribbon that tied Fenrir down. Not Torbjorn's gun.
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