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  1. Bravebellows and Gamin Kitty are ready with their checkbooks! Make it so (where's the money slot?)
  2. For example, the werewarriors (wolf) that took down the DHL a lot of times. Or the Vashteera's Pride that rocked huntresses.
  3. bravebellows


    PVP in archeage is broken. Gear was mostly the differentiator, not skill. I've had reds sniping at me _only_ near the guards where they'd kill be before the red. Nymvincyx and I quit the game two days ago.
  4. I had the two rings from one GM event. I forget their names but their stats were +12 dexerity each, and not character-bound. They were prized beyond value and passed from one trusted toon to the next.
  5. Shadowbane set the bar for open PVP. Nothing else came close, not even ArcheAge!
  6. Where's the next bane planted by the Fallen Angels?! Edit: wrong server. The Fallen Angels were on War. Ironically, TFA united the entire server against them, making people less likely to PVP. Our guild (Gondor) moved to Mourning to two guilds (that I can recall): Windriders and Vashteera's Pride.
  7. The point her is to ensure that betrayal is possible. Gaining entrance into a noble guild, only to destroy it from the within. Going to war with your allies and then killing them behind their backs while they're fighting. Without the possibly of betrayal then having a reputation for being honest, trustful and fair is meaningless. Rememberer Bravebellows of Gondor!
  8. The PVP system and the KoS lists are just perfect, as in Shadowbane!
  9. Beta Group 3. It will be good to see you guys again!
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