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    bravebellows got a reaction from vulthuryol in Non-Consensual PvP - Yes Please!!!!   
    The PVP system and the KoS lists are just perfect, as in Shadowbane!
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    bravebellows got a reaction from dobhran83 in 01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   
    For example, the werewarriors (wolf) that took down the DHL a lot of times. Or the Vashteera's Pride that rocked huntresses.
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    bravebellows reacted to malenx in 01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   
    Shadowbane was the same way, yes you could google builds, and many people did after rolling terrible characters, but at least you have the option to do something completely different (unlike every other mmo).  Want to roll an ambidexterity caster and equip throwing daggers that proc magic damage?  Sure, but you'll have to figure out a way via stats and you'll have to survive combat much closer that a far away caster.
    Being able to do silly things like this made the game amazing, regardless of it being unbalanced.  Even if guilds ran overpowered builds, there was always a way to rock their scissors.
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    bravebellows reacted to ghirular x in Looking For Role-Players   
    Hail and well met!

    New game. New Lore. New possibilities.

    Am not sure where things are heading but am looking to find others who are up for new and different experiences.

    What games we played before are in the past. SB, Wiz101, DF, EVE, etc. Matters not to me.

    What should and shall matter is having fun, killing and "being" yourself.

    Besides Pen and Paper Dungeons and Dragons, have RPed in Anarchy Online, Earth and Beyond, EVE, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-CU), Fallen Earth, Star Trek Online, Planetside 2, War Thunder, DC Universe Online, and Star Wars The Old Republic.

    Tried other games but didn't stick around long enough to RP.

    Whether we start a new guild or just a circle of friendship, am down to meet other like-minded Role-Players.
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    bravebellows got a reaction from shiden86 in Shadowbane has ruined MMORPGS for me   
    Shadowbane set the bar for open PVP. Nothing else came close, not even ArcheAge!
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    bravebellows reacted to jewels in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    I am very excited about all of this, thanks to SB players, we're having here more amazing info and ways to understand better the things that are new to some of us. Idc how long it will take them to get us in beta, all I can say I WILL be THERE!
    Thanks to Devs for the concept art, but
    HUGE thanks to SB players for sharing their knowledge! (waiting on beta will be even harder for me now!)
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    bravebellows reacted to gauis in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    Guess he wasn't around from when they started hyping Darkfall before they even had an Alpha ready, hell they didn't even have art:
    1. On 29 August 2001, Razorwax announced the development of Darkfall and launched its official website.
    2. In September 2005, a signup page for a closed clan beta was made available on the web; this beta never happened, however a 1.5 minute Darkfall gameplay video was released on February 2006 as recompense to the community.
    3.  From June 2006 onwards, just after E3, the Darkfall development team began releasing bi-weekly developer journals and community question/answer articles, published on the game forum site Warcry.
    4. On the 30 January 2007, Aventurine released their second official gameplay video, consisting of about one minute of ingame footage demonstrating real-time melee combat, mounts (including mounted combat), spellcasting and naval combat.
    5. On 29 August 2008, Darkfall's official beta was announced as the final scene of a 17-minute gameplay video,[29] which demonstrated numerous aspects of the game, such as small and large group PVP, including small and large group mounted combat, ship sailing and naval combat, magic and archery, and vehicular combat, creative use of in-game physics and magic, crafting, banking, 3 different PVE encounters demonstrating mob AI, and city building and sieging. This was soon followed by a "limited public hardware test" of Darkfall as the first phase of public beta, which was then followed by a staged gameplay-oriented public beta.
    6. On 24 June 2009, Tasos announced that Darkfall will launch in North America on 7 July 2009, alongside Darkfall's first free expansion to the game.
    We only have to wait a month and half to get more info than what it took Darkfall 5 years to put out.
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    bravebellows reacted to nymvincyx in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    I detect epic scale siege warfare!! YAY!!
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    bravebellows reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    Ok. So Banes from the 2003-2004 Era are a bit different than late 2004- Server down.
    Basically players were able to build their cities just about any where on the world. Planting a Tree of Life(ToL) would terraform the land around it allowing you to place buildings on it. You were actually able to place buildings anywhere in the world during the 2003 - 2004 era. This was removed eventually and it was probably for stability reasons. Having random buildings around the world was somewhat taxing on the server I would imagine. Those buildings could also be burned down at any point so many times you would come across the husk of a building as you were running around the world.
    Now these player cities had the ability to protect a certain amount of buildings through your ToL. These buildings could not be damaged unless the city were under the effect of a bane stone. Banes were the sieging mechanic in SB. The defenders of the city were able to set the time on a bane stone for when it would go live. What I don't remember for sure is if there were windows of time at this point where the defenders could set it. It could be that at this point in the game, you could set it during any time of the day. The servers at this point were pretty much all NA so people could have potentially set it for 3 in the morning(I think).
    Another thing of note is that the amount of buildings that could be protected is small and the city walls could NOT be protected. This meant that many guilds would "prep" the city for a bane by showing up in the middle of the night to burn down walls. You probably have seen this referenced by people saying they would stay up all night sometimes fighting off attackers. This was the reason. It also was done just to piss someone off. Cities were not cheap to build so burning down someones unprotected buildings and walls was very expensive for a guild to replace(assuming they were not duping which was rampant for a majority of SB).
    If a city was baned, once the time set by the defender went live, everything in the city was vulnerable, including the Tree of Life itself. Guilds were able to destroy or take over an enemy city by destroying the tree of life through a bane. The size of banes back then generally were massive but could be smaller depending on the guilds involved. Since the active population size held steady around 2k-2.5k back then, banes with as many as 500 people or more attending were possible.
    This is where I should mention one of the major downfalls of SB came into play. The stability of the game back then was just awful. The servers didn't handle that many people in once place at one time and the client crashing was common place. Back then, it was not uncommon for me to crash 20-30 times a day. Banes that were big enough could end in just a slide show for a lot of people because of the amount of characters on the screen at once. The biggest bane I attended was probably on Vengeance server at The Lordknights capital and there could easily have been 1000 people there(There may have been actually less but it was absurd). It ended up crashing the server. It is honestly surprising that I made it through that period where it was super frustrating. Everything else about it was a lot of fun though.
    I should also mention that banes could vary wildly in duration. Some did last over 12 hours. This was kinda rare but it did happen. Even your more modern banes can last for hours. I think the longest one I was involved in within the last year was somewhere around 5 hours. Generally this happens(these days) when it is poorly managed by the attacker or the defenders play a stalling game(or both).
    Another aspect of banes that changed from the early days to the second expansion that released was that Spires were introduced. These provided special effects that could block different powers, amplify damage from different sources or debuff different stats. The most common used were no fly and no teleport spires. This made it is difficult for enemies to access the city because it prevented the primary sources of entering the city to be used at all. There were still other sources like spies in the guild, a set of bane discs called sapper and saboteur, and exploiting(this obviously was frowned upon but did happen).
    That takes us to the end of 2004. Ubi bought out Wolfpack during this year and the changes that occurred may be unrelated and have been planned already. The amount of protection slots for ToLs was increased and walls and barracks(they held NPC guards you could have in a city) were auto protected. The amount of barracks you could have in a city was also limited to 8. Before it was unlimited so some cities were literally just full of barracks(these guys were your dupers). It was very expensive to have that but it also made a city very hard to destroy if this were the case because a city might have a thousand NPC guards there to harass and attack. It also generated a ton of lag for those attacking and really for those defending. This was also another major source of server lag.
    The window that defenders could set a bane was also tightened. They generally fell on NA friendlyish times of 1PM CST to 3AM CST (I say friendlyish because those were still all over the place.) Bane times generally became shorter. Banes stones initially had not much health (100000 hp). This could lead to people rushing the bane stone and bashing it down. Ranked bane stones were introduced that could have up to 10 mil hp.
    It also became possible to travel to friendly trees through the use of an NPC on the tree called a rune master. This allowed defenders much easier travel. Previous to this, all long distance travel was through rune gates that were placed in set spots around the map and summoning. Early on, only healer based classes had the ability to summon. This was later changes with vampires but that happened with the second expansion that came out at the end of 2004.
    I realized that I haven't explained bane mechanics too well. Basically you were able to build buildings of war(Bulwarks and siege tents). Bulwarks provided the base for trebuchets and other machines of war to be built for bashing down walls and hitting enemies(the latter was hardly used until it was broken and exploited to blow up stacks). These were controlled by players to attack the target they wanted. They acted like a pet. These trebs could be destroyed and the bulwarks could be bashed down to slow damage to their walls.
    The biggest part of banes was controlling the bulwark fields. If you were the defender, this gave you the opportunity to bash down their bulwarks and destroy the stone. If you were the offense, this gave you the opportunity to replace any destroyed bulwarks and deal damage to the walls to gain access to the cities. This is a vast oversimplification of it but that is the overall idea.
    That is a very quick overview of some changes. I left out a ton of things and I wasn't overly specific on others so if you have any specific questions or other old SB players want to chime in, have at it.
    TL;DR: If you care, read it.
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    bravebellows reacted to doc gonzo in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    can't threaten meh with a good time, sailor....
    but still...yeah...Sieges > graphics, imo
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    bravebellows reacted to doc gonzo in 01/13/15 - City Siege Concept   
    who really gives an aerial fornication intersecting a rotating pastry about the fewkin' ART!!!
    yeah, graphics are nice....but give me good Mechanics and an open World and i could care less if it's stick figures fighting in a bare cubist environment
    could just be me...
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    bravebellows reacted to zoopz in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Player looks like hes standing on a gate from SB.
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    bravebellows reacted to Conspiracy Theorist in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    I see a Confessor. All will be OK.
    Or someone will burn.
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    bravebellows reacted to destiny.star in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    agreed.  I'm really glad my graphics card wont be wasted on unnecessary details, save it for the combat!! thanks!
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    bravebellows reacted to ashentemper in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    I'm in much the same boat. Although, the one thing higher for me will be politics (guild, political, personal). There are plenty of games out there where I can get good combat or a good story, there are very few games where I feel my actions can actually affect the game world. That is what I want, a place where what I do affects other players (more than just me PKing them, of course).
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    bravebellows reacted to the_blue_circle in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    This art style is nearly exactly what I'm looking for. What most people don't realize is that 'stylized' visual appearances set themselves up to last for a long while. Games that tend to go with 'realistic' visuals lose their appeal when the next generation of 'realistic' is released. It's an awesome way to see how a game can prep itself to deal with longterm development. I love it.
    As far as the stats go, I... IS THAT A PLAYABLE ELK-PERSON?! SIGN ME UP NOW!
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    bravebellows reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    Something of note, there is a ton of math underneath the stat/training points as well. It isn't particularly hard to do but there are a lot of variables mixed in with each other. I spend a lot of time working with building characters. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to perfecting my builds though so most players didn't tend to mess with that too much.
    Also there were all sorts of small things you could tweak. I generally had 2-3 versions of the same type of character with different tweaks(generally racial changes and starting/stat rune changes).
    If you want to look at some theorycrafting for builds and such, you can take a look at the SBemu's forums for class builds and such. Ideally I hope that this game matches some of the depth available for character builds in SB. Having terrible builds and spec groups could really make your guild perform poorly. It was another aspect of SB that occurs outside of game play that could lose you your city.
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    bravebellows reacted to bairloch in Ageing   
    I don't expect this idea to be popular, but we were encouraged to think outside the box, so I am. I briefly outlined this concept in a reply to another post, but thought I'd flesh it out some more.
    Picture a game where you start out a young man/woman. Your body is full of vigor. Your strength is near its peak and your agility and dexterity are top notch. As a melee fighter, your ability to swing your weapon and wear armor is almost as good as it will ever get. As a ranged warrior, your eyesight and nimble fingers allow you to pick out your targets with ease. As a mage, the elaborate motions required to cast spells and the toll they take upon your body are easily dealt with.
    There are downsides to being young. Your wisdom, worldliness, cunning are lacking. You simply don't have the experience to know better. Therefore you are more susceptible to bluffs, your mental resistances are lower and your pool of knowledge is limited.
    As time goes by you grow into your chosen profession. Not only do your physical attributes improve, but your mental as well. You are gaining strength and wisdom, muscle memory and cunning, honing your reflexes and expanding your mind. Warrior, archer or mage, you are at your peak. Balancing the mind and body, performing like a finely tuned instrument, nothing stands in your way.
    Eventually though, your body begins to fail you. You can't quite take the pounding in battle you used to. The armor is heavy. Your joints start to ache and your fingers feel thick. Your eyes start to go and the energies required for casting spells don't flow so easily through your veins as they once did.
    But! You have never been wiser, and growing more so by the day! Your wealth of experience leads to cunning, making battle a game of strategy. Bluff, feint and counter-attack. Your knowledge of the field gives you a better chance of picking the right ambush location and taking better advantage of cover that you spurned as a younger man. Your ever expanding mind can now encompass spells of vast power that might take more time to cast, but can accomplish more than you ever could as an impatient girl.
    Eventually, your body gives out. You die. Hopefully you've left a legacy and your children or a promising apprentice or vassal can step into your metal-encased or pointy shoes. Starting the cycle anew.
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    bravebellows reacted to jtoddcoleman in Good news, please consider what killed Shadowbane   
    I didn't come here to repeat history.  It is my firm intention to make entirely new horrible mistakes.
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    bravebellows reacted to orious13 in Class or Classless System?   
    How about a mix of both in a "Classless System with Masteries"...err...System.
    Take the very intuitive Classless System where you choose active & passive skills and level them by use. Next incorporate a "masteries" skillset that you can elect to train that sort of specializes you into a certain style.
    Example 1: Let's say you mastered maybe 50% of 1H Sword, Shields, and Heavy Armor. These three seperate skill-lines are required for unlocking the "Knight" Role. The knight role mainly passively buffs those three skill-lines. So if you really wanted to, you can go full-out Knight and really define your archetype or once you learn the role you can swap your heavy armor out for medium armor and just take advantage of the sword and shield buffs.
    Example 2: Another example would be mastering 1H Swords and Hands-free Magic (it's hard to read spells from a spell book and swing a sword). You could unlock "Spell Sword" that might allow you to imbue your weapons with magic.
    Example 3: Perhaps a Ritualist and a Hunter combine to create an army of undead tigers?
    Okay...maybe a bit too much, but hopefully you get it.
    What I mean here is you can do some very intuitive things to get players to feel like they're creating the character they really want. One big reason why I play certain MMOs and do not play others is because I want a character that feels RIGHT. To do this you might not need 30 skills in each skill line. You might only need just 5 actives+passives. Create a way for players to tweak their skills by way of "Skill or Spell Crafting" and you won't need to worry so much about balance. Skill/Spell crafting is another thread though..lol.
    Anywas, I'm getting far too excited.
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    bravebellows reacted to gauis in Zerg Restrictions   
    What us SB players are talking about is what happens when you have fixed assets that you either have to have or is of such importance not having them puts you at a huge disadvantage and then having to fend off up to 5 times your number. Lets take a mine which gave resources in SB as an example where some mines are more valuable to own then others. What is called the CN guilds do not fight each other for these mines, instead they will group up to where you would find up to 100 of them defending the  mine from 10-20 man guilds. Since the object is to capture the mine no solo player is going to have a chance. When it came to the player built city sieges the CN players would show with 300+ in their off prime hours, heaven help you if you foolishly set it for their prime time. Look I'll link in a 12 min video of what was an 8 hr siege of one of towns being attacked by the Asians. In this video if you look at the upper right you will see a mini map and on that all the dark blue dots are enemies (20 of those dark blue was of another guild crashing in called Maquers). We had 20 casters on the wall and about 10 melee down on the ground, just watch how many dark blue dots stream in and this was on a lore restricted server that actually cut down on their numbers:

    With the games built in defenders advantage our 30 (which was way more skilled than the Zerg) was able to beat them, now rinse and repeat that 8 hr fight every 3 days for 3 months (What happened on the Brailla server if memory serves right) and see if you would have the inclination to log in when RL interfere's
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    bravebellows reacted to timetraveler in Zerg Restrictions   
    That's the magical word when it comes down to the sustainability of a zerg, which is another important thing.
    Battles shouldn't just be about charging in, swinging left and right and that's it. Siege engines need to be moved from one place to another which will make a siege force extremely slow and vulnerable, scouts should be looking for incoming hostiles, the army need to shelter from bad weather and stay warm by making a campfire, tents need to be put up, the army needs to stay properly fed to prevent starvation. Once the battle is over things need to be looted, repaired and transported back with the usage of wagons.
    All you have to do is look at how things go in real life, cut out the most tedious parts and make sure it fits in the game by introducing some artificial things.
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    bravebellows reacted to xaine in Zerg Restrictions   
    Yeah, no artificial caps on player numbers please. 

    If there is a zerg on the server, then the rest of the server should band together and deal with it.
    We want a game without as many 'caps' and 'restrictions' as possible.
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    bravebellows reacted to peekachew in Zerg Restrictions   
    Then we will probably see empty servers because nobody likes fighting against super un-fair advantages and losing for very long. This is exactly how Shadowbane failed, I applaud your philosophy but in a practical sense, it doesn't work in games. People cannot be trusted to police them selves, this is the reason why we have so much corruption we have to deal with in our own real lives. 
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    bravebellows reacted to xeronian in Racial History and Players   
    In many MMO's there is a rich lore, and a Vast number of races that the players will encounter, or can even play As. But In some games there are half Races available as well, and these tend to be an inbetween of the two major races. An example would be an Elf a human and a Half elf. In most games Elves receive an increase to the Magical side of things, and the Humans receive with a bonus to a skill, or something universal like +1 to all stats or 2 points to distribute to stats of their choosing. Half elves get an extra skill and +1 to the Elf akin side of things.

    Many games have introduced a "half species" but they are always limited to common races, like half elves, Half Orc, Half Dragon. Hardly ever do you come across something that is Half of two things. Take WoW for example, two opposing factions have been at war for nearly 20 years, and you mean to tell me there aren't any inter species relations from either side? No half night-elf, half human? Or Half Troll, Half-orc? These things aren't impossible, but no game offers this.

    Now I'm not saying building it into the lore, Give us the races, and then give us the choice to pick our background. Not necessarily our parents, but more like say I wanted to be descended from an elf, and something Mythical of some sort (not human) This allows me to build my own Custom back story for my character, It appeases The RP crowed with this, and it also gives a HUGE number of races. If you have 3 races, and each race can be a half of one another you effectively increased your races to 6 different types.

    As for the Attributes or stats, or skill (should these be implemented into the game) Let the player pick one from each race to equal them to other Races. Obviously a Half-elf loses out on some of the perks of a Full elf. They are not as nimble, or smart, and suffer a significantly shorter Life span. By allowing the player to  choose two this avoids "cookie cutter" builds, offers Larger options for player customization, as well as allowing a Deeper Involvement into your Character.

    Players will be encouraged to develop their characters and build their stories, this could cause Specific Race Guilds (All half Orc Guild), and they could become hired Swords. Players will not dedicate the time into building out their character and story, and then just Delete it.

    One last aspect that could be included is on appearance. Say for example you're Half dragon Half Orc (odd combination but hey no limitations), While creating your character you decide your "dominate" side, which is the side you take more of your looks from. So if you decided to choose the Dragon, you would take on more of their appearances, (horns, eyes, scales), but as you are an orc maybe you have fangs and a broad neck or are ripped out muscularly. I don't know how complicated it would be to make this possible on the visual Side, but as for the creation side, I think it would be fun. And allows new customization.
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