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  1. You know who likes to gather? Chinese gold farmers. That's what this separation of crafting and gathering is going to bring to the game day 1. Crafting in this depth along the way it was in Star Wars Galaxies brought a competition to who could craft the best weapons and armor. Gathering won't hold people's interest as a main occupation especially when they can't compete with the people farming to make money for the inevitable grey market currency sales..
  2. I actually hate that they seperate the gathering from the crafting. I cannot imagine this will fly in the long run at all.
  3. To everyone saying that prime materials in the ET would dry up the live servers, it would only dry the servers up of crafters that aren't interested in PVP. You people gung ho on PVP would obviously still log on to the test server to PVP if that was your aim. I'd log in to the live servers to give people things I have made once I was able to gather enough resources without getting ganked every 3 minutes. I understand that yes, it's a pvp game, but it's alpha for F#$%^#$^% sake. Ganking crafters is just going to make crafters like me stop playing and you're going to see it in the crafting bugs later on. Plenty of harvesting bugs in there now as it is.
  4. I don't want to make the best stuff day one but if I am in pre alpha testing I feel 1) The time frame has to be accelerated greatly so that we can test the higher end stuff and 2) premium materials should be in the ETs so we can gather and test without getting ganked. I bought this game to be a crafter, no guild is going to log in pre aplha to protect crafters so they can test stuff.
  5. Right now I am very disappointed that I bought in to the game. The videos made it seem that crafters were going to be an integral aspect of the game, but as far as I can see everyone can train crafting, race and combat. If crafters are going to be unique, you have to allow them to take points they would have invested in combat skills and put more of them toward crafting. Also the time sink to get any traction in crafting is ridiculous. I expected more.
  6. With the use of automated factories I think the crafter base will easily keep up with the rest of the players. Star Wars Galaxies used this method and it worked great. Your experimentation with the high end mats gets you the first great build into a blueprint and then you can just load it up with regular mats.
  7. I've added myself to your list, I don't know what I will specialize in, probably blacksmithing first as I was a weapon maker in Star Wars Galaxies and really enjoyed that.
  8. Put some resource nodes in the eternal kingdoms for people who want to test and experiment with crafting where they can switch off pvp and take away this ability once the game goes live. This would be the best solution in my opinion. I'm ok with the boring gather, I just can't stand the self righteous pvpers who say it's apart of the game when they just like ganking crafters. When we go live guild will be organized and protect their crafters. Until then, not enough people are logging in to protect the crafters.
  9. Crafting. No game has ever come close to being as good as SWG and I have high hopes for Crowfall. My wife and I were completely addicted to SWG and I'd love to get her playing something online again.
  10. I am giving this game a try strictly based on the involvement of the original creator of Star Wars Galaxies, the only game that has ever done crafting any justice and had such an amazing community before Smedley ruined it. If the crafting comes even close to as good as that was I will be weeping tears of joy.
  11. Hi Folks, Just picked up my early access package today. I plan on being a crafter and would love to find a guild that isn't psycho on Atlantic time or Eastern time.
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