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  1. You are right. It is too much. Same goes for the God's reach. The area's are too good and filled with really valuable resources. rank5 max would be good for god's and r2 or 3 for temple area. Situation right now will keep people from entering the campaign.
  2. I might be a weird one here, but I get dizzy from the dizzy effect and I like it. I would not mind if it would stay. Same goes for the blind. It's perfect.
  3. I sure hope not, but you are right. Cash shop might be a nessesary evil since there is no monthly subscription. Unless they make VIP so attractive everybody wants it...
  4. Now that I think about it maybe the potion would be a requirement to do the reset. You need to have a potion from the alchemist and go to a NPC for the reset and then you get your first, second, third reset that increase in price each time. If only the potion would be implemented it would be always about the same price // mats required. And it wouldnt have much of a restriction or would be too expensive for new players.
  5. I searched the forums (but not thoroughly) for similar topics but havn’t found any. I think it would be very tester friendly, and also usefull for new players when the game releases, to allow us to reset the talent tree for a fee (chaos embers/gold) Each time you reset your tree would increase the cost. So after the second time or so it would cost so much that it would be better to create a new character (unless the vessel is epic or legendary) and so limiting the ammount of resets. example, first reset: 1k gold second reset: 10k gold 10 chaos embers third reset: 100k gold and 50 embers. I think it would be even cooler to give the alchemy profession a potion that erases the memory. The alchemist profession would benefit and make it more of an immersive thing. The talent tree is not so unforgiving and hard, but it would allow players to explore different builds a bit easyer. I know patches that contain changes to classes and talents often include a talent reset. That might not happen as often when the game goes live though.
  6. @mandalore Yeah khaldrogoslavebitch voice: ‘It is known’ I was purely talking about Crem’s militia when I said ‘NA players’ ’refugees’ bwhaha
  7. @makkon Don't think i've seen that many NA players to be honest. Alot of NA helped us last campaign tho. That fact made last campaign more fun too. This campaign feels different. We are outmatched & outnumbered. Anyway, I had fun pumping out arrows with the archer aswell!
  8. Wow, amen. I figured there was something wrong with quiver aswell. Ranged feels underpowered because of this and the double shot not working. I’m playing brigand. Melee damage is oke. Pretty good against other melee. And its because the ultimate is so fast that I manage to survive a few fights once in a while. So i’m not complaining about that. The flare (anti-stealth) arrow is great and so are the traps. I think its good that they remove stealth if they are actually triggered by a player. But it’s broken that bombs remove stealth (explosion) when they expire. I think the class would be great if they fixed/adjusted the points you mentioned. Great work! They should give you a award for this work!
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