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  1. It is hard to be patient waiting for this game lol. Glad we have some things to mess around with in the meantime as a guild!
  2. Everyone has their passion, and for me..it has always been people. It is what draws me to multiplayer games, usually of the PC MMORPG genre. If I do not have a good group of people to play with, I can very quickly lose interest in a game. The same goes in reverse. A good group of people can bring such fun and dimension to nearly any game you play, and that..that is what I crave to experience. In a nutshell; my community if vital to me. Sure, there can be something said for solo games and players, but for me? I'll still always prefer playing with a group of players over banging it out alone in a game. Games can be such a great way to meet people of like minds while also providing challenge in a fun environment. Not only that, in today's well-connected world, we can now "meet" others from different areas of the world we would never have otherwise had the chance to get to know. We live in an amazing time for technology and gaming, don't we? So, now you know the basis of what drives me to play a game. So, what was it that that happened to bring me here to Crow Fall? Well, people of course. While those I've been playing games with already were poking at me to give this game a look, I didn't really get excited about it until I watched the live Twitch streams this past week. Not only did I see how they interacted with one another (Yes, I pay attention to your interaction, guys!), but I experienced how they engaged with those of us watching and asking questions. You got me fired up, and in turn, I have turned that fire onto my guild. I almost fell sorry for them Anyways, it is a pleasure to be here and I am quite excited to be a part of this community and truly look forward to being able to play the game. Thanks for making it happen!
  3. You had me at "BBS" Loved your intro post!
  4. If you like wall of texts, you should check out some of mine (other platforms) lol. I am regularly teased for my wordy posts from my guild On a more serious note, everyone has a learning style and while I have no problem writing a ton of words and even enjoy it, I simply learn best either doing it myself or watching it being done. So, I happen to love the videos
  5. I really enjoyed both the live streams on Twitch. I especially enjoyed the 1st one about the crafting. I keep hoping to share it with my guildies, but so far it seems to be broken I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching the second stream and it made me want to mess around with animation a bit myself! Thank you so much for making yourselves available to show us so much about crafting and some of what it takes to get the game ready from an animators point of view. I know I asked a lot of questions that day (I am Tirtziti, by the way) and you guys were absolutely wonderful in answering them well! Thanks!
  6. If there is one thing about CrossGuard that will remain consistent, it is her philosophy that we will be welcoming to players of all levels, classes, and abilities. We will strive to stay away from the hard-core mentality of the Drill Seargent. We want our group content, raids/campaigns, and activities to be fun and successful! *Note* Not fond of reading? Skip Down to the handy dandy bullet points! Now, before you stop there and decide you know what Crossguard is all about...read on! We are not your momma. We are not your Aunt Tina. We can be your friend, your comrade. We can even be your damn buddy. What kind of person are you, though? Would you tell your friend you will be at the coffee shop at 8pm and waltz in around 8:35 and wonder why she might be upset with you? Would you tell your neighbor you will help him defeat that overgrown backyard and show up and just stand around not helping? How about your buddy? Are you gonna leave them in a lurch when they needed you because it meant you might be inconvenienced a little? It is the same with the members of CrossGuard. The internet and gaming world makes it all too easy to forget...there are people on the other side of that screen! They are counting on you and you should be able to count on them! So, do a little research. Watch a few videos. Hop on our forums (and others) and figure some poorly made sockse out when possible. Sure, we understand not everyone will have lightning reflexes. Some have compressed nerves. Migraine issues. Small children sticking pretzels into your beloved PC (oops!). All these things will be understood and forgiven with no real worry over it. BUT..if you could have watched a video to help your fellow guild member kill that boss mob....or learn your class better...and you did not do it...well, dear..you are a crappy member and will not belong here if that is what you do all the time. So..if you think you can be a good member of our guild- that you will do your best when able to- then by all means..apply. We will welcome you and we won't scream at you for screwing up. But, we will not tolerate those lazy and selfish asshats who don't give a damn about others. Oh boy, that was a lot of words wasn't it? Never fear, bullet points are here! CrossGuard welcomes all types of players, be they casual or hardcore. Recruiting for Crafters, PVPers, market pros, and even Admin/Officers (as needed) We will not abide the selfish and self-interested. We are a team! While not everyone will be that “Great and awesome” player, we do expect you to actively engage in improving your game play when feasible. While not specified above, CrossGuard has a set activity schedule with others playing various times of the night and day. These times are as follows: Tuesday 8PM EST Time - End 11PM EST Thursday 8PM EST Time - END 11PM EST Saturday 7PM EST Time - END no earlier than 11PM EST. 5. CrossGuard is looking for those Crafters, PVPers, and even those interested in possible leadership roles. If interested, please apply on the: Crossguard Recruitment Page 6. We use Discord on a regular basis. You can find our main chat room Here. Clicking the link will also help you get Discord if you do not already have it. 7. Bullet points are always nice, but details can be found in the body of the actual post. Leadership: Coilie: GL Ecksesive: raid and Campaign leader/High Council Malephite: High Council Maverix: Officer Miez: Officer Immo Divine: Adviser
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