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  1. Path of Exile is a pretty good example of this if anyone is looking for one. I don't think CF is quite in that territory, nor would I want it to be.
  2. I don't know if you ever played firefall (while it lasted). But among its many faults, Firefall did the gathering well. You surveyed, then found a place to place the extractor (thumper) down. Once it was placed, mobs would swarm you while it was collecting - and you could stop at any time to get a fraction of the resources. This mechanism stayed fun the whole time I played the game. It essentially became a variation on tower defense to collect resources, and the difficulty ramped up with.... something, I forget what, but it wasn't a static difficulty. While this exact method doesn't fit into Crowfall, some variation might - something to keep the gathering fresh. As it is now, I find it to be painfully tedious - I just can't see people wanting to spend their time this way in the long term.
  3. I can only speak for myself on this - but I know that the timers have chased me away from crafting. I can stare at my screen doing nothing in better (and more fun) ways than watching bars go up. So, perhaps it does create scarcity - but only in the sense that people who have the patience for a crappy mechanic are scarce.
  4. No hope for large scale??

    In my experience it doesn't seem that the problem is related to the number of people on the server, but rather to the number of people interacting (fighting) at one time. With 80 people on the server has been more or less fine. However once a fairly small (8 on 8) fight starts the performance goes to complete crap (2-5 second message times). While I am not super-concerned with it now, the longer it goes on (patch-wise) the more concerned I get, given that this game is supposed to be large-scale combat oriented and currently can't even really handle MOBA-sized engagements without falling apart. To me, any other features are just icing - but if it can't handle the combat smoothly - the game just won't survive. I, frankly, don't really understand why this isn't priority 1.
  5. Critical Heals

    Awesome. Thanks!!
  6. Critical Heals

    Lol... so what does this mean? Can you perhaps elaborate a bit?
  7. Critical Heals

    This is basically a simple question that I haven't been able to figure out: For healing are there critical heals? If so does the critical hit chance play into how often they occur? Thanks!
  8. East is down.

    Todd posted in the bug forum: We are looking at this now. Thanks (and sorry!)
  9. Not a bug. Movement buffs from different sources do not stack. I think this makes sense. However..... When the Bard's Song of Speed drops off, the Pathfinding 10 second countdown starts again (even if trailblazer was running before the Song of Speed). So you end up in a sort of weird situation where the Song of Speed actually may end up costing you movement speed even though it is a buff. I'm pretty sure this isn't intended behavior. Or, if it is, it should be re-examined.
  10. Myrmidon Skill Net Pull (combo off of Cast Net) when used against PvE Mobs causes the mobs health to start healing very fast for a few seconds after the net pull.
  11. It is working for me as well this morning when yesterday it wasn't doing anything. No idea what changed.... my test was the same.
  12. This exact thing happened to me. But I couldn't reproduce it so I blamed it on somehow accidentally hitting alt-f4 (perhaps with the aid of a nearby cat).
  13. Fighting boars, and I couldn't get it to do that either. Standing there taking boar hits, health just kept dropping with berserk up.
  14. Myrmidon Berserk does 0 healing currently. At least according to the tooltip it should be regenerating health while active, but even with about 1/2 health there is no sign of any health regeneration.
  15. Opps I accidentally ran the test client... lol sorry.