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  1. I don't know if you ever played firefall (while it lasted). But among its many faults, Firefall did the gathering well. You surveyed, then found a place to place the extractor (thumper) down. Once it was placed, mobs would swarm you while it was collecting - and you could stop at any time to get a fraction of the resources. This mechanism stayed fun the whole time I played the game. It essentially became a variation on tower defense to collect resources, and the difficulty ramped up with.... something, I forget what, but it wasn't a static difficulty. While this exact method doesn't fit into Crowfall, some variation might - something to keep the gathering fresh. As it is now, I find it to be painfully tedious - I just can't see people wanting to spend their time this way in the long term.
  2. I can only speak for myself on this - but I know that the timers have chased me away from crafting. I can stare at my screen doing nothing in better (and more fun) ways than watching bars go up. So, perhaps it does create scarcity - but only in the sense that people who have the patience for a crappy mechanic are scarce.
  3. In my experience it doesn't seem that the problem is related to the number of people on the server, but rather to the number of people interacting (fighting) at one time. With 80 people on the server has been more or less fine. However once a fairly small (8 on 8) fight starts the performance goes to complete crap (2-5 second message times). While I am not super-concerned with it now, the longer it goes on (patch-wise) the more concerned I get, given that this game is supposed to be large-scale combat oriented and currently can't even really handle MOBA-sized engagements without falling apart. To me, any other features are just icing - but if it can't handle the combat smoothly - the game just won't survive. I, frankly, don't really understand why this isn't priority 1.
  4. Lol... so what does this mean? Can you perhaps elaborate a bit?
  5. This is basically a simple question that I haven't been able to figure out: For healing are there critical heals? If so does the critical hit chance play into how often they occur? Thanks!
  6. I'm not really sure I understand the issue here. EQ2 gives everyone multiple houses, and just quietly puts them to sleep when no one is using them and wakes them up when someone wants to use them. So clearly this is a solved problem, and shouldn't really be an issue. Why can't CF just use a similar bit of tech so that no resources (memory/processor) are consumed when a world is "asleep", then just quietly wake them up when someone wants to connect? What am I missing here? EDIT: Just to be clear, this isn't just EQ2, WildStar also does similar things and does them well. I'm sure many other games do too - so I just don't get it.
  7. Whoom


    I think the issue is more that if you log out the cost still accrues, while the vendor isn't active. It seems like it would be fair to disable the upkeep cost when the vendor goes on holiday, since the upkeep should be balanced against (potential) income.
  8. There was a day where there were no mobs to kill on live. That was about 4 or 5 days ago, and due to a bug where mobs wouldn't respawn. It has now been fixed. Perhaps that is when you happened to log in?
  9. Maybe an update? This is how the game behaved (yesterday?) when they were updating the server.
  10. Thinking a bit about this, I suspect it is also the fault of a bad design in the skill trees where every node inside (for instance) Sylvan leads to a final node. That whole shape kind of screams out that you have to train the whole thing to get past it. It makes that tree look like a part of the higher-level tree and (at least) I felt that it was obviously the way to open up the locked trees behind it. Now I wonder how many days of training I wasted on stuff I didn't want. Probably best not to try and calculate it
  11. Nope. It is terribly confusing tbh. Hopefully this will get better! Thanks for the clarification I'll take a look when I get on later.
  12. Huh. I'll take your word for it, because it sure as heck isn't clear. What I found is that unless I trained all branches of each tree up, I couldn't train that last node which seemed like it was gating me from progressing to the next major section.
  13. I actually think it is a problem for gathering too. I haven't trained combat enough to have an opinion. For gathering, I wanted to specialize in ore gathering. But in order to get that to work, in the basic gathering tree I basically had to get it to 75% completion, getting a lot of nodes that were animal gathering, stone mining, and wood gathering (read extra time spent on things I wasn't all that interested in). Then in the excavation tree I have to get a bunch of nodes related to grave harvesting and stone harvesting to complete the final node so that I can go to the ore specialization. Now, that isn't close to as bad as the crafting where you can't do basically anything with crafting. But it still makes it a very very long time to pick a specialization and be good at something. You are basically forced into being a jack-of-all-trades for a long long time (at standard crafting speeds)
  14. I derailed the conversation a bit. Sorry. The above bit being the most important thing I said, and we kind of got off on a side-line. I think this is really going to be the meat of it. I am very interested to see whether the skill tree redesign moves a bunch of things forward so that you can quickly get up doing the bits you want to do or if they remain locked behind a month (or more) of training. I think that this is really what drives the game to be boring or not for people. If you can do the bits you like with reasonable efficacy, then I think it is fun. If it is a long slog to get there, then I think it will be boring.
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