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  1. Nice to see a fellow SC backer too *cheers*
  2. ...development before it was released And oh boy, I'm soo impressed with what I see in Crowfall at this moment! No, it's not a troll topic and I hope none of You will see it this way. First of all I'd like to say hello to the Community and of course - the Developers. I'm a long time lurker and have been following Crowfall since it's KS times. I've even been a founder for some time (but unfortunately I've refunded that package - yes, my mistake, but I've fixed that by buying a new one). Anyway, I've recently bought a book that was written by John Staats, former member of Blizzard. The book is the diary of developing World of Warcraft and covers many interesting topics in terms of how complicated is to create a MMO game. Reading that books really made me apreciate more all the things I already see at current stage of Crowfall's development. I've always thought that game development is a serious business and that it demands plenty of time, money and of course - talented people led by a good manager(s). It felt quite obvious that things take time and despite that I've never really had a chance to try this myself (my only experience in game development was an attempt on creating a mod for Neverwinter Nights, which eventually hit it's final milestone - it was trashed ), I never really gave it much thought. Until lately. Please don't take my post as some kind of trollish attempt to advertise that book, but it really shows how even an established studio that attempts to create something more or less new (even if the genre has been around for a very long time) strugled in different areas, because it's a freaking tough job to do! One thing I have to add is that Crowfall, despite being in an alpha state, shows already a huge progress considering that everything had to be made from scratch (except engine that's powering up the game, which has it's advantages and disadvantages). All those systems already present in the game really make me feel optimistic about the future of the game! So, thumbs up for the Devs for their hard work and all the best for everyone in 2020! Kind regards, Hamp PS. English is not my native language - sorry for mistakes.
  3. Thank you very much for the warm welcome!
  4. Greetings Community! I've just bought pledge a moment ago... finally! I won't bother you with long text, so... long time MMO genre player, kind of old-fart in terms of computer gaming, long time forum lurker and project lurker. Really looking forward to get some kind of EVE Online (which I love...more or less ) in fantasy settings. Living in Poland, happy father of two kids (one of them is quite interested in that gathering part of gameplay - I guess I will someone who will do it for me, hahaha *evil laugh* ). I'll lurk even more to check if there are some guilds that I could join. Best regards everyone and see you (hopefully soon) in game
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