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  1. Hi, Issue only seems to be in firefox, and may be related to addons. I will try again after disabling them and let you know. " There was an error. [sERVICE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE] " ==> Resolved. Problem was Privacy Badger blocking a cookie from api.epicdata.io
  2. @Gummiel in part yes, and I would much rather the tool crafting was changed by the developers than this - but gold, pretty much the first and easiest metal to be mined irl would still be the hardest metal in game. It isn't a big thing, but the trend in games is for gold to be set as superior. I just want CF to break that mold.
  3. Hi, I'm a NZ (gmt +12) player interested in joining the Lantern Watch. I appreciate your ethos. I'm new to PvP and will likely need a PC upgrade before I could take it too seriously but have a strong interest in the crafting and political aspects of CF. Hope to get to know you each better.
  4. @tinnis Given your reaction you seem to care a bit more than you suggest. Respect for your discipline, btw - Archaeology is an awesome field - but even so, your opinion is your own. This is a discussion, and the thread is open to anyone who wants to share their thoughts. Considering anthropology and mythology - what symbolic powers do you grant Gold? You might argue for the ideas of power, wealth, and superiority - but these are shallow symbols because at its heart Gold is merely symbolic. It is decorative trash that we ripped from the ground and rivers and declared shiny. Your 'magical spirit axe' as an extension of self may care about this but mine doesn't, it recognises the value of iron. I respect the work you are doing for the community, you're adding a lot - but please don't imply a thread is closed because you have weighed in ( /thread ) it is a bit arrogant.
  5. tl;dr - Gold is pretty but Cold Iron is hard and deadly like the Hunger. Wikipedia - "In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal." This is nit-picking but I still get annoyed at the idea of gold being the best metal and the hardest to mine - Gold is soft, it would make decorative but overall useless tools and weak weapons. Gold was possibly the earliest of metals gathered / mined because it was easy to do so and gold looked nice. Symbolically it makes sense for it to give resource regen and support stats but in all other ways the gold in Crowfall is a far cry from the gold in our world. If that is simply the case, fine. However, I think the game would feel grittier and more flavorsome if the hierarchy of metals reflected their properties both real and symbolic. I suggest changing the tiers to match when we actually started using metals in abundance. Infographic for reasons. This would reorder them as follows, from easiest to hardest: (easy) Gold < Copper < Silver < Tin < Iron (hard) nb. 'cold iron' is just a romance inspired by the impact iron had on the world, but in a world where myth is might - Cold iron could be terrifying. Forged of Iron and hunger shards? Also. as a signal boost - please read Vectious' post Tool Crafting. Having the tools better reflect the rest of the crafting system would add a lot by way of depth of crafting customisation and consistency. Vote him up!
  6. I think a partial solution like Mother_fable's is suggested in your comment here. Binary prefixes emerged in part to accomplish this, and are used in games like D3. Damage notifications could just flash up the appropriate notation rounded to a certain place, because 2k is actually fairly easy to digest, easier than 2003, easier even than 603. All they need is to code it so that we see 1 - 999, 1.x k - 99k, 0.1M+ etc. This would only affect damage display numbers but it is something. I would prefer all stats to limited to a smaller range but don't expect to see that.
  7. Great point. Hopefully this gets actioned as it should (hopefully) also then result in the developers removing the Copper insert-tool, Iron, Tin, Silver and Gold durabilty skills. Weapon skills get grouped by class (swords, maces etc) - tools should too. Thinking of which, if we have tool durability damage reduction skills then why not weapon durability reduction?
  8. You're right, but I wasn't really aiming at a means to gain advantage shrug - I just like depth of options and analogous inclusion of appropriate skills and technology. I would be equally happy if Metallurgy was a skill that improved your Blacksmithing skill, had a crit chance of refunding ores used in crafting and granted a 'Metal bar - advanced alloys' recipe. ...actually, I like that more than my original suggestion.
  9. Entirely true - though I will note that (AFAIK) experimentation point use will be limited by the quality tier of the resources used.
  10. I appreciate the arguments that are being made - Bots are a concern and human sweat shops will factor into the economy of Crowful. These are true regardless of the notion of refining ore through metallurgy. As a gut reaction, I wholehearted agree with a cost benefit analysis of the risk of having this ability appearing greater than the reward. But I think the risk is overstated, in part because of the economic argument - here is why. Presuming botting occurs in EKs, is employed to harvest and refine mass quantities of trash resources into legendary, Crowfall's economy would see more high tier resources enter into the market at a lowered price. Sweat shops happen, that's just a thing. If some enthusiastic newbie is willing to line another player's pockets for an extended period that's on them - so I'll move on. More legendary raw materials shifts the valuable economic activities away from mining and into crafting processed items. The gold standard of raw resources will be additives - winter's roses, griffin heart's etc - and thralls, each of which as far as I know will only be found in CW. This does appear to punish dedicated harvesters, who are already punished by the skill tree progression (durablity reduction skills for EVERY type of tool! tier 2+3+4+5 skills that don't apply until maxed out!!! - leveling harvesting looks set to be awful unless ACE changes the skill tree). As I put forward metallurgy could turn approximately 90'000 trash ore into 1 legendary; 30'000 common ore; 6'000 uncommon; 600 rare; 30 epic. With the numbers set down, it becomes more intuitive that this skill doesn't really risk an economic flood. It isn't even really worth considering - the key use for it would be making up resource shortfalls for blueprints. Say we change our numbers to something botters are more likely to consider - even a significantly more generous psuedo-flat conversion rate of 3/1 for trash then 5/1 for the rest would require 1'875 trash ore into 1 legendary; 625 common ore; 125 uncommon; 25 rare; 5 epic. This seems very generous but a master miner in a CW might crack several legendary ores per hour, and then have the ability to refine their lesser grade ores to legend using metallurgy. Meanwhile the botters might crack 50 trash and 10 commons per hour, while risking a ban? Personally, I think the risk bots incur is higher than the reward they receive. But still, a solution that should help - what if trash and common resources cannot be refined, only uncommon and higher? This would remove the ability to refine EK farmed resources while still allowing resources to be refined to the benefit of honest harvesters who invest in the skill and crafters who want to make up shortfalls on the fly.
  11. Even bots would be slowed by node regen times, the need for sufficient runetools, inventory space, and - presuming that EKs cannot be made completely safe - fending off mobs. Still I wonder - if ACE were to allow thralls to be assigned to work the land, would that limit the number of botters who would bother setting their characters to mechanical drudgery? Coding for thrall workers to harvest essentially trash tier resources preempts botting and allows ACE to set the variables as they see fit for balance. It also gates passive harvesting by requiring thralls (liberated from CW). The Thralls wouldn't produce as much as a skilled harvester, but if a legitimate avenue is available then hopefully less people will cheat by employing botting.
  12. As the game is presently set, EK will possess harvestable resources but will be restricted to the lowest quality tiers. It strikes me that while restricting higher tier drops to CW is a good idea - being a sound way of requiring crafters to either venture into CW or rely on others to gather resources and materials for them - any other avenue to acquiring resources could be introduced. Metallurgy. Part of the physical sciences, metallurgy is an art pursued by alchemists and craftspeople reaching far back into the past. One of the key pursuits being the refining of low grade ores into high grade metals. Metallurgy is already mechanically implicit in the smelting of metal bars and alloys but could be developed further to allow us to turn 3 trash ores into a common ore, 5 common into an uncommon, 10, 20, etc. As a primary model we often see several routes available in playstyles to accomplish the same goals. The common dichotomy in approach being RISK vs TIME. Metallurgy could supply the TIME (+ mass expenditure) route. The same system could apply to any resource, because alchemy is awesome and even wood should strive for its platonic form. tl;dr Allow Crafters, either through a skill unlock or discipline to increase the tier of raw resources through alchemy and metallurgy - trading time and increasingly taxing exchange rates.
  13. Hey Eaden - Lost my first attempt at posting this (image wouldn't take). Hope this summary and rough image cover it. Key points - changed from the original suggestion. * Parcels have ley-lines - paths like rivers coded into them * Leylines are active when they form an ouroboros ring. * All parcels connected with an active ley-line can benefit from a blessing or curse. * This is represented and activated by placing a totem on any of the parcels. * Totems are a set of Ritual Crafting recipes available to Geomancers. (Small / Large) (Blight / Bounty) * Totems can be attacked and destroyed, otherwise they take durability damage over time until they break. * Small Totems are easy to hide but have little durability, maybe lasting a hour or two. * Large Totems are easy to see but have more durability, lasting for up to days. * A more complex system could have overlapping rings allowing multiple effects where they overlap. That's about it as the idea presently stands. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-2yRf5mA5hqU2xVbFA1QlY5MVU/view
  14. Thanks all for the positive feedback. I agree that we are unlikely to see something like this at first, and that the ways in which they might be acquired or contested would need some depth of thought. Living in hope anyway, and looking forward to participating in the ideas being presented!
  15. I believe the aesthetic of Crowfall would allow for a ley-line mechanic in Campaign worlds. The concept I am putting forward (rambled out on the fly and unpolished) would require an added level of complexity in parcels - the ley-lines themselves. If conceived of as 'pathways' concealed within parcels they would either flow or terminate depending on how the parcels are interconnected. A ley-line which flows through some minimum number of unique parcels could grant a Blessing (as with the Relic and Artifact system: passive utility buffs) - strength dependent on the number of connecting parcels. Imagining this, we might see a fixed system (innate and active from the campaigns onset) or activated mechanic (manipulated or awoken by the player base). Either could be interacted with through an extension of the Geomancy runestone. A fixed system could provide hidden blessings/banes until revealed by a geomantic survey. An activated mechanic may lay dormant until awoken, possibly even being able to be worked by some geomantic ritual crafting. It may be that this ties in to how Geomancers craft parcel deeds.
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